Sujata Ghosh: contributing with the art of calligraphy

Revivifying an ailing branch of graphic arts enhancing its applications With applications of ‘calligraphy’, new wonders may be created significantly in the graphic arts industry. There are a few dedicated artists in India who are professionally offering their services to make lot of conventional print products beautiful with decorative handwriting. One such artist is Sujata Ghosh who ably provides calligraphically designed and written book covers, wrappers, certificates, citations, quotations, wedding invites, monograms and much more. Admittedly, it’s time of perfection to mark outstanding success in any sphere of life. To achieve prestige in the graphic art, a sort of fine arts, encompassing a wide range of art forms, including typography, lithography, serigraphy, calligraphy, bindery, photography, etc, one unavoidably needs to be connoisseur of the genre, like Sujata Ghosh. “The art of calligraphy is God gifted to me, and with the passage of time it became my hobby. Without getting any formal training, I relentlessly endeavoured to bring perfection to my skills in this art through continued practices,” reveals Sujata, a prudent artist of quiet sedate nature, in conversation with Ajeet Singh, asst editor, Print & Publishing.

Revivifying an ailing art

Sujata Ghosh with her daughter Nupur in Leh Jammu & Kashmir.Like many arts and concepts, ‘calligraphy’ - an art of fancy lettering, presented in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner - is also one of the ailing branches of graphic arts due to diminishing vogue of penmanship. However, there are still a few artists who continue preserving and revivifying it, striving to enhance its applications in a range of products which are mostly dominated by advanced printing technologies and processes. “With application of the art of calligraphy, the wonders may be created significantly in the graphic art industry. Being dedicated to professionally contribute to this industry, I always render my best in making lot of conventional print products beautiful with my art of decorative handwriting. Such products include calligraphically designed and written book covers, wrappers, packages, labels, certificates, citations, quotations, wedding invites, insignias, logos, monograms and much more,” mentioned Sujata, “Imbibing calligraphic skills with graphic design, I have so far contributed many book covers to the book publishing industry, through Oxford Press, Sterling Publishers, etc.”

Passionate calligrapher

Passionately skilled in penmanship, Sujata avowedly reckons herself with artists rather than being a professional. “Initially, I was not willing to commercialize my calligraphic skills, but being analyzing my work, most of my well-wishers encouraged me to offer this service professionally,” she divulged, adding, “Despite being a college student, my daughter - Nupur is also equally passionate to learn calligraphy, and her skills in this stream are well appreciated. Seeing such a passion in young generation, it can observingly be said that the art of calligraphy shall survive for long even in the era of technology-driven world.”

“Undoubtedly, technology can facilitate your work, but it can not make you creative enough in real sense. Still I am not so computer-friendly, and think that becoming increasingly dependent on computer reduces our natural creativity. What computer can not do we can create differently through calligraphic art vibrantly,” opined this expert calligrapher.

Precious treasure…

“Collection of pen and stationary has been passion for me since childhood. Most of my pocket money would go for this sort of spending. Whoever asked my choice for gift, I always prefer pen. Even from abroad, my relatives and well wishers bring pens for me. That’s why collection of pens and stationary is the most precious treasure for me,” concluded Sujata having optimistic approach to business potentials in calligraphy.

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