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High performance digital printing & finishing converge at Hunkeler Innovationdays

From February 20 to 23, 2017, Lucerne was the global centre for “high performance digital printing & finishing.” Around 6000 visitors from over 50 nations travelled to Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017 to witness this innovative show.

The Hunkeler Innovationdays (HID) event has become the industry's most important meeting place - something on which exhibitors, attendees and the international trade press all agree. This year, more than 90 exhibitors demonstrated their innovations, including Canon, Xerox, Pitney Bowes, HP, Kodak, Ricoh, Heidelberg, Screen, Muller Martini and, of course, Hunkeler, among many other companies. Most of the digital print vendors showed new production inkjet technology. Though half of the attendees hailed from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 7% travelled from the Americas.

New systems on display

Hunkeler AG displayed several new systems at the show, which included the new POPP8 generation finishing technology; POPP8 mailing production finishing line; Inline book production with technology from Hunkeler and Horizon; Inline book production with technology from Hunkeler and Müller Martini; Newspaper production with book structure; and High-performance variable-format book production.

Inline book production with technology from Hunkeler and Horizon: Inline production of variable-format softcover books was achieved by Hunkeler POPP7 book block production modules and Horizon perfect binding technology. The UW7 unwind module feeds a web up to 30 inches wide into the PF7 plow folder, where two longitudinal folding stations create either 4-, 6- or 8-page signatures. The web is then cross-cut in the high-performance CS6-HS cutting module. Dynacut capability allows non-stop production of variable spine-length book blocks. The signatures are dynamically gathered and glued into variable sheet-count book blocks , then exit via the SD7-I star wheel delivery. The book block stacks are then transported to the newly-developed BD7 book destacker which intelligently separates variable-format and variable thickness book blocks from the stack. The book blocks are then transferred for automatic presentation to the new Horizon BQ-480 perfect binder for spine preparation, gluing and cover application before being three-knife trimmed in the zero-makeready, fully-variable Horizon HT-1000V.

Inline book production with technology from Hunkeler and Müller Martini: Integrated system for book production offered variable-format soft-cover book production in an inline procedure from the roll to the finished book. It features production of the loose leaf book blocks on a roll-to-stack production system from Hunkeler, subsequent perfect binding on Vareo perfect binder and three-sided cutting on InfiniTrim from Müller Martini. Designed for greatest possible efficiency on mini print runs right down to a print run of just one, the paper web is fed from the UW6 unwind module, then slit into two, accurately registered and superimposed in the WM6 web merger (slit-and-merge function) prior to cross-cutting in the high-performance CS6-HS cutting module.

The Dynacut function allows dynamic change of book format length while running. The book blocks are laterally transferred (offset transfer) in the SE6 separation module and then delivered via the LS6 stacking module. The loose-leaf book blocks are transferred to the Vareo perfect binder using robot technology, followed by spine processing, gluing and merging with a soft cover. After perfect binding, the books are cut at head, foot and face in the variable-format three-knife trimmer InfiniTrim.

Newspaper production with book structure: This is a production line for newspaper on demand in broadsheet and tabloid format. Broadsheet newspapers with several themed sections and variable numbers of pages will be produced for a preprinted roll using the UW7 unwind module. The web is cross-cut in the CS7 cutting module, then sheets are collated in the DC7 drum collator. Sections advance to the buckle plate for the first fold, then to the knife folder for the second fold; sections are then collated into complete newspapers on the FC7 saddle system. The Innovationdays show newspaper was produced as a tabloid product. The web will be cross-cut in the CS7 cutting module, collated in the DC7 drum collator, then knife folded and transferred to the saddle system with automatic bypass of the buckle plate. It also features dynamic gluing in the spine for newspaper design with several sections, for newspaper supplements or glued brochures as an option. The line can fully and automatically convert from broadsheet to tabloid with non-stop production. The newly developed descending stacker will collect tabloid and broadsheet newspapers for easier packaging.

High-performance variable-format book production: Built for industrial book block production in the lower to mid-range volume segment, variable-format glued book blocks can be produced inline from a roll on a book-on-demand production line. The CS6-HS cutting module's Dynacut function enables automatic alternation of book block spine length from one stack of book blocks to another. A paper web up to 30 inches wide (760 millimetres) will be processed into 4-, 6- and 8-page signatures in the PF7 double plow folder. This system allows completely variable book thickness from one book to the next. The high-performance CS6-HS cutting module and double SD7-II star wheel deliver non-stop book blocks at a web speed of 200 meters per minute. The integrated book block gluing allows simple, reliable handling for downstream processing. The book blocks are continuously monitored for integrity and to report production progress.

Few of the other companies at the show included:

Kodak: Kodak demonstrated the KODAK PROSPER Press Platform which has been used to print more than 30 billion pages around the world. This was used by Kodak and Hunkeler at HID to produce a full-colour 12-page show publication. The publication was pre-printed on the KODAK PROSPER 5000XLi Press in both tabloid and broadsheet format, and finished onsite using Hunkeler’s new Advanced Newspaper Solution.

The company also showcased samples made using the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Colour Press, which offers extensive creative possibilities with options to add coatings, special colours and even embossed effects inline.

Also on offer was KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems, which customers have used to add variable data capability to their web-fed offset presses, but which are increasingly being used by sheet-fed commercial print customers as well.

Canon: Canon presented three of its digital production presses, the highlight being the first showing of the new Océ ProStream continuous feed colour inkjet press. Designed to offer highest quality and extended media choice for high-volume commercial print work, the ProStream will print roll-to-roll at Hunkeler Innovationdays, producing a range of material including direct mail, books, catalogues, and brochures.

Alongside the new ProStream, Canon also demonstrated the capabilities of its flagship sheetfed devices – the imagePRESS C10000VP toner press and the Océ VarioPrint i300 inkjet press. Together, the three presses showed the extended spectrum of output quality and the vibrant colour reproduction that can now be achieved with digital print across both toner and inkjet technologies, even at very high production volumes, and on standard substrates.

All three presses were in live production on the Canon stand throughout the event, producing a range of finished commercial print applications, many illustrating the potential for sophisticated personalisation and inclusion of variable content.

Xerox: Xerox showcased the highly capable Impika eVolution, which is a highly scalable aqueous inkjet at up to 833 feet per minute and with up to 4 colours.

The company also unveiled new technology and products, including the new Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press, which is an inkjet for any size production floor in a small package. This innovative roll-to-cut-sheet press is one of its kind. Also introduced was the Xerox Trivor 2400 Inkjet Press, a next-generation inkjet platform that provides incredible scalability, flexibility and enhanced productivity. At 168 meters/minute, it's the most productive full-colour system in a small footprint. The company also displayed Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press, which can accommodate up to eight different paper drawers, handle stock weights from 60-220 gsm, and up to a B3 Plus sheet size. Its iGen paper page has the mechanics built-in to ensure front-to-back and colour to colour registration.

Pitney Bowes: At the event, Pitney celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Epic Inserting System by announcing several innovations that will make the company’s first multi-format inserter even more versatile and user-friendly. Pitney Bowes is showcasing the latest model of Epic.

Pitney Bowes also announced an agreement with TagG and HP to develop a new native IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) Controller for the Pitney Bowes IntelliJet and HP PageWide Web Press printing systems to deliver higher-value communications. The new controller will allow Pitney Bowes to serve transactional print and mail clients who value native IPDS printer controllers to leverage AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) workflows.

HP: HP announced the launch of the new HP PageWide Web Press T235 HD, part of the T200 HD Color series.

The T235 HD is a low total-cost-of-ownership platform for publishing, production mail and commercial printing needs. It operates at a maximum duty cycle of 48 million full-colour impressions per month and a speed of 400 fpm (122 mpm). It can be upgraded to the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD for increased productivity. Pitney Bowes will also sell the T235 HD as part of its IntelliJet 20 HD series for transactional print and mail operations.

The company also demonstrated the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD, HP Indigo 12000 digital press and the ability to create book blocks from rolls printed on the new oversized B1 duplex HP Indigo 50000 digital press.

Ricoh featured the innovative Ricoh Pro VC60000; demonstrating both roll-to-roll and roll-to-cut finishing capability with dynamic perforation enabled by Hunkeler systems. Also on show wasthe Ricoh Pro C9100 colour cutsheet digital production press.

A broad range of pre-printed and show-produced samples demonstrated a variety of creative possibilities. There was also a direct mail application featuring three different duplex A4 mail pieces output to different devices.

Ricoh’s Digital Book Printing Solution (which is designed to manage the challenges of on demand book printing) with TotalFlow BatchBuilder and an integrated workflow for a direct mail application was also on display. Furthermore, the automated configuration of imposition and setup of inline finishing using Ricoh ProcessDirector 3.5 will be demonstrated.

Ricoh also sponsored the DOXNET lectures and networking event.

Xeikon: 2017 marked the seventh time Xeikon exhibited at Hunkeler Innovationdays. This time, Xeikon featured a demanding security application on its Xeikon 9800 press that featured precision, quality and reliable data integrity. The security application was centered around a personalized mailer that included a high value personalized entry ticket. The substrate was a top quality security paper and the inline finishing was performed on Hunkeler and GUK equipment. The goal was to highlight the opportunities offered by security features such as variable data, UV clear toner, barcode, spot colours, microtext, guilloches and raised images.

Screen USA:
During the event, the Screen Truepress Jet520HD press printed onto standard offset coated paper using new Truepress SC inkjet inks for the first time – expanding the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of this powerful system. These inks provide the same wide colour gamut and stability as Truepress inks, while also featuring Screen’s absorption technology. The inks are also compatible with printing on a range of paper types, including popular standard coated paper and high-quality inkjet paper, as well as standard plain paper. The Truepress Jet 520HD was also integrated with a Hunkeler roll-to-stack solution with Dynacut function to show automatic cutting and stacking of variable sheet lengths.

At drupa last year Screen announced the Truepress Jet520NX model and HID2017 marks the commercial launch of this press. It is equipped with a newly developed 5?printhead module and supports a maximum resolution of 600 by 1,200 dpi plus advanced ink volume control. This press can be fitted with an extra printhead for a “fifth colour” that enables the use of MICR black ink and other special inks. At the event, the Truepress Jet520NX was integrated near-line to a Hunkeler roll-to-stack solution featuring the HL6 laser module and printing value-added transactional applications.

Riso: At Hunkeler Innovationdays, Riso highlighted two concept models in the production inkjet space.

The Riso T2 uses the main engine of the ComColor GD. By using two ComColor GD engines in a twin-engine design, the T2 will allow high productivity of 300 A4 pages a minute duplex.

The Riso T1 full-colour continuous-feed production inkjet printer features a small footprint (78.6 sq. ft.) with a duplex printing capability. Riso’s newly developed Quick Dry ink provides vibrant colours with high density, quick drying inks on uncoated paper. The combination of the Quick Dry inks and Riso’s inkjet technology helps to achieve energy savings by eliminating the ink drying and cooling unit usually appearing in inkjet printers. Moreover, paper waste is also reduced by optimizing the paper feed path.

Heidelberg: Heidelberg, together with Muller Martini and Polar, presented a range of finishing solutions aimed at print shops and bookbinders. A highlight of the joint booth was the presentation of the Digital Presto II saddle stitcher from Muller Martini with an integrated Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 56 producing brochures live. Also, visitors saw the Stahlfolder BH 56 buckle plate folder. On the Kodak booth, a Hunkeler machine was producing two jobs, showing quick job changes together with the Inlinefolder Stahlfolder TH 56.

Horizon: Horizon offered Smartbinder for completely variable book production with perfect binding and three-knife trimming. The UW6 unwind module can roll-feed the web into the high-performance CS6-HS cross-cutting module. Dynamic sheet-length parent sheets are then folded, accumulated and glued into a finished book block for transport to the SB-09V PUR perfect binder with cover feeder. Books are then conveyed in-line to the Horizon HT-1000V zero-makeready Three-knife Trimmer.

Global Graphics Software: Harlequin ScreenPro, the screening technology that allows single-pass inkjet presses to achieve better print quality, and a new engineering service, BreakThrough, were highlighted by Global Graphics Software.

The next edition…

The dates for Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 have already been set. It will take place in the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility, from February 25 – 28, 2019.

An insight into the Jamshedpur printing industry

Jamshedpur, the headquarters of the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, is the first planned industrial city of India. Jamshedpur is home to world’s tenth largest steel manufacturing company, Tata Steel and so is also known as Tatanagar. Tata Steel has been pivotal in making the city one of the 100 fastest growing city in the world for the time frame 2006-2020. The printing industry of Jamshedpur is also growing. Here’s an insight into it. The printing industry of Jamshedpur is on the growth trajectory as most of the digital-cum-offset printing set ups are privileged to have Tata Steel’s printing jobs in their bag and are on the mode of expansion to meet their growing needs. The city, which lies in the proximity of neighboring states viz. Orissa and Bengal, gets a plethora of other corporate clients’ as well. Abhinav Mallik of Print & Publishing recently met select printers in Jamshedpur. Excerpts.

Shiksha Bharati Mudranalaya
–Meeting the education needs

Ashok Kumar SinghAccording to Ashok Kumar Singh, they started Shiksha Bharati Mudranalaya with a small manual Treadle machine in 1981. “As our company’s name indicates, this is a place devoted to Mudran or Chhapai (printing) of educational material,” he said. The printing service provider is counted as one the reputed printers for more than four decades. In 2005, the company installed one single-color offset printing machine, after it established its name in the screen printing business. At present, the facility is equipped with black-and-white offset printers, besides stapling and binding machine in post-press section. Ashok looks forward to installing a new multi-color offset printing machine in near future.

Ashok runs a board - Jharkhand Academic Council - in collaboration with Jharkhand’s government’s school syllabus and his printing facility is engaged in the printing of question papers for classes 1-8, besides other educational material.

Talking about his future plans, Ashok shared that he is planning to venture into epublishing as the world is moving towards digital.

–From design to print

Brajesh KumarCreations and its founder Brajesh Gupta have made a name for themselves for quality designing and printing. Established 17 years back, the company undertakes printing jobs like books (including school textbooks) and stationeries. Equipped with two single-colour Autoprint offset printers, their set of clients include Tata and its sister concerns and NGOs based in Jharkhand.

Brajesh is a qualified and experienced graphic designer and handles all designing jobs. Backed with a team of 11 employees, the company has its hands full with printing jobs.

Jyoti Printing Solution
–A photo studio-cum-printing outlet

Vikram AgarwalSituated in the Jamshedpur’s Telco area, an area which is hosted and planned by the Tata group of companies, Jyoti Printing Solution is ably run by Vikram Agarwal and is privileged to have printing jobs from Tata throughout the year. As Vikram shares, “We consistently get bulk orders from Tata and its associated schools. The printing jobs include entry passes (for the industries), challans, registers and other important stationery materials for the schools sponsored by Tata.”

The company started as a black-and-white photocopy shop nine years back in the same area of Telco, with a Canon photocopier machine. Later, Vikram installed Konica Minolta 224 and Xerox 252 DocuColor machines to meet the digital printing requirements. More recently, the printing outlet has diversified into a photo studio-cum-printing outlet, with the installation of Xerox 252 DocuColor in January 2016.

For offset printing requirements, Vikram outsources it to leading offset printers in Jamshedpur. While talking about the future plans, Vikram expressed his desire to diversify into other markets like Sakchi and Bistupur, where he can get a plethora of walk-in customers as well.

Shree Balaji Enterprises
–A persistent Xerox machine enthusiast

KK SinghIncepted in the year 2007 as a photocopier, Shree Balaji Enterprise has come a long way. In the wake of rising market demands and requirements, KK Singh, the owner of the company, has diversified its printing outlet and shifted to ‘printing hub’ region of Jamshedpur at Aam Bagan, Sakchi. The set-up is facilitated with Xerox 7425 (for color printing) and Xerox 5755 (for black-and-white printing). Besides, the company also offers map printing services, for which they have installed a color plotter synchronized with Xerox 6605. On asking about his brand affinity to Xerox, Singh replied that Xerox is the best performing machinery and he is planning to install Xerox 700 color digital printer.

Singh is quite upbeat about the Jamshedpur printing industry and shares that there is a surge in walk in customers, who are looking for personalized prints.

Jumbo and Map Xerox
–A bulk map printer

Mayank NageliaEstablished in 2000, Jumbo and Map Xerox is strategically located at Annapurna Market, Bistupur of Jamshedpur. The printing outlet is a family run business co-partnered by Nagelia brothers and their father. Mayank Nagelia, one of the Nagelia brothers, shared that their core business is map printing, though they also cater to other printing needs. The company offers both colour and black-and-white prints, sizes ranging from A4 to A0, in impeccable print quality. For this, the company houses Xerox 510 wide format digital printer for black-and-white map printing and Epson Surecolor T5270 large format inkjet printer for colour prints on glossy paper. In order to meet walk in customers’ printing requirements, they have installed Xerox DocuColor 240.

Some of their prime clients include Voltas Ltd, Swarnrekha and Tata Railway. These companies usually need maps for backing company’s ducting systems and route maps for railways.

Indian Printing Press
–An age old printer

Indian Printing Press has been operational in area of Golmuri, Jamshedpur for last 30 years. Established by Chandrashekhar Singh, the company is now run by his son Saurabh Kumar Singh. The company is equipped with two single-colour offset printers installed at its 2000 sq ft printing facility. The PSP provides stationery items like bills, ledgers, books and registers to corporates like Tarapur Company, Mercy Hospital, and Golmuri Club. The PSP also works as a vendor of Tata Steel and Tata Motors.

On asking about his future plans, Saurabh shared that he is planning to buy non-woven bags printing machine.

Idea Xerox
–Transforming ideas to print

Amit PuriAs the name suggests, Idea Xerox, led by Amit Puri, is a well known digital printer in Jamshedpur. Established in 2003, the printer offers one-stop solution for all digital printing requirements. Their facility houses a Xerox DC 252 DocuColor to meet the variegated coloured digital printing requirements. Spread over an area of 1000 sq ft, the PSP has a small but dedicated team of seven people.

Besides a huge number of walk-in customers, the printer also boasts of the biggies like Tata Power, Turtle and Crymsome.

Khushbu Advertising
–Eyeing the packaging industry

Mishra BrothersThough Khushbu Advertising is better known as a signage printer, but this printing service provider also retains steadfast grip in the commercial printing segment. The PSP houses Konica Minolta bizhub C224e, besides single-, duo- and four-colour offset printers installed at their 10,000+ sq ft facility.

According to Vikram Kumar Mishra, they offer printing jobs like brochures, stationeries, etc for their corporate clients. The PSP has two units in the city which are backed by 30 workers as well as a couple of graphic designers. Moving forward, Vikram has recently introduced their non-woven bags production services. They have also installed imported D-Cut, U-Cut and box cutting machines from China. Talking more about their future plans, Vikram expressed desire to venture into packaging printing.

Digital printing boom in City of Taj!

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna in northern region of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is a well-known tourist destination. The city is also becoming a hub for digital print service providers as there is a lot of demand for short-run, faster turnarounds and good quality prints. Here’s more on the same. Tourists flock to Taj Mahal as moths are drawn to the flame. Infact, a visit to Agra is a must for all national and international tourists. Besides, Taj Mahal, there is much more to see in Agra. One industry that is definitely flourishing in Agra is the photo printing segment, which is now going more towards digital printing. Also, seeing the trend towards smaller print runs in commercial as well as label printing market, many digital printers have sprung up. Here, Abhinav Mallik of Print & Publishing met a few digital printing service providers in Agra to know more about this flourishing trade. Excerpts.

GM Graphics
–First printer at Sanjay Place

Sanjay Place is considered to be a printing hub in Agra, housing more than a ton of printers, catering to not just signages, but also offset and digital. One such printer here is GM Printers, which is known to be the very first one to house in this printing hub of the city in the year of 1991. GM Graphics has a line of clients which includes corporates and government bodies. Gopal Maheswari, the owner of the firm, shares that LIC, SAIL, OSE are some of their regular clients.

Gopal has 3 offset (single color), one 4 colour Konica Minolta 528 installed at his 10 workers backed facility. “There is a need for an association for the betterment of printers in Agra,” said Gopal.

Speed Color Lab
–A vintage colour lab

A vintage color photo lab enthralling in the Agra’s photo market since 1988, Speed Color Lab has come a long way. It was earlier known as Kala Kunj, located at St John Chowk Crossing. The height of its prominence can be estimated with the fact that even the Agra authorities hired them as official photographers for several international delegates meets at Taj Mahal. During the course of that period, the color lab has a bag full of memoirs of more than 125 foreign Prime ministers and Presidents including Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Lady Diana and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, amongst others.

In a tete-a-tete with the owner of this Color lab, Sanjay Goyal shared that they remain booked all year round and this being the marriage season, is the busiest. The color lab has introduced modern imaging solution and also sells an array of photo frames at their outlets.

Talking about the set up, Sanjay shared that the lab is equipped with two Xerox 700 digital colour press. The machines deliver quality CMYK prints. Besides, they also house two photo printing machines from Noristu Japan. A much grounded person, Sanjay has maintained his age-old tradition of photo business by keeping ignited the same beam of photography in their core business form.

The company is diversified not only in Agra, where they have four big units at the city’s prime spots, Speed Color Lab has made their presence in other cities like Mathura and Firozabad.

Priya Lall Grand Sons
–A century old photo lab, now run by eighth-generation

Making use of their photography skills, Vikas Khandelwal, the 8th generation owner of this one century old photo business, has taken the business to a next level of success. From a photographer to a well-known photo lab, the journey has been phenomenal.

The company has diversified into three units of Digital studio cum photography store in the vicinity of Sanjay Place, Agra. Established by his father of great grand-father some 138 years ago, the Priya Lall Grand Sons has transformed itself into a well managed, highly acclaimed photographic printing solution provider in Agra.

The diversification started with a photographic printing machine, QSS machine in 1990, which is still running successfully. Around 11-12 years back, the digital studio installed color printing machine from Xerox, which was a dry digital printing machine.

Shedding light on their assortment of quality printing machines, Vikas shared that they house Xerox digital printing machine, one unit each of Konica Minolta and Noritsu Photographic Printer, apart from this, there are few more allied photographic printing machines. At present, they have a team of 25 people, diversified in 3 units, spanning an area of 14,000 sq ft.

Though photographic printing remains their core business, the company has recently diversified to print shoe labels, tags and stickers and others. Bugati is one of their top-notch clients in the shoe label industry.

Xerox Colour Centre
–More into colour and map printing

As the name goes, Xerox Colour Centre is a digital colour lab. The proprietor of the PSP, RK Gupta shares that they started the company in 1998 with the installation of a color copier machine from Xerox which was then followed by other color copier machineries from Konica Minolta, Canon and HP in the coming year.

Majorly focusing on the color printing, Gupta has infused several services under his printing umbrella within this a span of two decades, which includes Computer designing, CADD, plotter prints and colour as well as black-and-white map copy. Talking about their core mode of business, the printer has strong agro-based clients who generally ask for their products’ labels as well as tags and others in color. Other well-known clients include ASI, ADRDE and L&T.

Gupta expressed concern over the need of a well-incorporated governing body to bring uniformity in these sporadically spread digital printers in Agra. At present, this 20 employees backed PSP has no plan to extend anywhere in near future, all they want to do is to augment more clients under their printing business.

Dayal Printers
–Offset-cum-digital printing set up

Setting a perfect example of offset blended with digital printing service provider under a single roof, Dayal Printers has served both government bodies as well as corporates in Agra. Ably run by Ritesh Dayal Agarwala, the company was started by his great grandfather BD Agarwala in 1939, the year when the world was about to face sequel of World War.

At present, Dayal Printers is facilitated with Xerox 550 digital color printing machine, besides a 15”x20” single color offset press. Business cards and other lesser volume printing job works constitutes their work profile. At present, this 1100 square feet print facility has 8 workers who are well trained to meet clients’ specific requirements. Ritesh looks forward to install more digital printing machines, preferably refurbished ones.

Bhanu Media Center
–Striving to excel

A unit of family-owned Dhanwani printing center, Bhanu Media Center has embarked successful market outreach by providing qualitative digital printing services. Talking about their present facility, Suresh Dhanwani, the owner of the Bhanu Media Centre, shared that they have full colour printing machines viz. Xerox Color C 60 and Xerox Versant 80 Press. In a recent development, Suresh has placed order for a Konica Minolta 1080 which can be seen at the facility within a couple of months.

The PSP is engaged in commercial jobs which include walk-in customers as well as their set of clients. Established in 1999, this print service provider has 12-15 employees and it’s trying its best to spread its wings.

SG Digital Machine’s
–Journey from a digital service provider to a stationery supplier

From a complete digital printing service provider to a well-known stationery supplier, the journey of SG Digital Machine’s has been remarkable in a span of 12 years. Established in 2005 with the installation of Canon 6060 black-and-white printer and Canon 1155 color printer, the company has come a long way. The company now boasts of ultra-modern printing machineries viz. Konica Minolta Bizhub 220, Konica Minolta Bizhub 405 and MFC-J3520 InkBenefit from Brother.

In order to meet black-and-white print needs for walk in customers, the PSP has an array of IR (Image Runner) series of printing machines from Canon viz. IR 6000, 2870, 105, 2525 at the facility. More recently, they have added thermal printing machine at their facility, told Sachin.

Darpan Printers
–working effortlessly 24x7

While talking about the printing industry of Agra, we cannot fail to mention Darpan Printers, which houses two Adast Dominant multicolor offset machines. The printer, who is better known for making use of every single minute and which claims to be active 24x7, has recently installed a multi color Komori Enthrone 429 20”x29” sheet fed printing press. The printer is situated at one of the prime spot of Agra’s Loha Mandi, has 350 to 400 agents in their loop which includes some of the big shots like Max Media, Medi Pack and Technocrat. At present, they have a team of 65 people and the company is planning to install one more Komori press with the same configuration.

Graphic Media Hub
–New but quality at par

Graphic Media Hub can be counted as one of the flourishing entrepreneurs in Agra who has defined a new section of digital printing. Erstwhile, working as a graphic designer in Speed Color Lab, Piyush Garg established this company in the year 2014 to tap the biggies of the corporate world. Vishal Megamart, Aditya Birla, Yepme, Pantaloons are enlisted in their consistent client list.

Piyush shared that they excel in barcodes, stickers, tapes as well as wrapping papers – all produced through digital printing.

At present, they house Xerox 550, Xerox 5745, and more recently Xerox 560. On asking about their loyalty to a particular company ‘Xerox’, Piyush shared that he finds it quite easy to get good after sales service of Xerox, besides the machines being user friendly. On asking about his future plans, Piyush replied that they are planning to install a laser cutting machine for designing and cutting of shoes.

WAN-IFRA India 2017 scheduled to organise in Chennai

After its successful Kolkata debut last year, WAN-IFRA India returns to Chennai after a gap of five years. The 2017 edition of the conference has been scheduled in the South Indian city from September 12-14. Being the much sought after annual conference for news publishing industry in South Asia, the three-day event will pull world.leaders in news media business in a common place. Based in Paris and Frankfurt with subsidiaries in India and Singapore, WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) is a global organisation of the world’s newspapers and news publishers. Now that the association has completed 25 years of its popular WAN-IFRA conference, the upcoming Chennai edition will mark the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, which is planning to be executed in a new and refreshing format.

To be organised from September 12-14 at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, WAN-IFRA India 2017 is expected to draw a host of more than 400 decision makers, which include managing directors, CEOs, editors, production directors and other senior executives from the news media industry.

The conference will have a series of segmented programmes.

In the scheduled programmes, WAN-IFRA India 2017 will bring ‘World Editors Forum – South Asia Summit’ for the first time to India. The popular Printing Summit Conference, two pre-conference workshops, networking dinners and expo will complete the event. Considering the demand to be closer to the conference venue, the expo will have limited number of booths interconnected with the conference. The conference venue ITC Grand Chola hotel is the largest and ultra-modern hotel in Chennai.

While the conference and an expo lie on the sidelines will take place on 13th–14th September, the pre-conference workshops will take place on 12th September, all at the same venue. A visit to a modern printing plant in Chennai is also planned on the last day of the event, 14th September. The booking for expo booths open now and the conference offers various sponsorship opportunities for suppliers to highlight their presence and brand image. For booking for the expo booth and other related enquiries, write in at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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