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Massive savings with unique low-chemistry offering

Fujifilm sets new plate production standards with enhanced ‘ZAC’ processors

Fujifilm raises the bar to set new standards in chemistry consumption and maintenance with its multi-award winning FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ range of processors. Compared to typical processors and finishing units, the ‘ZAC’ processors, part of Fujifilm’s low-chemistry family of solutions,  now offer printers unrivalled savings by giving them the ability to develop around 8,000 sq m of plates with just one replenisher bath.  With this improvement, printers can now achieve the industry’s lowest chemistry consumption figures with a ‘ZAC’ system: using around 10,000 sq m of plates over a 1-3 month period, chemistry consumption can be reduced to around 216 litres, a reduction of up to eighty percent (depending upon existing system used).

Mitsubishi hosts LED-UV and eco-UV open house

In considering their vision on the direction of the printing industry, Mitsubishi has been able to successfully offer alternative means for drying applications. At the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima Prefecture, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery Ltd (MHI-P&PM) recently organised an open house, focusing on two differently configured DIAMOND V3000LX sheet-fed press models: one equipped with an LED-UV drying system and slated for delivery to Showado Company Ltd in Nagasaki Prefecture, and the other equipped with an

eco-UV drying system and currently installed at the factory’s Graphic Arts Center (GAC) showroom. The one-day event got underway with opening remarks by MHI-P&PM president Ken Watabe and Showado president Masazumi Nagae to the nearly 130 attendees from Japan and abroad.

Capital Graphic Supplies marks more firsts in India

New Delhi-based Capital Graphic Supplies/AS Print Aids Pvt Ltd recently received two orders for Serviform machines. Zenith Diemakers (P) Ltd, Bangalore has bought the first ‘TACTO BRAILLE’ machine, while SB Diemaker Co, Faridabad ordered the first ‘IDEA’ machine in the country.

The revolutionary machine Tacto has been specifically developed to respond to the demands of the diemaker who needs an almost immediate availability of male embossing tools for Braille. The main operation performed by the machine include: cutting stripes into length, punching a corner in order to avoid mistakes during tools positioning, punching braille dots according to Fefco standards, and scribing on the surface the text of the braille embossing. Getting data from CF2 or DXF file, it can produce in a very short time the male tools which will be installed into a cutting die. The machine can also be programmed directly with the use of a user friendly graphic interface. All the punching/cutting operations are performed by a pneumatic cylinder while the measuring, scribing and shift operation are performed using CNC. The whole machine structure has been conceived to create a device which can also be used in an office environment.

IDEA is said to be the most advanced fully automatic diemaking machine available in the market. Conceived to fulfill the highest quality demand, Idea features all the operations a modern diemaker needs. It can process steel rule from 18 mm to 32 mm (.708” to 1.250”) high in thickness of 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 Pt. Due to a completely new bending tool structure, changing from one pointage to another is a matter of seconds and bending limits of machines in the market are just a memory! A revolutionary grinding unit for nicks produces perfect geometric and uniform nicks all in a straight line process. The machine is also equipped with a completely re-designed dual operation in-line broaching unit, and the broaching tool can be easily adjusted through software and the broaching depth can be changed without any problem, making broaching faster, cleaner and burr free.

The Printing Technologists Forum

On the occasion of its 30th founding day celebrations, the Printing Technologists Forum (PTF) organised a lecture under the theme ‘time management’ on December 10, 2010 in Chennai. ‘Be punctual’ was the core message of the lecture which created storming thoughts in the minds of attendees, who also witnessed a thought provoking lecture added with spice and humour by an experienced speaker Lena Tamilvanan, CEO, Manimekalai Publications, editor-Kalkandu and associate editor-Kumudam (a popular Tamil weekly).

BST Sayona unveils of the G4 series

- boosts its slitter/rewinder sales

BST Sayona Automation Pvt Ltd has redeveloped its existing G3 inspection slitter rewinder into one of the finest narrow web inspection slitter rewinder machines by launching the new G4 series. With maximum slitting speeds of 300 mts/min and 100 percent inspection speed of 200 mts/min depending on the sensitivity set of the camera, G4 series is the newest under the Perfecto brand inspection slitter rewinder machine.

G4 received an overwhelming response during the Labelexpo India 2010.  Interlabels were the first to place the order for the Perfecto LabelSpect G4 series for their plant in Baddi and Narayan Offset, Nagpur has ordered the Perfecto LabelSpect G3 series.  Available in two models LabelSpect and LabelSlit in G3 and G4 series, Perfecto inspection slitter rewinder can also be customized as required.

“Perfecto LabelSpect slitter rewinder compliments ‘Shark 4000 LEX’, 100 percent defect detection system from BST International. As BST Sayona knows both these products inside out, integration of both the systems is incredibly well tuned to ensure precise and synchronized stopping of defective labels on the splicing table. The who’s who in the Indian Label manufacturing circuit has appreciated BST Sayona’s capability by placing orders regularly,” commented Tappan Patel, managing director, BST Sayona.

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