Curtain raises on ISD 2012 Expo

Unfolding latest products and technologies in signage and beyond… Characteristics of India Sign + Digital (ISD) 2012 can be defined as a show which would bring all possibilities in the world of signage and beyond. This expo which debuted last year with an insightful focus on innovative signage products, technologies and services has grown its spectrum of coverage with newer applications based on the current trends surfacing productively with respect to the contemporary market segments. Here is a glimpse of the major attractions of this expo executing from October 29-31, 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Occupying an exhibition floor measuring 5,500 sq m in the Hall 12A of Pragati Maidan under its objective to attract around 10,000 visitors, India Sign + Digital (ISD) 2012 Expo is designed to provide visitors from all across the country with access to innovative products, technologies, applications and other interactive programmes tailored to specific market trends and requirements. This three-day trade exhibition is witnessing different aspects of applications coming out of large-format digital printing, outdoor signage, garment decoration, vehicle wraps, screen printing, wall arts, etc.

Flatbed focus

Among the myriad of products and technologies which include arrays of large-format printers, CNC routers, laser engraver, medias, print finishing equipments, glow signs… UV flatbed printers cast as a key exhibit at this second edition of ISD Expo. A unique reason behind such spotlight on flatbeds at the expo is that the printers are considerably a most sought-after weapon for those looking forward to pave new business path to the domains of in-shop displays, branding, fabrications and other related activities in the retail world.

Retail sector is indeed a productive landscape these days where PSPs who have never been landed upon would always want to explore it for fresh business. Some of the exhibitors showcasing an impressive range of flatbed printers during the three-day ISD 2012 include Hewlett Packard (HP), Dilli, A-Jet, AGFA, Caldron, EFI Rastek, Infinity, Roland, Monotech, Britomatics, etc.

FDI opportunities

New investment in a flatbed printer or upgrading the existing portfolio with such a printer these days is a wise decision for PSPs who really want to tap the business opportunities emerging in the Indian retail sector. As long as the government has allowed 51 percent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail in the country’s retail sector, there is nothing doubtful about new business opportunities for those PSPs, sign makers, fabricators and material suppliers whose activities are closely involved into in-shop/in-store branding, displays, etc. Keeping such important aspects of the current market scenario in mind, SS Events has set ISD Expo 2012 as a strategic platform where PSPs can decide upon their choices of UV flatbed printers from the arrays of exhibits.

Catch them LIVE!

A visit to the ISD 2012 cannot be considered a complete trip unless dropping in at the expo’s Live Experience Zones where flourish fresh fervours this year with the addition of three new zones, viz. ScreenExpression Zone, CeramicPrint Zone and NarrowFormat Zone. These three new zones add fresh thrills to the existing WallArt Zone, WrapperZone, TextileTemptation Zone and Events&Show Zone.

Newly introduced ScreenExpression Zone is a ‘live’ experience corner where one can grasp a new business opportunity of the expanding possibilities of screen printing in the present market scenario. On the other hand, the newly added CermicPrint Zone is also a preferred spot to witness customised bath, kitchen and other applications. And NarrowFormat Zone, no doubt, is a groundbreaking new zone which underlines novel prospects of print-on-demand digital printing for photo books, event collaterals, etc, which really can be a fresh business prospect along the large-format business of several PSPs.

Mixed crowd

Swarming crowd at ISD 2012 would be from 23 key market segments, which include PSPs, ad agencies, architects, fleet service providers, outdoor media, commercial printers, copy shops/repro houses, corporate/business signage, print users, etc. As per the traffic recorded during the previous edition of the expo, visitors could be segregated as per the regions wherefrom they had been poured in. The crowd consisting of visitors from north India (48%), south India (15%), west India (13%), central India (11%), east India (9%) and overseas (4%) is expected to be bigger this year.

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