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Taiwanese machine manufacturers concentrate on Indian market

Chosen drupa 2016 to unpack their newest innovations and seal some fresh deals

Taiwan has many things at its best to attract the world over. Manufacturing industry is one such ambit of attraction the country is known for. A league of Taiwanese post-press machine manufacturers target India for business expansion. Of them, Wen Chyuan is a big brand with a range of its machines being installed in India through its Hyderabad-based distributor TGS India (Techno Graphic Services India Pvt Ltd), which also deals in machines from other eminent Taiwanese manufacturers, viz. SBL Group, Golden Tec Machinery, Datien, Fulontek and Top High Image Corp. Jyaneswar Laishram from Print & Publishing visits the manufacturing plants of these offshore companies for a brief discovery of their latest innovations showing at drupa 2016.
The league of Taiwanese manufacturers producing a host of groundbreaking die-cutting, folder gluers, varnishing, laminating, embossing, roll to sheet cutting, hot foil stamping and creasing machines as well as allied machineries like thermal CtP plates stand out amid the sea of conventional players, because of their proficiency in technologies, methodologies and researches they adopt to engineer their machines. Down the expanse from Taipei to Taichung, dwelled in several industrial clusters are such reputed manufacturers known for their tradition of quality and competency. A discovery of them is indeed a breakthrough to a new marvel.

Wen Chyuan’s deep India connection

Incepted provocatively around 40 years ago, Wen Chyuan Machinery Co Ltd is the brainchild of Lin Chi-I, who is quietly acknowledgeable for his dedication and commitment to establishing this post-press machine manufacturing company now producing a range of globally acclaimed UV varnishing, laminating and other finishing machines. “I neither had a formal training nor an engineering degree in life; it was only from the international expos I gathered my ideas and innovations of machine manufacturing,” recalls Lin Chi-I, adding that he started visiting drupa since 1987. “After seeing a model or a concept in an expo, I just drew the circuit of it on a piece of paper and reinvented it in accordance to our very own design and mechanism,” he explains.

Emma Lin, Bob Lin, Lin Chi-I, Kevin Lin and Muralidhar Nalli at Wen ChyuanToday, Wen Chyuan is recognised globally for its line of high-speed automatic laminating machines: KYE-108DRK, KYEK-108DRK, KYE-8K3, KYEK-108DRK-VP; and a range of spot UV/water-based varnishing machines, namely, KYU-9W-104, KYU-9W-110 and KYV-5. Also included in the portfolio are KYC-3W automatic calendaring and KYF- 5R reel-to-reel embossing machines. “We have a new laminating machine, KYEK- 82DK3, which will be shown in drupa 2016, at our Stall B63 in Hall 11,” reveals Emma Lin, Sales Director, Wen Chyuan Machinery Co Ltd. KYEK-82DK3 is an automatic high-speed film laminator that can accept maximum sheet size of 1080 x 820 mm at the speed of 60m/min. Wen Chyuan machines feature Japanese and European technologies blended with Taiwanese expertise.

Till date, Wen Chyuan has delivered more than 2300 machines to 50 different countries, including India. “Turkey is one of our target countries; so far, we have catered more than 50 machines to the country,” tells Emma, citing India as just another hotspot when it comes to counting the company’s client base in the country. “Most of our customers in the Indian packaging segment are repeated investors and we are proud of being able to fascinate them,” she adds, mentioning packaging majors like Pragati Offset, Parksons Packaging, Premier Paper Packaging (PPP), TCPL, CANPAC, Singhania Offset, among others, which have installed more than one Wen Chyuan machine at their production facilities.

On the Wen Chyuan’s robust presence in the Indian market, Muralidhar Nalli, managing director, TGS India Private Limited, says that they don’t require doing much marketing for the Wen Chyuan machines, which are good enough themselves to pull customers for repeat investments. “We hope for gaining some new ground at drupa 2016 from trade visitors from India,” he optimistically mentions. Looking forward to bringing more new innovations, Lin Chi-I articulates that Wen Chyuan is always in position to update its machines to new standards, as per the rhythm of changes in technologies and trends in the industry. Wen Chyuan has a China plant in Dongguan where produces machines designed only for the local market.

SBL Group goes for big plans

SBL Group, which has been a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of automatic foldergluers, die cutters and foil stamping machines over the last five decades in the industry, is now set to unpack its latest machines at drupa 2016, with a hope that they could able to fix valuable deals with international trade visitors during the fair, including some from India. “India is one of our focus countries which we think we could present in a bigger way in near future through our mutual tie-up with TGS India,” asserts Hank Kan, Director- Marketing, SBL Group. In this, TGS is now eying the diverse and surging packaging market of India for a deeper and mass penetration.

Yen Chen, Venugopal B, Muralidhar Nalli and Hank Kan at SBL GroupWhen asked how TGS India would handle the distribution of SBL machines in India, Muralidhar Nalli explains that they have strategically laid out plan to cover the whole length and breadth of the country, expanding branches of TGS, which is headquartered in Hyderabad, to far-off corners of the country as per the demands of their clients. SBL Group produces a family of automatic die cutting & creasing platen machines, namely, SBL-820, SBL-1050, SBL-1060, SBL-1150, SBL-1300; and SBL-820, 1050 & 1300 Series of automatic foil stamping & die-cutting platen machines as well as high-speed folding & gluing machines, such as, TS-550, TS-800/1000, TS-1100/1200/1350/1450 Series.

A long-view of SBL Group’s main plantAt drupa 2016, at Stall A64 in Hall 11, SBL Group is introducing new and upgraded SBL 1060 EFT and SBL- 1060 SEB automatic die cutting and foil stamping machines, alongside the showing of other existing models like SBL 820 EA (die cutter), SBL EFA (horse-stamping), upgraded TS 550 WSV (gluing & folding) machines, among others. “We have our overseas branch offices in the US and England wherefrom we cover various western countries; our presence in drupa 2016 this year will be an opportunity to meet our existing international customers and new ones as well,” remarks Hank.

With 47 years of post-press machine manufacturing experience, SBL Group has garnered a reputation of an Asian manufacturer at par with European counterparts like Germany and Switzerland. In 2010, the group invested US$16 million to expand its infrastructure and a new factory of 13,000 sq m was opened at Tucheng District for making only machine components, located at a few kilometers from its headquarters in New Taipei City. Now the total area of the group’s manufacturing plants is measured around 30,000 sq m. Certified with ISO-9100, ISO-9002, ISO-14001, CE and GS Standards, SBL Group has been tied up with Heidelberg to manufacture certain machines for the latter.

Golden Tec Machinery debuting at drupa 2016

If one is in pursuit of one of the most steadfast sheeting machine manufacturers in Taiwan, the search will come to an end at Golden Tec whose machines are popular, not only in the domestic market but in various overseas markets, including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, South Korea and many European countries. “We will be participating in drupa this year for the first time. We will not be showing any machine physically, but will surely do in the next edition,” reveals Mick Lai of Golden Tec Machinery Co Ltd. Golden Tec can be found at Stall B63 in Hall 11B in drupa 2016. Major sheeting machines of Golden Tec can be classified broadly into two categories— single rotary knife and synchro twin-knife sheeters. The company’s TKSC 1400/1700 Series machines are high-precision sheeters, capable to cut paper, board, film and plastic.

Mick Lai, Muralidhar Nalli, Venugopal B and Steven Lai at Golden TechThese AC servo machines are designed to cut 300 m/min at the cut-off length range of 460-1370 mm with knife loading in 550 gsm/sq m. About the unique features of their machines, Mick explains that the Golden Tec sheeters are operator-friendly, can be set quickly, cut-offs are accurate and they stack smoothly. Since Golden Tec’s inception in the year 2000, founded by Steven Lai, the company has so far catered more than 200 machines to more than 20 countries. One of the major clients of Golden Tec in the domestic market is Formosa Paper Co Ltd, which has installed 11 paper sheeting machines over a decade’s time and the 12th machine is now set to install in the facility of this leading Taiwanese paper supplier.

“We are happy to be the partner of such a big paper company of the country. Our oldest machines are still running without any wear and tear in the facilities of Formosa,” mentions Mick, gesturing pride for the competencies of the Golden Tec machines.

TGS India lending helping hands

Some of the leading Taiwanese post-press machine manufacturers, which have not booked berths to drupa 2016, will however mark their presence in the mega trade show through TGS India. Of course, TGS India will promote its partners, Datien and Fulontek.

Computerised Datien paper cutting machine (Guillotine) is an internationally acclaimed paper cutter with twin arms for slicing papers in varied widths ranging from 115 cm to 300 cm; meanwhile, Fulontek FL-500 is a multi-function finishing machine, which has complete features including die-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating, blind and foil embossing, hot foil stamping and others. “Applications of FL-500 include greeting cards, invitations and the like. This machine can enhance the digitally printed graphics at the speed of 6000 sheets/hr,” explains Paul Yang of Fulontek Enterprise Co Ltd.

“At drupa 2016, we will also be promoting a Taiwanese embossing machine manufacturer,” says Muralidhar Nalli, adding, “Their embossers are patented products available in two models. These machines emboss by heating process as patterns are transferred by steel plates, saving consumables, and capable to emboss on any type of paper or plastic materials.” Further, talking about some added advantages of the machines, Muralidhar Nalli explains that the cooling system on the surface of pressure roll in the embossers can make embossing patterns on the same level, thus compatible the process even on plastic materials.

Top High Image Corp, another partner of TGS India, is now getting prepared to hit the route to India. The company is a well-known Taiwanese thermal CtP plate manufacturer, whose products are popular in various overseas markets, with India to be included in the clientele sooner than later. Alan Hou, VPBusiness Development, High Top Image Corp, remarks that they are very confident about success in the Indian market, as they trust the way TGS India deals in Taiwanese machineries. Top High Image Corp sells around 10 million sq m of thermal plates per annum worldwide. Muralidhar Nalli says TGS India at drupa 2016 will be promoting the Taiwanese products, which they are dealing Mick Lai, Muralidhar Nalli, Venugopal B and with, primarily among the Indian visitors.

Here are a few more products/technologies/ services on offer at drupa 2016

Heidelberg presents digitised
future (Hall 1, stand C)

Heidelberg will be presenting the industry’s digitised future under the motto “Simply Smart” at drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf. In an industry environment that is still changing rapidly, print shops need to continuously improve their efficiency and respond to the global demands of end customers in ever faster and more flexible ways. It is important when doing so to shape the digitization of their own business model and involve print buyers in this process.

The new Primefire 106 digital printing system from Heidelberg will have its world premiere at the show. The company has joined forces with its Japanese partner Fujifilm to develop a new portfolio for industrial digital printing in less than two years. Following the presentation at drupa, the sales launch is scheduled for 2017. “Integrated print shops fare better in a difficult market environment. Automation is the key to remaining competitive in the printing sector. The digitised value chain will be indispensable for most printing companies simply to remain fit for the future,” said Stephan Plenz, member of the management board responsible for Heidelberg Equipment.

The basis for this is an integrated software platform enabling a continuous flow of data – from job acceptance to the machines and on to order processing. Heidelberg has combined its entire portfolio in the Prinect print and media workflow. In conjunction with a completely new control system design and concept for sheetfed offset presses, an increasing number of steps for automatic pressroom operation are making their way into the printing systems.

With the new Speedmaster generation from Heidelberg, the reality of an autonomous pressroom is getting ever closer, which makes customers far more productive and profitable. “In the Smart Print Shop of the future, we will be demonstrating that Heidelberg is more than the sum of its machines. The benchmark will no longer be the break-even point for individual systems, but the performance of our customers’ entire value chain. We offer solutions for everything – from completely new business innovations to highly efficient overall processes,” stressed Plenz.

The collaboration between Heidelberg and its customers will also change significantly in the digital age. The company is working on a new cloud-based service platform that covers the entire Heidelberg service portfolio and makes it easily accessible. This platform is based on the Remote Service network operated by Heidelberg, which links over 10,000 machines and a further 15,000 software products to the Heidelberg service portfolio. Associated services such as Remote Monitoring and Performance Plus are provided on this platform and help customers with press availability, but also with improving their overall productivity. The large number of machines in the network is key to the quality of the individual service products and productivity recommendations.

Customers gain access to the service platform via a customer portal that includes various apps. All the information, support, and contacts customers require from Heidelberg are to hand – from an overview of their installed equipment and available updates to fault messages and self-help tools.

“In the digitised world of the future, customers will have all the information they need to optimise their company’s operations at a glance. We also offer our customers concrete solutions to maximise machine availability, increase their overall productivity, and obtain very easy access to consumables tested by Heidelberg,” said Harald Weimer, member of the management board responsible for Heidelberg Services.

Heidelberg already generates nearly 50 percent of its sales with service and consumables and is continuously expanding its service portfolio. Postpress plays an important role in the value chain in print production. On the one hand because it’s where the final product is produced, and on the other hand because the machines are intended to be integrated into an overall workflow and timed in such a way as to achieve optimum overall productivity. The top priority for commercial printers is maximum productivity, while for packaging printers it is quality coupled with reliable and fault-free production. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has the right solutions for all these requirements.

“We have consistently enhanced our postpress range in order to optimise the entire production process, and will be showcasing new machines for both commercial and packaging printers at drupa 2016 which will help our customers to be successful and competitive in their production”, explains Harald Weimer, member of the management board responsible for the Heidelberg sales and services segment and in charge of the Postpress Division.

Flint Group marks its position as
global leader in print consumables
at drupa 2016 (Hall 3/B53)

Building on drupa’s vision, Flint Group will demonstrate its “One Team, One Future, One Flint Group” concept with a vast range of inks, coatings, pressroom chemicals, flexographic plates and equipment, mounting sleeves, printing blankets and print services and solutions. And now, with the establishment of the Digital Printing Solutions Division, Flint Group’s presence at drupa will be bigger and more visible than ever before.

Flint Group will have three distinct spaces at the exhibition: Hall 3 in the south of the fairground will be home to a small Flint Group information booth, which is situated in the heart of the ink and print consumables suppliers’ area. Ideally positioned to catch passing visitors looking for alternative print consumable partners as well as a meeting hub for existing customers and dealers.

Hall 8b in the northern sector of the show will house a 245m2 Flint Group prepress stand. This stand will be shared between the Flint Group Flexographic Products Division and Thermoflex, who joined them with Xeikon, and is part of the new Digital Printing Solutions Division. With this joint booth the commonalities in the prepress area will be presented to the visitors.

Hall 8a is the location of its main 1,200m2 stand. Joint branding of Flint Group and Xeikon will clearly highlight the exciting pairing of Flint Group and Xeikon, the leading digital solutions provider.

These three showcases in three different halls, announce the leadership position Flint Group now has in the print industry, globally. In addition to the official stands, Flint Group will of course have their very popular Schrebergarten, open from 4pm until 9pm each day of the fair, excluding 10th June.

Xaar to announce major
new technology platform
at drupa (Hall 6/C05)

Xaar, the leader in industrial inkjet technology, will present its range of premium inkjet printheads and products, announce a number of exciting new developments and launch a new Thin Film silicon MEMS technology platform at drupa (Hall 6 Stand C05). Xaar will highlight the Xaar Print Bar System, the Xaar 501 printhead, the new Xaar 1003 printhead (launched March 2016) and more.

The Xaar 1003 family of printheads, which incorporates Xaar’s unrivalled TF Technology, is the latest generation of the trusted Xaar 100x series of printheads. It sets a new benchmark for industrial inkjet printing and achieves the longest maintenance-free production runs in the industry. With its all-round superior performance, high productivity and versatility, the new Xaar 1003 builds on the market-leading Xaar 1002 and its predecessor, the original and ground-breaking Xaar 1001.

The Xaar Print Bar System adds single-pass inkjet capability to analogue web presses. Launched at Labelexpo last year, the Xaar Print Bar System allows users to take advantage of the benefits of digital printing easily and economically to deliver more creativity to their customers. This is a versatile, easy-to-configure solution ideal for personalised, variable data, special effects and short-run printing for a range of applications, including labels and packaging, and saves the considerable cost and time associated with analogue production methods. The feature-rich Xaar 501 printhead delivers excellent reliability, high production up-time and exceptional print quality. It incorporates the unique PrecisionPlus architecture which optimises the printhead actuator performance to give more uniform drop formation across the print swathe and, therefore, exceptional print quality. For added reliability, particularly key for harsh environments, users can benefit from Xaar’s TF Technology.

Goss to highlight the value
of partnerships at drupa
2016 (Hall 15/D51)

Goss International will be demonstrating its visionary approach to partnerships at drupa 2016 (Hall 15, stand D51), affirming that partnering with like-minded, market-leading suppliers and printers will be the key to future industry success. Under the theme ‘Achieving more together’ Goss will demonstrate how bringing complementary brands and solutions together is the most logical way to support Goss customers and prospects considering investments in new products and services.

The company will also be highlighting its unique commercial, newspaper and packaging press portfolio, for which these partnerships also provide great value and added benefits for new and existing customers.

Goss’ commitment to product development and technological innovations that meet the needs of its customers, will be evident on the stand at drupa 2016. With spotlights on the many production, automation and quality benefits of Goss’ product portfolio, the company’s comprehensive product range will be showcased via interactive digital communications. Products h i g h l i g h t e d include the Goss Sunday Vpak press for highquality, shortrun packaging applications, the Magnum Compact press for short- to medium-run book, newspaper and semi-commercial applications, and Goss’ flexible, highly-productive M600 and Sunday commercial web presses In addition, Goss will demonstrate to visitors how its wide range of Lifetime Support Services can help its valued, existing customers remain competitive and maximise the productivity and efficiency of their Goss equipment.

The Goss booth will also highlight the latest Contiweb technologies. Contiweb is renowned for the supply of splicers and dryers to the world’s premier web offset printers. However, recent Contiweb developments for digital web printing in affiliation with HP will be of particular interest to drupa visitors. Examples from the Contiweb digital unwinder and rewinder series will be running on a number of booths at drupa 2016.

Also part of Contiweb technologies is JetWeb’s industry-leading finishing systems and VITSRotocut sheeting and specialised finishing components; both of which will be a focus on the Goss drupa stand.

Mohit Uberoi, CEO comments, “Goss has a long history of working in cooperation with different suppliers with the ultimate aim of really providing a solution that will enable our customer to thrive. When installing or enhancing our customers’ presses, or developing a hybrid solution that incorporates a variety of technologies, we work with other industry leaders for color control, ink, dampening, blanket washers, chilling, CTP and customer MIS interfaces. We embrace partnering with these manufacturers so that our customers can maintain their existing supplier relationships and get the best possible solution for their print facility.

High-speed rotary sheet-fed
& variable web-fed converting
technology from Schober
technologies (Hall 11/C06)

With the RSM-DIGI-VARICUT, Schober technologies has developed a new generation of hybrid drive technology especially designed for digitally printed flexible packaging materials which combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology in re-registration mode, thus a wide range of formats can be processed with a single tool. In fully modular design, the RSMDIGI- VARICUT is designed to convert web width up to 770 mm, and with repeat or format length of up to 1220 mm.

The standard configuration of the RSM-DIGIVARICUT includes a high speed programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (Spider) which combines extreme acceleration, velocity and precision at continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min.

Second machine on display will be the redesigned SL106-SHEETLINE (rotary sheet-fed converting machine) for the production of IML and folding boxes. The SL106 is equipped with a high-speed belt stream feeder combined with a well proven suction head technology, a heavy duty die cutting station as well as a robotautomated stacking, counting and piling system. Additional technologies to be highlighted at the show include die cutting, sealing/embossing, punching, cut & place, scoring/grooving, gluing/ bonding, cutting, collating and product delivery. A large selection of our consumable inventory such as round, square and profile punches and dies, crimp punches and dies, circular knives, perforating and cutting wheels and blades, quick change clamping bars will also be shown on the booth.

Scodix unlocks new enhancement
and profit-generating
opportunities for the folding
carton market (Hall 4/D60)

Making its debut at drupa 2016, the Scodix E106 is a digital press delivering enhancement solutions for printers in the packaging sector. Offered in a B1 (1060mm x 760mm) format and enabling ultra-fast production (up to 4,000 sph) the press makes medium to short run lengths viable that were previously unachievable. This unique combination of features, exclusive to Scodix technology, provides clear benefits for folding carton printers and converters to differentiate their offering and boost profit margins.

“We expect the Scodix E106 to be highly disruptive in the packaging sector. Despite not being officially launched, we have already taken eight press orders from prospective customers – many claiming that this was the kind of unique capability they urgently needed,” states Roy Porat, CEO at Scodix,

Landa to unveil ultra-fast, meterwide
webfed nanographic printing
press for flexible packaging

Landa will unveil its new Landa W10 Nanographic Printing Press for flexible packaging at drupa 2016. The meter-wide (41 in.), high-speed web press prints up to 8 colors at 200 meters per minute (656 ft./min) on plastic packaging films, paper, carton board and aluminum foil.

“Fourteen years of nanotechnology research has enabled us to make tremendous breakthroughs in the quality, speed and cost of printing for flexible packaging. The Landa W10 Nanographic Printing Press produces gravure quality printing - at production speeds - on a broad range of substrates from plastic packaging films to metal foils, from paper to carton. Finally, there is a solution that meets the needs of the flexible packaging industry for affordable short-tomedium run lengths of highest gravure-quality packaging materials - with flexo-competitive costs and productivity,” says Benny Landa, chairman of the Landa Group. “We expect visitors to our stand at drupa to be completely blown away by the amazing performance of this this press - for which we will be taking orders at drupa.”

Landa will double the size of its drupa 2016 stand to 3,000 m2 and will conduct live demonstrations of all of its products, including the Landa W10 web press. In addition, the Company will be showing its lineup of sheetfed Nanographic Printing Presses, including the Landa S10 for folding carton and POP and the Landa S10P perfecting press for commercial printing. Landa will also be unveiling its newest technology, Nano- Metallography, a zero-waste metallisation process that will halve the cost of metallised printing. Landa will hold theater presentations five times a day for the entire duration of the exhibition. Reservations for the theater presentation can be requested in advance at drupa, or, subject to availability, may be booked at kiosks on the Landa stand (Hall 9) during the exhibition.

Komori to focus on ‘Open
New Pages’ (Hall 08/A65)

First of all, Komori’s main theme at drupa 2016 will be “Open New Pages,” a continuation from IGAS 2015. “We will propose new business models by connecting customers with Komori, linking offset with digital, and connecting the management factors related to printing plant production and quality. For this purpose, “Connected Print” will be our subtheme.

We will convert the achievements of the structural transformation and business model innovation in sales activities shown at IGAS into solutions and ideas for customers to Open New Pages and show them at drupa,” tells Satoshi Mochida, representative director, president and COO, Komori Corporation. Second, in digital printing systems, drupa will begin regular sales of the Impremia IS29, their inkjet UV printing system, jointly developed with Konica Minolta.

Third, they will release the new Lithrone G29 29-inch offset printing press. The design has been renovated, and the press has been reborn as a high-end machine meeting the printing needs of increasingly advanced and complex markets. In the future, this base machine will be developed into a system with productivity surpassing digital printing systems. Also, the Lithrone GX40RP equipped with the latest technologies will show the ultimate short makeready using parallel control and high productivity of 18,000 sph printing, while the Lithrone GX40 with coater will demonstrate new printing control and a highprecision print inspection system that enable high-speed package printing. All offset presses will be equipped with the H-UV innovative curing system and demonstrated using K-Supply H-UV ink.

Fourth, they will exhibit the Apressia CT137 cutter as a part of their PESP business. “We will demonstrate cutting of printed sheets that have been cured by the H-UV system and finishing as final products. Further, we will propose Komori ICT (Information Communications Technology) Solutions, a powerful tool supporting the visualisation and automation of processes, labor saving, and productivity enhancement,” he said.

Look to the future with
Muller Martini (Hall 2/A49)

Hybrid print products are the future. That is why Muller Martini, in line with the buzzword of Finishing 4.0, will demonstrate live at its drupa booth in Hall 2 how variable magazines and books are produced using a fully connected, highly automated machine line-up consisting of sheet-fed offset, web offset and digital printing elements.

Offset and digital printing of magazines and books is one thing, the efficient print finishing of hybrid products is another. With its key drupa topic of Finishing 4.0, Muller Martini will demonstrate in Düsseldorf how signatures from both printing methods can be processed according to a smart workflow on a dayto- day basis. Hundreds of copies of over 20 different print products will be produced live each day using no fewer than nine connected systems to demonstrate the concepts of smart automation and touchless workflow. To enable hybrid products, the print finishing systems must naturally be digital ready. Muller Martini systems have met that requirement for many years. Numerous further developments and new developments will be presented at drupa in all segments (saddle stitchers, perfect binders, thread sewing machines and booklines), such as a brand-new solution for the three-sided trimming of softcover books in ultra-short runs. That will underline Muller Martini’s position as a market leader and innovation leader, and provide visitors to the booth with a glimpse of the future of print finishing.

The complex hybrid products at the Muller Martini booth will include a bilingual “in-flight magazine”, which will be produced sequentially in sets of four copies, with varying page counts, in A4 size using the Presto II Digital saddle stitcher. Since hybrid products are not limited to saddle stitching and are gaining in importance in the softcover segment – especially when it comes to high-quality customised business reports and school materials in the B2B segment – Muller Martini will also present the relevant perfect binding solutions. For instance, a digitally printed book block will be produced using the SigmaLine and fed using the book block feeder to the Alegro perfect binder, which will be showcased in a new digital version at drupa. The hybrid softcover product will be finished with offset signatures that are fed via the gathering machine.

Muller Martini will also be represented at the drupa booths of two digital printing press manufacturers. Two identically configured Presto II Digital saddle stitchers, each with an unwinding system, cross cutting unit (both from Hunkeler) and pocket fold unit (from Heidelberg), will be used at the booths of the Muller Martini partners Canon Océ and Xerox to stitch several of their trade fair products live.

The US company DS Graphics, a Muller Martini customer, which specialises in Variable Data Print (VDP) and uses a Primera Digital saddle stitcher for that purpose, is proof that customised and personalised magazines, brochures and catalogs result in a win-win situation. “The publishers save money because they can save distribution losses by using targeted print products, the end customers save time because they only receive products that they are genuinely interested in, and it’s an attractive business model for our company,” says DS Graphics President and CEO Jeff Pallis.

CMC ‘boxed’ plans for drupa
2016 (Hall 3/A33)

CMC, the provider of industrial paper wrapping, envelop inserting, film wrapping, packaging and parcel storing technologies, will present its latest technovations along with its Partner XPROMA. Team VINSAK will be at drupa, where they will showcase dazzling new award winning technology of CMC, where visitors will experience a unique journey of the solutions that inspire them to be cost-effective, more efficient and improve their operations.

The highlights include the multiple Innovation Award winning, fully automatic CMC shipping and payment solution “CartonWrap” for up to 1,000 packages / hr, which provides shippers and fulfilment providers to strategic and scalable handling and price advantage in ecommerce.

The CMC CartonWrap 1000, a unique box on demand solution is capable to wrap orders of single and multiple products using corrugate fed from a fanfold stack. Orders are scanned to create the exact dimension box required, eliminating the void in the carton and the need to add additional filler materials. The order is automatically placed in the carton, the carton is sealed and the shipping label is automatically printed and applied to the parcel.

Also on display would be the CMC 400 Evolution Envelope Inserting System, the single system for all formats. The optimised design allows a maximum rate of up to 25,000 envelopes per hour. Quick changeover allows C5, C6 and C4 (flats) formats to be processed with filled envelope thickness to 12 mm.

On the other hand in Hall 12, Stand B53, visitor can explore the CartonWrap technology that can transform the fulfillment process of e-commerce industry, B2B & B2C providers. Immerse yourself in the completely new designe form of advertising era “Packvertising“, that combines CartonWrap and digital printing to create opportunities, to produce personalised and customised messages on parcels that will truly capture consumer’s attention. In the growing segment of personalised packaging, Packvertising is an ideal way for ecommerce merchants to increase the value of the shipping carton beyond just a “box and a shipping label”. Add holiday and birthday themed greetings, use QR codes to direct recipient to additional or complimentary offers, provide branding opportunities. When combined with the award winning CartonWrap technology the result is a parcel that is not only right-sized, environmentally friendly, but also can carry a full color personalised message to the consumer from the minute it is received. CMC is represented in India by Vinsak.

Indian player Syntron to display for
the first time at drupa (Hall 3/B41)

“drupa 2016 starts for us just at the right time. It is a perfect platform for us to a broad, global audience and introduce SYNTRON to the industry. We want to intimate to the industry, that besides the current market status and supply contracts, there is a second qualitatively homogeneous, but mostly less expensive supply chain,” says Shrenik M Trivedi, CEO of Syntron Industries Pvt Ltd, a leading Indian manufacturer of high quality water based flexographic inks, pigment preparations, paper dyes (paper colorants) and other auxiliaries for paper and paper converting industry.

Syntron is active in the development of water based printing inks for non-absorbent surface like plastic and aluminum foils for some time past. It is the first time for Syntron experts to be around in the broadest audience for technical and advanc ed discussions at this big event in the printing industry. Syntron is hoping for a lot of new valuable partnerships,” adds Rushay S Trivedi, managing director of Syntron Industries Pvt Ltd. For more than 35 years Syntron is a term for quality in the world of paper stationery and paper products, setting standards, which are supposed to be set in the paper converting world as well.

Line O Matic exercise notebook
machinery @drupa (Hall 11/B3)

Line O Matic Graphic Industries, pioneer and trend-setter in exercise notebook machinery and other paper converting machinery segment, is participating in drupa 2016 with 363 sq m to showcase its latest fully automatic exercise book machine – Bolt RB104.

Bolt RB104 is a revolutionary product having a speed of 400 meters/minute & converting strokes of 60 cycles/minute to make staple pin type exercise notebooks from paper reel. Major benefits of the new Bolt RB104 include higher efficiency, increased productivity and reliability, higher quality output and more effective, operatorfriendly control systems. Line O Matic has been rewarded by exercise notebook and paper converting society in around 50 countries, with more than 2000 + installations across the globe.

CITO at drupa (Hall 10/E59)

CITO sets benchmarks and is your innovative and competent partner in all matters concerning print and paper processing. New products on offer will include CITO Cushion Crease for use with flat-bed and rotary dies. The self-adhesive version with EasyFix offers unbeatable advantages especially when using rotary dies. Also on display will be CITO ULTIMATE creasing system, developed using advanced hightech materials – ideal for the most stringent demands and offering ultimate reliability. CITO is represented in India by Capital Graphic Supplies.

Hunkeler innovative solutions
@ drupa (Hall 8a/C20)

Where do you find Hunkeler? Almost everywhere. In addition to their main booth C20 in Hall 8a, you can find their “Excellence in Paper Processing” in different exhibition halls with more than 20 solutions. There will be numerous updates and innovations from Hunkeler, which include: Flexible, high performance Book-on-demand solution; Dynamic book block feeding for various perfect binders; Highly dynamic Newspaper and glued booklet production with Folder Collator FC7; Web inspection and tracking with “huncontrol”; Laser cutting/engraving for security applications with Hunkeler finishing; Highly dynamic perforating and punching with new DP8 module; and High performance direct mail application. Hunkeler is represented in India by Capital Graphic Supplies.

Steinemann Technology AG
(Hall 1/B18)

Operating under the name Steinemann Technology AG, the Mechanical Engineering business unit of the Stürm Group (www. offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative sanding systems for customers in the panel industry, as well as varnishing and laminating machines for print finishing around the world. In these exciting markets, the technology leader offers its customers technically and economically ground-breaking systems, solutions and services – from innovative machines for maximum productivity, all the way to dependable maintenance and spare parts services, as well as high-quality consumables. The company is represented in India by SRK Technologies, which also represents Shanghai Yoco, China (Die-cutter, Foil stamping, Folder Gluer, Corrugated folder gluer etc); MTM, China (Lamination, PUR, Water base, Thermal); Albo system AB, Sweden (Pile turners); Gockel GmbH, Germany (Knife grinding machine); and Paperplast, Italy (PUR Lamination machine

Plant visits...

Journalists to the pre-drupa conference were taken for plant visits to Xeikon and Agfa premises.
Print the Future with Xeikon (Hall 8a/B20)

In its first major show since it was acquired by Flint Group, Xeikon has a number of headliners prepared for drupa. These include its brand-new Trillium One press based on the technology demonstration of Trillium at drupa 2012 and Fusion, the next big thing in packaging and labels.

Flint Group will have a presence in: Hall 3a where it will talk to visitors about its wide range of consumables; Hall 8a, where an information hub will highlight the group synergies, and Hall 8b, with BasysPrint and Thermoflexx where together they will continue the conversation on the commonalities in prepress.

“Our drupa theme is Direct. Dedicated. Digital,” says Danny Mertens, Xeikon corporate communications manager, “and visitors to our stand will see that in action, with innovations across the board. This includes workflow efficiencies with our digital front end, the print engines themselves, our unique consumables and our next-generation approach to finishing. Our stand at drupa will have something for everyone in the printing industry, and visitors are guaranteed to go away with new ideas about how they can expand their capabilities to drive profitability.”

Since the announcement of its breakthrough Trillium liquid toner technology at drupa 2012, Xeikon has been working to commercialize the first digital press using Trillium technology and will present the brand-new Trillium One four-color press at drupa 2016. Capable of running at 60 meters (200 feet) per minute at 1200 dpi, with a print width of 500 mm (19.7 inches), it combines cost-effectiveness, high quality and speed for the ultimate in digital printing performance.

Trillium One is the missing link in the industry for high volume direct marketing materials and publishing such as catalogs. Many of these applications will also be demonstrated during the show. A Trillium theatre on the booth will also stage five live daily demos.

Xeikon will also present its unrivalled toner capabilities as part of production areas focused on labels, folding cartons and document & commercial printing. This includes its own-developed Tonnik, a liquid toner developed for Trillium One, that combines all the advantages of dry toner in a liquid format. Tonnik has a lot of potential for future developments, it will become the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical colorant for the digital printing industry.

For labels, the Xeikon CX3, which has seen more than 20 systems installed since its September 2015 launch, will be producing a broad array of applications with inline finishing. Its top speed of 30 m/min (98 ft/min) ensures it is the most productive five-color digital label press in its class.

Xeikon will also be showing its own developed digital diecutting unit for folding carton applications. This nearline flatbed unit was developed to enable customers to better complete in short run carton conversion with streamlined and responsive production.

Xeikon’s technology is steeped in innovation for the document market; and at drupa, the Xeikon 9800 will represent the latest developments. It can print on a wide range of untreated substrates ranging from 40gsm to 300gsm at a resolution of 1200x3600 with variable dot density for unmatched quality. Combined with the variable data capabilities of the Xeikon X-800 front-end, this press is perfectly suited for high-end direct marketing work. It will be shown in a roll-to-roll configuration to demonstrate economies and scale of production, with finishing by Xeikon Aura partner Hunkeler.

With Fusion Technology, Xeikon comes very close to a fully automated, unattended label and packaging production. It combines full-colour production printing with digital embellishment of labels and packaging in a single-pass, fully digital production process. It is comprised of a series of embellishment modules that will be released over time as components of an entirely new modular system with the digital front-end taking care of prepress, data processing, color management and press operation as well as full control and operation of all embellishment modules without any manual intervention. Potential modules include hot / cold foiling; screen prints; matte, gloss and structured flood and spot varnish; and digital Braille.

In response to customer requests for security features, anticounterfeiting and brand protection features, particularly for applications such as tax stamps and vouchers, Xeikon has incorporated a growing range of digital security printing features into its hardware and software. These include taggant marked spot color toner. Taggants are microscopic chemical markers that can be added to the substrate or the toner itself, to allow various forms of verification. They are already used for high security documents such as banknotes, identification documents and other valuable paper-based products.

Xeikon’s Services offering will be well represented at the booth, too, with Xeikon experts on hand to share advice on quality, productivity and technology. Xeikon services range from installation, setup and support to a range of Premium Services that includes training and education, color services and business development training and advice. Xeikon will be promoting the power of its long-established Aura partner program that brings all Xeikon partners together under a central umbrella. Customers benefit from a transparent overview of all tested and approved total solutions enabled through Xeikon’s extensive set of industry partners and rigorous certification process.

Mertens adds, “Aura gets stronger all the time and underscores the fact that we place great importance on helping our customers develop the most effective and efficient workflow process for their operational needs, whether components are manufactured by Xeikon or trusted partners. By partnering with the industry’s best, we can bring to market solutions that will benefit our customers, giving them the most efficient and effective workflow possible.”

Agfa Graphics to address opportunities for growth at drupa 2016 (Hall 8a/B62)

At a pre-drupa press conference hosted in its headquarters in Belgium, Agfa Graphics unveiled its plans for the upcoming drupa show in Düsseldorf. Agfa Graphics president Stefaan Vanhooren, said, “Print and print technology continue to play a crucial role despite the digitization of our daily lives.

Print volumes undoubtedly suffer in particular areas and applications (e.g. newspapers, magazines and some commercial jobs), yet they are still growing in packaging, wide-format and industrial applications, as well as in the emerging economies, generating plenty of business opportunities. And even in mature printing markets and regions, our innovative thinking and solutions enable our customers to always stay ahead.

As a leading player with a truly global footprint in the print markets, we invite visitors to drupa with the slogan ‘We Embody Print’, underlining our commitment to both the offset printing and the wide-format printing industry, while also opening doors to new print markets and applications in need of innovative solutions.” At drupa 2016, Agfa Graphics will present an overview of its product portfolio, which include ECO3.

In the field of offset printing, Agfa Graphics focuses on transforming technology into sustainable solutions that create value for its customers. The environmental impact of these solutions is an important factor, yet Agfa Graphics is taking this one step further by adding total cost of operations and convenience to the equation. ECO3 stands for Eco-friendly, Economic and Extremely Convenient. “With the introduction of the Azura printing plate in 2004, we pioneered chemistry-free prepress solutions; we are still the industry leader,” explained Joan Vermeersch, vice president Technology, Marketing & Business Development Prepress. “In the meantime, we also keep improving conventional systems to become more ECO3.” Recent improvements for chemistry-free applications include the Attiro VHS clean-out unit with the N95-VCF (violet chemistryfree) printing plates for the newspaper industry, the new Azura TU VLF chemistry-free plates for very large-format offset applications in combination with the new Azura CX150 clean-out unit, and the Azura TE direct-on-press plates, that feature image contrast as well as daylight stability and fast roll-up, and thus offer a tremendous advantage when going on press.

For drupa, Agfa Graphics also adds the Avalon N8-90 CtP to its family of thermal computer-to-plate systems, and the new Energy Elite Eco printing plate. With a best-in-class run length for no-bake positive thermal plates, the latter is both mechanically and chemically compatible with today’s needs in sheetfed and heatset applications. Also new on the booth will be the pallet loader for the high-end, automated Advantage newspaper CtP systems, and the Advantage N Essentials CtP series, which takes computer-to-plate technology for newspaper printers back to its essence while providing equal userfriendliness and reliability.

All Jeti and Anapurna wide-format solutions are designed in accordance with Agfa Graphics’ “matched components approach.” The Anapurna roll-to-roll and hybrid solutions will be driven by the Asanti workflow at the booth. So will the versatile Jeti Mira with the unique dockable roll-to-roll option and the highly productive Jeti Tauro, now for the first time in a ¾ automation line-up including the new automatic board feeder and unloading unit. The new Acorta 3120 HD, targeted at very thick or dense materials, completes the Acorta family of cutting plotters. Besides the new Apogee 10 and Arkitex Production 2.0, Agfa Graphics announced PrintSphere, offering print service providers a cloud-based solution for online data exchange. PrintSphere provides a standardized way to send and receive files including secure back-ups of production databases, all seamlessly integrated with the Apogee, Arkitex and Asanti workflow software.

Agfa Graphics will be present at the visionary Touchpoint Packaging in hall 12 with technology and software solutions for future packaging design, production, authentication and customization or personalization.

With its Eversify mobile content publishing software, Agfa Graphics addresses magazine and newspaper publishers that seek a solution to diversify their content to a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets) at any moment of the day – in an automated way. The SaaS solution can be integrated in any editorial, content management or InDesignÒ-based layout system. Eversify creates a world of possibilities for more interactive and engaging reader communication

Pre-drupa press conference in Belgium

The second pre-drupa press conference was held from March 16-18, 2016 at Bruges, Belgium by Duo media. Sonal Khurana, managing editor, Print & Publishing, brings a report.
Attendees to drupa are always eager to know what to expect at this biggest show of the printing and allied industries. Here’s a glimpse into a few more offerings at the show:

Esko, X-Rite Pantone, Enfocus and
MediaBeacon: Inspiration zones for better
packaging and print (Hall 8b/A23)

At drupa, Esko will be showcasing a wide range of innovations together with sister company X-Rite Pantone and subsidiaries Enfocus and MediaBeacon. The main part of their 900sq m stand will consist of six Inspiration Zones that will take visitors through each step of a typical packaging production workflow. Each zone features solutions and key innovations from exhibiting companies. The zones are: Brands, Specification & Briefing; Design; Artwork & Repro; Flexo Platemaking; Printing & Ink Management; and Finishing. Each Inspiration Zone features solutions and key innovations from exhibiting companies. In addition to these Inspiration Zones, Enfocus offerings will be present in the booth and Pantone will occupy a dedicated zone to display and sell its well-known Pantone guides and tools for colour inspiration and design.

Brands, Specification & Briefing Zone will focus on the holistic packaging production process from idea to shelf, connecting stakeholders such as brands, designers, premedia and converters; and At drupa, Esko will be showcasing a wide range of innovations together with sister company X-Rite Pantone and subsidiaries Enfocus and MediaBeacon. The main part of their 900sq m stand will consist of six Inspiration Zones that will take visitors through each step of a typical packaging production workflow. Each zone features solutions and key innovations from exhibiting companies. The zones are: Brands, Specification & Briefing; Design; Artwork & Repro; Flexo Platemaking; Printing & Ink Management; and Finishing. Each Inspiration Zone features solutions and key innovations from exhibiting companies. In addition to these Inspiration Zones, Enfocus offerings will be present in the booth and Pantone will occupy a dedicated zone to display and sell its well-known Pantone guides and tools for colour inspiration and design.

Brands, Specification & Briefing Zone will focus on the holistic packaging production process from idea to shelf, connecting stakeholders such as brands, designers, premedia and converters; and integrating with business systems such as MIS, ERP, PIM, MRM and Content Management. X-Rite will showcase new tools that allow brand owners to select and communicate colour so that it can be consistently achieved across multiple substrates, printing processes, and locations. Featured solutions include X-Rite’s PantoneLIVE digital colour management; Esko WebCenter for project management; and MediaBeacon, the digital asset management company acquired by Esko in 2015.

Design Zone will focus on creating designs that meet event the strictest brand owner’s specifications, quickly and accurately. Featured solutions include Pantone Color Guides (including the new Extended Gamut Guide), X-Rite CAPSURE, X-Rite i1Pro Solutions. ArtiosCAD structural design for packaging and displays, Cape Pack palletization software, Studio Visualizer for graphical packaging design in 3D and Studio Store Visualizer for hyper-realistic retail environment visualization.

Artwork & Repro Zone will focus on ways to produce print-ready artwork efficiently and avoid rework. The solutions showcased in this zone demonstrate how operations can address the larger number of smaller jobs running through prepress by better controlling and streamlining workflows. Among the showcased solutions in the Artwork & Repro Zone will be Esko WebCenter for online collaboration and approval on artwork, WebCenter Content Management, ArtPro+, the new native PDF prepress editor linked to Automation Engine workflow automation software.

Flexo Platemaking Zone will showcase how customers can take control of flexo plate production and achieve faster plate production turnaround times while delivering more consistent flexo plates. On display will be the most exciting innovation in flexo platemaking since the introduction of the CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager): a brand-new integrated flexo imaging and exposing solution, the CDI CRYSTAL 5080 XPS.

Printing and Ink Management Zone will present methods of dealing with the increased complexity of mixed printing environments (digital, flexo, gravure, offset) as well as achieving colour consistency across an ever-growing number of substrates and production locations. Featured solutions will include Esko Equinox software for Extended Gamut printing, X-Rite InkFormulation Software, PantoneLIVE Private Cloud, PantoneLIVE Rationalization Service, ColorCert, eXact Xp and IntelliTrax2.

Finishing Zone will focus on how companies can achieve increased throughput using digital finishing for packaging, sign and display applications. Kongsberg digital cutting solutions address a tangible throughput increase by integrating cutting tables with workflow software for production control.

Enfocus will have its own zone featuring its highly rated software solutions for PDF preflighting and editing and modular workflow automation, including the latest developments with Switch and PitStop and Connect. Enfocus will also show a number of Cloud integrations for their current integrations including PitStop Server subscriptions, Asset Syncing for Switch and a move towards HTML based user interfaces, in order to maximize flexibility and user experience for users. Enfocus experts will be on hand to explain how these solutions can deliver additional efficiencies to new as well as to its existing customers.

Last month, Enfocus announced the availability of the Enfocus Appstore, a co-creation platform where users and developers of EnfocusSwitch could share their knowledge and work. At drupa 2016, Enfocus will be demonstrating the range of flows that can be created using apps from this community-created resource (Hall 08b, A23). The Switch Community is comprised of Switch specialists – including users, integrators and Channel Partners – from around the globe. At the Enfocus Appstore, users can access applications that were developed by this vital community. Users can view information for each available app, including details about the app, compatibility and version information, the name of the creator, screenshots and a link to the support offered by the creator. If a user is interested in an app, he or she can download it and try it free for one month. If he or she likes the application, it can be purchased on a subscription basis. At drupa, Enfocus will provide demonstrations of solutions that are based entirely on the apps that have come from the Enfocus Appstore. In the Pantone store in the booth, designers, prepress and print professionals will be able to explore and purchase the latest Pantone Color Guides and other tools and publications for colour inspiration and design.

Next generation CHILI publish solutions
to debut at drupa 2016 (Hall 7a/F40)

At drupa, CHILI publish will demonstrate how its innovation and market development efforts have resulted in two significant advances for the company: CHILI publisher 5.0 and revolutionary PDF rendering solution called CHILI rendro. On top of showcasing the latest technology, CHILI publish will also share new details on expanded partnerships and provide real-world stories of how their solutions have enabled customer success. Kevin Goeminne, CEO, CHILI publish, says, “When we came to drupa in 2012, we were a young, entrepreneurial company with an innovative solution that we believed would be revolutionary.

Since then, we have grown in every way possible. While we enter drupa 2016 as a larger, more successful organization, we still hold the same commitment to innovation and growth as we did in 2012.”

CHILI rendro fundamentally improves how PDFs are rendered, giving users the most meticulous rendering, streaming and 3D viewing of PDF’s onto any platform that supports the HTML5 canvas. When files require urgent approval, consultation or editing, CHILI rendro ensures there are no barriers to fast, accurate communication and collaboration.

The company will also showcase CHILI publisher 5.0, the next generation of its online editor. This release includes a range of new features, including a new user interface that aligns with the way users are editing documents today. CHILI publisher 5.0 also includes support for Asian languages, reflecting the company’s expansion into the Asian marketplace.

Moreover, CHILI publish will be kicking off a “Spicy Stars” campaign that highlights stories of customers who have used CHILI publisher to grow their operations.

CHILI publish is a company that was founded on innovation. Its ongoing investment in research and development – combined with indepth market knowledge – has resulted in the creation of the cutting edge solutions that will be on display at drupa, where the company will debut CHILI rendro.

Omni-presence of Cerm at
partner booths (Hall 17)

At drupa, Cerm will demonstrate that their solution is more than MIS and drives the complete automation for narrow web printing. During the event Cerm will show its community engagement through partnerships with exhibiting industry leaders like Chili Publish, ESKO, Heidelberg - Gallus, HP, Xeikon and many others.

Cerm will release an important new versions of its digital shopfront Web4Labels. Based upon the remarks of the W4L user group, Cerm decided to entirely re-engineer the existing tool from scratch. Responsive Web Design will enable the use of any device: mobile phone, tablet, portable or desktop computers. Flexible information grids will give the printer the possibility to customize the information for every individual customer. These features will lower the threshold for customers to participate in the printers’ workflow via the Web.

Since Heidelberg acquired Cerm in 2011, they rebranded the Cerm software as Prinect Business Manager to make it an integrated part of the Prinect Software Suite for the offset market. This intensive collaboration has lead to two new products, shown at drupa. Next to the interface to the LabelFire 340 DFE, including a 1-up workflow, there is a new automated ganging functionality where both MIS and Prinect Prepress are communicating intensively to obtain the best possible ‘ganged’ imposition for Wet Glue Labels, printed on sheets. Brussels, Belgium-based Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, will showcase a full range of flexographic printing plate solutions to Drupa 2016.

Asahi Photo products focuse on
quality flexo printing (Hall 11/A60)

Asahi will be showing their full portfolio of flexo plate solutions as well as some exciting new products. Asahi offers a full range of flexographic plates featuring pinning technology for clean transfer. This has been engineered to transfer all remaining ink to the print substrate due to the photopolymer plates having a lower surface energy than other plates on the market. Not only does this deliver stunning graphic quality, but it also improves overall production efficiencies due to reduced makeready waste and fewer press wash-ups.

Some of the new products at drupa will include a new AFP-DCV digital flexo plate, designed to produce Deep ColourVibrance prints for water- and solvent-based inks in flexible packaging applications. Deep ColourVibrance is delivered by using a unique polymer solution, giving the best balance between highlight dots and deep vibrant colours within one plate.

There will also be a new AWP-DEW plate solution, incorporating the renowned quality properties of AWP DEF plates with the addition of a faster plate processing speed, making this plate ideal for larger format flexible packaging operations with higher plate throughput. It has the same consistent plate dimensional stability vital for fixed colour palette printing, delivering significant quality and benefits of overall equipment effectiveness.

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