Canon India scores 100 in imagePRESS C7010VP installations

Recent installation of their imagePRESS C7010VP at Dharam Reprographics in New Delhi has marked Canon India’s 100th delivery of the widely accepted press in the country. The historic inauguration of the machine was unveiled by Dr Alok Bharadwaj, senior vice president, Canon India Pvt Ltd in presence of a flock of eminent guests. Print & Publishing editor, SK Khurana writes about the momentous occasion of Canon India which makes Dharam Reprographics a prestigious customer of imagePRESS C7010VP.
Overjoyed with the 100th installation of imagePRESS C7010VP, Dr Alok Bharadwaj expressed his immense pride of the achievement accomplished in a span of fifty six months. He mentioned that the company’s venture into this new domain of imagePRESS platform has been a continued focus and customers’ delight. “Acceptance level of imagePRESS C7010VP among our customers is emphatically immense as they are well-versed in deriving out of the machine,” admitted Dr Alok.

Dr Alok remarked the applications of imagePRESS C7010VP being quite favourable to Indian customers. Amazingly, India has the highest installations of imagePRESS C7010VP in Asia, beating the continent’s two big markets of Japan and China. Introduced in the year 2007, imagePRESS C7010VP, Canon has leveraged its foundations in imaging excellence to build this high-end machine, which has made a financial commitment to the challenging production in the contemporary printing market.
“We have installed 100 imagePRESS C7010VP machines in 56 months. But our next target is to double the current installation rate as we are planning to deliver another 100 machines in the coming 25 months,” said Dr Alok adding that Canon India finds north India surging ahead of other regions as of now. He instanced the ever growing printing hub like Nehru Place in New Delhi as a big allurement which pulls huge number of customers across the capital city and cross border destinations like UP, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc.
Peerless productions
Canon India’s 100th imagePRESS C7010VP at Dharam Reprographics is the latter’s 5th such machines installed at their separate production units. “We never expected imagePRESS C7010VP would help us boost our production volume in an unbelievable aspect,” said Virendra Kasana of Dharam Reprographics. He added that the newly adopted imagePRESS C7010VP has delivered 2.3 lakh prints since its installation in July 2012. On their other four such presses they have taken out over 60 lakh prints. Canon imagePRESS C7010VP handles a variety of media weights and types upto 13x19.2 inch in size and 60 gsm to 325 gsm in weight.
Puneet Datta, assistant director- Production Printing Division, Canon India said, “Apart from being a milestone installation, our delivery of the 100th imagePRESS C7010VP to Dharam Reprographics’ Okhla unit was filled with full of challenges. The company’s production unit is set at a height of over 26 feet in the second floor of the building. This is a record installation of the 800 kg imagePRESS C7010VP ever done to such height in India.”
Roads ahead
Milestone achievement of Canon India’s 100 imagePRESS C7010 VP deliveries is a continuing triumph to redefine performance and expectations of its customers including print professionals of commercial printers, print-on-demand print shops, etc. “Even though the market is prevailing under tough economic situation of rupee depreciation against dollar value, we have been adjusting the circumstance with gradual growth and mutual relations to our customers who show immense trust and faith in Canon products and service,” said Dr Alok.
While talking about new big things which Canon India has in pipeline, Dr Alok mentioned about mono-production press to be introduced for book printing segment, which he bracketed as a promisingly growing segment in a big way. In India, demand for digital print landscape is now growing at 25 percent CAGR, witnessing 30 percent growth in the first half of 2012.

Largest facility
“Dharam Reprographics, along with its sister companies, becomes the largest facility producing maximum number of prints in India using Canon digital presses.”
—Dr Alok Bharadwaj

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