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HP Indigo scores one billion print impressions in 2015 in India

More than 120 customers currently running the printers across the country

Hewlett Packard (HP) Inc transforms the digital printing market of India as its Indigo printers now running in the production facilities of more than 120 customers around the country have scored one billion impressions in 2015. Citing the triumph of Indigo printers, a host of HP leaders at an interactive session in New Delhi revealed the overall transformation the company has brought to the country’s digital printing landscape, including ‘latex’ domain. Print & Publishing captures here the new conquest of HP. Constant commitment of HP Inc to the graphic arts industry of India remained strong throughout the year 2015, scoring a robust expansion in various segments including the commercial and large format. These developments were made a main focus at the recent interactive session organised in New Delhi in presence of Michael Boyle, vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, Asia Pacific & Japan, HP Inc; Puneet Chadha, director, Market Development, Graphics Solutions Business, Asia Pacific & Japan; and A Appadurai, country manager, Digital Press & Inkjet Business Solutions, HP Inc India.

A Appadurai and Michael BoyleWith the announcement of HP Indigo’s landmark score of one billion impressions attained in the year 2015, A Appadurai signified the ‘photo album’ segment having the maximum share and the Indian printing market is home to where all series of Indigo printers are belonged. In addition, he showcased some of the award-winning works of HP customers who churned their end products on Indigo printers. According to him, all these achievements have been obtained due to the diverse features of Indigo printers, which include compatibility with wide media range, eco-friendly options, special inks, among others.

Outstanding works

HP Indigo customers that bagged awards for their outstanding outputs at the interactive session included: Mazda Imaging, New Delhi; GLO Digital Press, Coimbatore; Printonica, Rajamahendravaram; Chanakya Mudrak, New Delhi; Janus International Thane; and Astron Packaging, Ahmedabad. Mazda Imaging specialises in customised gift wrapping prints produced on HP Indigo 10000. From traditional photo prints to finest quality customised photo books, large format archival prints and packaging, GLO Digital Press is a corner full of these innovations.

Puneet ChadhaMoreover, Printonica is a small town success story of an HP Indigo customer in Andhra Pradesh. The company is a well-established printing corner where produced print sizes right from stamp size to life size, wedding albums, invitations and more. Dubbed to be a boutique printing house, Chanakya Mudrak, since its inception in 1985, has been known for high-quality prints and innovations, viz. special applications like Marathon BIBS on non-tear recyclable media. A Appadurai mentioned that HP customers like Chanakya Mudrak in India demonstrate their capability to deliver world-class quality and innovation using Indigo printers.

Catering groundbreaking solutions to customers, label-printing expert Janus International produces shrink sleeves, lamitubes, aluminum foil, wood veneer and others printed on specialty substrates for beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Yet another HP Indigo user in the block is Astron Packaging, which boasts of printing up to100K labels and 8000 cartons per lot on HP Indigo.

At the global level, more than 7000 HP Indigo printers have been installed and volume of production has increased 25 times since 2001.

Latex revolution

During the interactive session, Michael Boyle made some specific points that defined the growth curve of the Indian printing market. He pointed out the increasing adoption of Latex 300 series printers during 2014-15, with special highlight of two signage majors in the country which have installed HP Latex 3100 industrial printers.

Picking up an instance of a big customer whose trust is fully on HP Latex technology, Michael talked about the success story of Future Group, a company that enhances brand experience and improves its environment using Latex prints. Having been associated with PSPs equipped with HP Latex printers to create a full range of signs and displays for its retail and service brands throughout India, the group ensures consistent brand image and quality in each of its 700 plus stores. Understanding the added benefits of the technology, Future Group uses its resources to encourage PSPs to invest in HP Latex printers.

Michael felt that the transformation in the Indian graphic arts industry will be around the domains of tier-II and III cities, which is signaling a contribution of around 49 percent of the urban GDP by 2030, according to McKinsey Global Institute. Stressing on the HP PageWide Technology that powers the HP inkjet printers, Michael asserted that the technology is now provide to be a game changer in the Indian digital printing market.

Printing trends 2016

–Balaji Rajagopalan, executive director, Technology, Channels & International Distributor Operations, Xerox India, shares the trends for 2016.

Balaji RajagopalanThe printing industry is evolving rapidly, largely led by the growing need for adoption of new technologies. Today, the print providers need to do much more than matching hardware specifications and ensuring high quality output; options like printing from cloud, mobile printing, storage solutions etc. have become a must in the MFD space today. Vendors are constantly updating their offerings with new software specifications to meet these growing demands. Software is starting to play a significant role in the MFD market today and will continue to shape the future of the overall hardware ecosystem.

We had realised this trend way back in 2013 and had launched ConnectKey enabled devices which do much more than printing. Few features of the ConnectKey enabled devices include:

  • Can print from just about any device from anywhere.
  • Documents can be scanned directly to cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Office 365 for storage and collaboration – right from the MFP touch screen.
  • The new common user interface allows anyone in the workforce to easily connect into the company’s business processes.
  • For IT professionals, the common user interface as well as embedded security protection from McAfee allows MFPs to be managed and protected as easily as the rest of the network.
  • The ConnectKey MFP platform has an open API system. That means sales channel partners, systems integrators and resellers can develop applications and embed them on the MFP with no additional software requirements.

We foresee more such technologies to be embedded in printers in the coming times. Digital printing is another area in the overall printing industry which continues to show significant promise. Emergence and growth of sectors like photo-printing, print-ondemand, banner printing etc.

has helped the growth of the digital print industry in the country. The total digital market will reach 225% of the 2013 value by 2024, according to a new market report by Smithers Pira. Furthermore, increasing versioning and personalisation has helped make print more targeted to end users which is increasingly important as the digital world continues to become more and more connected. Xerox has a strong presence in the digital printing market with devices that can cater to market requirements across all segments, starting from entry to mid-high to high end. Very recently launched digital presses like C60/70, Versant 80, Versant 2100 and ColorPress 1000i have all seen a good update in the market with already more than 100 units of C60 alone installed across regions in the country.

Moving forward in 2016, we will continue to remain focused on the digital printing market and also strengthen our portfolio in the A3 and A4 segment. We will also be launching some exciting new products in the digital printing market. We have seen good success with the devices launched in 2015 and will look at maintaining this success and further growing our foothold in 2016.

HP Inc unlocks new photo printing capabilities for PSPs and photo labs

At the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2016 (‘CEIF 2016’, January 7-10, 2016, Mumbai), HP aimed to build greater awareness with print service providers and professional photo labs around HP’s Indigo digital printing and how it can open newer possibilities for customers involved in photo and photo specialty printing. Throughout the four days of CEIF 2016, HP organised multiple theatre shows, demonstrated rich photo printing applications and showcased HP’s printers and presses including the flagship HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press to the visitors.

“The Indian photography industry is constantly evolving and CEIF is the best platform that enables this evolution. Through CEIF, HP has been transforming the professional photo printing by introducing newer applications year after year. This year’s introduction of HP Indigo 10000 at CEIF, that is capable of printing large sized prints with dimensions of up to 20 X 30 inches has fuelled the scope of professional photo printing application to unimaginable levels,” said A Appadurai, country manager, Indigo, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Inc India. “Applications like the mega photo books, smart photo books, portrait enlargements, posters, wall calendars etc have been a huge hit and the photographers and designers who create these lasting memories will now introduce novel and innovative applications with HP’s Indigo printing technology.” The theatre sessions were led by award winning and renowned wedding photographer Arjun Kartha who shared tips and tricks on producing superior quality photography and photo printing with photographers and visitors.

The company displayed HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press, HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press, HP Latex 360 printer, HP DesignJet Z3200 photo printer, HP DesignJet Z5400 post script printer and HP DesignJet D5800 production printer.

Over 150 flock to OFT GmbH Open House to view first Scodix Foil System in Europe

Scodix, the leader in digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, installed the first Scodix Foil system in Europe. The company conducted an open house in Neuss (located just over 10 kilometers from Düsseldorf) for business partners and customers from all over Europe at OFT headquarters. The resulting standing-room-only event introduced over 150 European leading service providers and partners to the new capabilities now available via the Scodix Foil Station.

“The event targeted some of the most sophisticated, yet demanding clients in all of Europe, and introduced them to a whole new perspective,” noted OFT Founder Thomas Glasder. “We showed them, in person, how previous expectations of turnaround, quality standards, and capabilities concerning short-to-medium size foil production runs are now archaic. We’re proud to say we inaugurated a sea change moment for our many distinguished guests, and within our office walls.”

“The presentation was really tailored to how this traditionally analog and costly application, once so time consuming, has evolved into a digital effect that really meets and exceeds our turnaround and quality needs,” pointed out Daniel Burkhardt, CMO of German partner Mabeg Systems GmbH. “Scodix Foil opens up a new array of services to offer our clients, all the while with the added possible benefits of personalisation. I’m excited about introducing it to our market.”

HP Inc revolutionises Quantum group’s digital portfolio

Quantum Group has replaced its digital printing portfolio with a fleet of HP Indigo digital presses, including two HP Indigo 10000 Digital Presses and three HP Indigo 7800 Digital Presses, to accelerate turnaround times, increase quality and productivity, and provide customers with enhanced application options.

“HP Indigo digital printing technology has enabled us to dramatically increase uptime, go to production faster and work in lockstep with our customers, providing them higher print quality, improved growth rates and larger return on investment,” said Bill White, CEO, Quantum Group. Within a month of operation, the two HP Indigo 7800 Digital Presses generated more than two million impressions each. Delighted with the new presses’ quality and productivity, Quantum Group invested in a third HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press and a second HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press.

“Quantum Group’s experience is a testament to the strength of the HP Indigo portfolio, a clear demonstration of how customers are using our industry-leading technology to reinvent and grow their businesses with HP. Together, we are driving the industry forward,” said Alon Bar- Shany, general manager, HP Indigo.

With the B2-format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Presses and HP Indigo 7800 Digital Presses, Quantum Group can offer its wide range of integrated solutions, including sheetfed print, bindery and finishing, inventory and fulfilment as well as proprietary online print management programmes, with a higher level of client service and faster delivery than previously possible.

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