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HMX-Ambiator provides comfort to the DNA Indore printing area

Printing facilities across the country are trying their best to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for their employees. Dainik Bhaskar Group in Indore was struggling with high heat in summer months, until HRX-Ambiator was installed at their facility. D B Corp Limited, informally known as the Dainik Bhaskar Group, is the largest print media company in India. It is well known for its flagship Hindi daily newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, its Gujarati daily newspaper Divya Bhaskar, and its Marathi daily newspaper, Dainik Divya Marathi, as well as other publications such as Business Bhaskar, Saurashtra Samachar, DB Star and DNA.


The group had set up a new newspaper printing facility in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to publish the popular English daily, DNA. The new facility was built on an area of approximately 4,000 ft² with a height of 40 feet.

Indore is a hot and dry city where the temperature soars up to 45 °C in summer. To add to the woes of the staff working there, the sensible heat load inside the newly constructed facility was a staggering 1,700,000 BTU/h. In spite of these conditions, the management wanted to maintain a maximum temperature of 30 °C inside the facility during the peak summer season. This was an extremely difficult condition to achieve keeping in mind the searing heat outside and the heat load inside the facility.


On the basis of the heat load calculation, an air conditioning system of 142 tonnes was required to maintain a temperature lower than 30°C inside the facility. This solution was rejected because of the high capital as well as operational expenditure involved.

D B Corp Limited was already using HMX-Ambiators at their printing facility at Mhape in Navi Mumbai, which is an installation of close to 0.3 million CFM. It was highly satisfied with the performance of the units even during the peak summer season.

Keeping the high internal heat load and the high ambient temperatures in mind and the satisfactory experience with the HMX-Ambiators, the management decided to go for the HMX solutions to provide comfortable working conditions inside the facility at Indore. HMX suggested that a total of 80,000 CFM would be required to maintain the desired condition inside. Accordingly, 2 x 40000 CFM HMX-Ambiators was installed at the facility.


The two HMX-Ambiators were installed and commissioned and temperature readings recorded inside the facility showed that the temperature could be maintained in the range of 26-27 °C.

The management of DNA, Indore, was happy with the performance of the HMX-Ambiators. According to Sharad Patil, general manager – maintenance and facilities, this solution has proved to be perfect for them as they got what they were looking for from a cooling solution with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Impressed by the performance of the HMX-Ambiators at Indore, the management of DNA went ahead and replaced their existing air washer units at Ahmedabad and Jaipur with these systems.

About HMX

HMX, a business unit of ATE, designs and manufactures unique, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling for the industrial and commercial sectors, using its patented and highly successful DAMA technology. The product range includes the HMX-Ambiator, and the fresh air pre-cooling units, HMX-PCU-F and HMX-PCU-R. With an installation base of 20 million CFM covering more than 4 million ft2 all over India, HMX is making fast strides in providing eco-friendly cooling solutions for people and process comfort.

TGS India to exhibit Taiwanese converting machines live at PRINTPACK India 2017

A mega attraction from Techno Graphic Services India Pvt Ltd (TGS India) at PRINTPACK India 2017 will be the presentation of a line of high-end converting machines from Taiwan, among which a high-speed film-laminating machine from Wen Chyuan and an automatic die-cutter from SBL will be exhibited live at the company’s stall (F35-37) in Hall 10. Other Taiwanese companies which TGS India is representing at the expo include Golden Tec Machinery, Chen Chin, Tai Min and Win Shine. Hyderabad-based TGS India is an authorised partner of a host of reputed Taiwanese post-press machine manufacturers. The company has chosen the PRINTPACK India 2017, which is organising from February 04-08 at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR), to present and demonstrate some of the high-end converting machineslive. “We take the opportunity of our participation in the landmark expo to demonstrate two of our versatile machines physically, showing their competencies and suitability in the Indian packaging market,” says Muralidhar Nalli, Managing Director, TGS India.

Live demos

Muralidhar NalliOf the two machines showing live at the stall of TGS India in PRINTPACK India 2017, first is Wen Chyuan’s high-speed automatic film laminating machine, KYEK-82DK. This versatile laminating machine is designed for water-based adhesive and thermal materials. Perfectly engineered and designed in an appropriate size of 820x820mm, KYEK-82DK is capable to accept sheets ranging from 100 to 500 gsm at the speed of 60m/min. According to Muralidhar Nalli, this Wen Chyuan machine is most suitable for mid-size commercial and packaging printers in India; featured with a flying knife system, which makes it suitable for all kinds of films—be it BOPP, PET, metalized sheet or others in the category.

The second machine demonstrating physically by TGS India at its stall in the expo is an automatic die-cutting machine from SBL – 1050 SE (New Version) with stripping. “This SBL machine we are showing is an upgraded version of SBL-1050SE,” mentions Muralidhar Nalli, adding that the machine is of 750x1050 mm in size with an added stripping feature and it is capable to run at the speed of 8000 sheets/hour. In addition, the machine’s non-stop feeding device and delivery station can ensure continuing production.

Others on display

Not physically, but in full gambit of advantageous features, TGS India is presenting exclusive salient features of another range of converting machines from a league of popular Taiwanese post-press machine manufacturers, namely, Golden Tec Machinery, Chen Chin, Tai Min and Win Shine. “Golden Tec Machinery is a highly reputed manufacturer of high-speed roll-to-sheet and cut-to-register sheeting machines which have been adopted by a number of leading paper companies in Taiwan,” mentions Anil Kumar K, Director, TGS India, adding that Chen Chin, on the other side, manufactures high-quality automatic sheet-fed gravure printing and sheet-embossing machines.

Anil Kumar KWin Shine, which TGS India has been partnered for dealership, is another Taiwanese manufacturer of converting machines designed for making paper food containers. Further, Tai Min is yet another partner of TGS India, known for producing post-press binding equipments. Full details of these companies and their machine catalogues will be presented in an exclusive way during PRINTPACK India 2017.

“In addition to the live demonstrations and catalogue presentations of the Taiwanese machines, we will also arrange one-to-one interactions for trade visitors with representatives from Taiwan at our stall,” says Anil Kumar. He states that the discussion with the Taiwanese representatives will give trade visitors an opportunity to know the technical and commercial prospects of the machines. TGS India is planning to announce some attractive offers for the visitors during the expo.

Apart from their dealership of an extensive spectrum of post-press converting machines, TGS India engages in pre-press domain too, through their sister concern DigiFlex, which deals in high-quality digital flexo plates for offset/flexo/notebook/corrugation/non-woven/plastic bag, etc from highly reputed international brands. For further details, log on to:

Two Indians win the 2016 Annual Scodix Design Awards

The vast acceptance and widespread application of Scodix digital enhancement is reflected by more than double the number of entries for this year’s Annual Scodix Design Awards competition. Aakruti Digi Press and Redin Digi Press from India won the awards in different categorise. Scodix has recently announced the winners of the company’s annual Scodix Design Awards competition. With submissions from users worldwide, a distinguished panel of judges rated submissions for design quality, production complexity, and overall appearance. User submissions not only set a new standard for outstanding in their application, but covered a who’s who gamut of global brands, including BMW, Citroen, Jeep, Puma, KIA and Heineken, as well as several notable magazines and financial institutions.

“The creativity and application of our digital enhancement tools evolve exponentially every year, and it never ceases to amaze us. Our annual awards simply showcase the applied wizardry, though the real winners are our user’ clients on a global scale. Our vision has been realized, as now we can proudly say that Scodix digital enhancement is now both a production necessity and a recognizable difference maker in today’s demanding marketplace,” notes Scodix CEO Roy Porat.

And the winners are…

This year’s applicants displayed work that represented every continent and just about every segment of the market, including direct mail, product packaging, fine arts, and commercial printing. This contest is crafted to identify the most creative work produced, by Scodix customers using Scodix Digital Print Enhancement technology.

All of the submitted entries projected professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power and potential impact of the Scodix post-press enhancement tools. The best of the best in the four defined categories this year are:

General Commercial Printing (GCP)

First Place
Project Name: Retro Style Calendar
Company: Best Box
Country: Armenia
More info: The client, one of the oldest banks in Armenia, requested a calendar in retro style which specifies the bank’s historical characteristic. Scodix gave Best Box the opportunity to bring the project to life. The result was the conversion of simple paper to take on the appearance of a grooved vinyl disc.

Second Place
Project Name: Catalog Multiply SENSES
Company: Estudio Grafico 21
Country: Portugal
More info: This self-promotion piece was created briefly after the acquisition of Scodix machines to promote new-found capabilities. Offset printing combined with cold stamping and varnish elevate this project to a three-dimensional eye-catcher, to the delight and surprise of the firm’s industry partners. Transmitting sensations that are both visually and physically appealing, the project quickly and successfully touted the company’s new 3D digital resources.

Folding Carton / Packaging

First Place
Project Name:
Mont Castle package
Aakruti Digipress
Country: India

Second Place
Project Name: Stocking Packaging
Company: Saehan D&P
Country: South Korea
Background Information: The designer reinterpreted famous Korean traditional folk painting by renowned artist Shin Yun-Bok to create attractive and remarkable stocking packages. Applying a modern viewpoint, the packages not only captures attention but also increases the firm’s competitiveness in domestic as well as international markets.


First Place
Project Name: ABC Children Book
Company: Redin Digi Press
Country: India
More info: Printed on an HP Indigo 5600 printer with Technova (E-Photo Luster) paper, this elementary teaching tool comes alive with enhanced images and text that not only captures the child’s imagination but make the experience memorable through the magic of Scodix.

Second Place
Project Name: Children Book
Company: Prime Rate Country: Hungary
More info: Whoever said never judge a book by its cover never saw this cover. Produced with various Scodix enhancements, this children book cover screams “look at me!” With the cover’s dinosaur fully embossed and varnished, success is in the eye of both the parent and the child. And the fact that the client (Edition Zaubernuss of Germany) reprinted twice is further evidence its effect and buying impact simply works.


First Place
Project Name: Business Card with Foil
Company: Cards & Systems Solutions
Country: Mexico
More info: Business Cards represent a person’s first impression or their lasting leave-behind. Either way, their reputation is accentuated with the dazzle of Scodix digital enhancements making every card sparkle for attention.

Second Place
Project Name: Sense on Sense Pomegranate Poster
Company: Cherry Pie
Country: Russia
More info: The collaboration of digital printing and Scodix enhancement further enhances even the most dynamic of wall posters. Making subjects pop and come alive from a traditional 2D medium, not only confuses passerby’s, but demands their inspection and wonderment, making the poster a real attention grabber.

AIFMP elects new office bearers for 2016-17

Two mutual agreements inked with Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai)
Following the annual meeting, All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) has recently announced its family of newly elected office bearers headed by the president Prof Kamal Chopra. Besides regular activities, the federation is planning to develop fruitful networking relations with member printers and other strategies. Representing a host of 250,000 members (printers) located across the length and breadth of the country, AIFMP is one and only apex body of the Indian printing industry and it’s perhaps the world’s largest printing association too. “Printing industry is globally one of the largest and fastest growing sectors with a capital investment of US$83 billions,” mentioned Prof Kamal Chopra, adding that the country boasts of printing presses of all sizes that include commercial digital printers. He revealed that the federation is open to all for membership including commercial digital printers, which currently comprise three percent.

As per an industry source, Indian printing industry provides direct employment to more than 1.5 million people and 4.5 million indirectly. In this, according to Prof Kamal, the industry is now surging to garner Rs 374 billion by the end of 2018. Even though the federation has many goals, its main fields of concentration after the recent election of new office bearers are on networking, government recognition programmes, promotional activities, print education, among others.

“In the term 2016-17, we are planning to develop an absolute networking with all the printers and allied associations, not only India but the world over,” announced Prof Kamal. He added that it would help them to create a common platform for all. In order to create awareness of the industry, AIFMP is planning to approach the government for proper recognition of the industry. “We are also planning to approach the UNO and UNESCO, even to declare ‘24 February’ every year as ‘International Printers Day’,” he said.

Under the banner ‘Romancing Print’, Prof Kamal asserted that AIFMP would plan to organise the conference in four regional zones under the aegis of the federation’s regional vice presidents. “Printing is the mother of all inventions; and the history of printing is the history of civilisation. Noting this, we are planning to launch a campaign to persuade printers to be ‘proud of being in the profession’,” appealed Prof Kamal. In another key move, AIFMP has arranged a collaboration programme between Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) and three Indian universities for free education to brilliant students from the country (India).

Mutual agreements

AIFMP has signed two mutual agreements with Reed Exhibitions, a leading international event organiser with a growing portfolio of 500 events across 41 countries, for new ventures in the realm of ‘Make in India’ initiative. Through this collaboration, according to Prof Kamal, AIFMP will invite Chinese machine manufacturers to produce their products in the plants of their Indian counterparts. “We are excited about our collaboration with AIFMP, which we expect that it will give us an opportunity to explore the growing Indian printing market,” mentioned Keith Ma, senior marketing communication executive, Reed Exhibitors.

Felicitation ceremony

Welcoming the newly elected office bearers, AIFMP organised a felicitation programme in New Delhi which was hosted by Greater Delhi Master Printers Association (GDMPA). Hundreds of print professionals as well as others from the allied sectors thronged the event. As a chief guest, Vijay Kumar Chopra, chief executive and editor-in-chief of Punjab Kesari and ex-president of AIFMP, encouraged the new office bearers, uplifting their spirit to carry the industry forward.

The newly elected league of AIFMP’s office bearers include: Kamal Chopra (president); Anand V Limaye (general secretary); Dalip Tuli (general secretary); Arun Gupta (VP-north); Sandip Kumar Sanyal (VP-east); CD Kumaravel (VP-south); and Rajendra Jain (VP-west). The event was well coordinated by Satish Malhotra, moderator and ex president of AIFMP.

What’s next?

AIFMP is the organisers of the popular printing trade expo PAMEX in India, whose very next edition is scheduled from December 18-21, 2017.

Heidelberg clearly increases
net result in the second quarter

During the second quarter (July 1 to September 30, 2016) of financial year 2016-2017, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) significantly increased its operating result compared to the previous year, as previously envisaged, and also achieved a clearly positive net result after taxes. After the first six months, the result was still below the previous year’s figures due to sales and the costs associated with the drupa trade show. However, as a result of drupa, incoming orders (up around 6 percent) and the order backlog (up 19 percent) were increased significantly. The Group has thus created a sound basis on which to achieve its targets for the year as a whole.

As announced, sales and the result in the second quarter were much better than in the previous quarter of the current financial year. Net sales thus rose by 100 million compared to the first quarter to 586 million (previous year: 599 million). Total sales up to the half-year point were 1.072 billion (previous year: 1.162 billion). Thanks to strong demand at drupa, incoming orders for the first six months were up around 6 percent on the previous year’s figure (1.323 billion) at 1.408 billion, while the order backlog at 765 million was even some 19 percent higher (previous year 644 million). As a result, Heidelberg has a good starting base for achieving the anticipated significant sales growth in the second half of the year.

Thanks to solid incoming orders and the increase in the order backlog, Heidelberg has its sights set firmly on its year-end targets for 2016/2017. The portfolio expansion in rapidly developing markets, possible acquisitions and the drupa industry trade show will substantially affect sales performance in the financial year 2016/2017 and the years ahead. The investment priorities in the areas of digitalization, digital printing and services are expected to contribute to an average sales growth of up to 4 percent per year.

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