Pramod Engineering demonstrates G-30 Glory side gathering machine

-also set to launch 670 mm saddle stitcher targeting notebook application

During an open house held recently at their manufacturing facility near Delhi, Pramod Engineering demonstrated highlighted features of the new G-30 Glory side gathering machine, designed, devised and built for Italy-based Edis Publishing and Packaging House. The company presented the demonstration of G-30 just a day before its shipment to Bengaluru where the Italian publishing and packaging house is setting up their production facility for binding and finishing cricket related literature, tickets etc. Apart from the august attendees including existing clients of Pramod and the prospects, president of Delhi Printers’ Association (DPA) alongwith other office bearers were also present to closely examine the performance of this state-of-the-art machine in working mode.

Enumerating key features of the machine, Divesh Nath and Rohit Nath, directors of Pramod Engineering pointed out, “This kind of machine has been built with indigenous R&D first time in India, rather we should say in entire south East Asia. With 15 meter length, this machine will prove most economical, productive and time–saver in production with high-efficiency side gathering solution for multiple-signature publications/products. The machine is designed to pick-up folded bible-paper forms besides 60 gsm to 130 gsm substrates.”

Apart from collating printed forms, G-30 Glory machine can collect single sheets of 60 gsm+ substrates. It is suitable for 35 gsm to 100 gsm folded signatures, and 8 pages to 32 pages signatures (maximum size of the signature is: 310 mm X 280 mm. The machine can run up to 5,000 collected books, magazines, catalogues, annual reports, etc per hour. It also features an option of online wire stitching of up to one inch, with wire from 21 to 26 gauge. The book blocks can then be put up for prefect binding or needle thread sewing.

“To maintain international standard and quality of our machines, we have concentrated in the manufacturing of 95 percent components of G-30 Glory side gathering machine in-house at our state-of-the-art facility which is equipped with latest CNC machines,” conveyed Divesh.

“We are also on the threshold of launching 670 mm Saddle Stitcher in next couple of weeks’ time, targeted to the notebook industries. It will be coupled with on line 3-knife trimmer which can have even 5-knife option. The commercial trial of the new in-line 3-knife trimmer has succeeded. The introduction of this machine will substantially cut down on the cost of manufacturing and conserve time,” divulged Rohit.

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