Xerox enables to enter digital arena within most affordable budget!

There has always been an investment constraint to enter digital arena by existing commercial printers or new entrants altogether specifically if acquiring the printers of reputed brands. Based on the level of investment, one also wants to be fully assured as regards to ROI as well. Pankaj Kalra, head-graphic communications business, Xerox India reveals the possibilities to go digital in a much flexible manner, in a brief conversation with SK Khurana, editor-Print & Publishing, on the sidelines of recently concluded Interprint Expo. Today, everyone is debating on the future of conventional printing as well as the acceptability of digital printing, popularly termed as ‘print on demand’. On all fronts whether in expos, seminars, conferences, within India or overseas, trends going ahead in the particular direction are being evaluated by many research institutes, and conveyed via specific reports. The stability of technologies being developed and offered; particular model of equipments going obsolete are yet another issues, apart from a key issue of scalability possible in digital platforms. Then there have been salient features which mostly become limiting factors to decide either way when there is a time to take the decision.

What Pankaj talks about all these factors, is enumerated here under. “It is very easy to take up ‘entry level’ mode by investing around Rs 35 lakh and acquiring world renowned Xerox’s printers (B/W as well as colour) D-95 and C560. This is perhaps the best combination as regard to one time investment as well as the regular running cost of per page printing. The applications possible with this kind of setup does not limit to its users. Books on demand, catalogues, photobooks, project reports, etc are the best and equally remunerative, which can be efficiently produced with this set of machines.”

“For existing offset printers, particularly with small setup, this kind of digital initiative may go a long way to expand in the months/years to come. There have been many examples, where ‘copy shops’ opting for entry level equipments eventually end up reaching top of the line equipments getting installed in their premises. Such companies’ turnover and varied applications have been growing day in and day out. To them, availing the benefits of ‘variable data’ has been yet another revenue earner. Such applications include: financial statements, utility bills, certificates, dividend warrants, direct mailers, etc,” said Pankaj Kalra.

During the print event (Interprint Expo), digital printers displayed at Xerox stand included: brand new launch of D-95 (B/W) and C7800 (colour). The best use of the applications goes for commercial proofing, pre-press, book printing and photo-books. Handling of substrates of different varieties is yet another important feature which makes Xerox digital printing machines a preferred choice of print process. Such substrates include: coated/non- coated papers, textured, non tearable and self adhesive in nature, etc. Out of the above 70-80 percent substrates even do not require any pre treatment for getting best print quality. Multiple trays for feeding papers of different varieties/gsm enable no drop in productivity.

Another important offering from Xerox is online finishing options, facilitating faster delivery of jobs to end users. Continuous research and development by Xerox has always been enabling to produce energy saving equipments, thus saving in plenty on power consumption.

To achieve the benefits of today’s power of IT technologies, software like imposition, trapping, profiling and colour control are also being offered so as to increase productivity, reduce wastage, enhance quality, etc. As per Pankaj Kalra, though all the above features are very technical, but Xerox offers all these in user friendly mode, helping printers to adopt all these very conveniently.

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