Kumbhat Holographics: catering niche market of high security holograms

Holograms, ask for Kumbhat. It is now an established fact that ‘hologram’ is synonymous with Kumbhat. Once you travel by trains, you cannot miss the Kumbhat Holograms message staring at you. Shanti Kumbhat, president, Kumbhat Holographics, explained all about holograms to D Ramalingam of P&P. Excerpts.

Located in Rattan Bazar, old town flower trading area of Chennai, Kumbhat Complex, a standing majestic cannot be missed, holding Kumbhat Group of Companies specialised in electronics and electrical products. Kumbhat Electrical Pvt Ltd was established by Shanti Kumbhat in 1947 and a few years later they took up the holograms manufacturing, after studying the nitty-gritty of this technology. With their constant endeavours to stride ahead, Kumbhat Holograms has made rapid strides in last thirteen years. In an engaging briefing, Shanti Kumbhat told all about holograms one can ask for, what, why and where?

What is hologram?

In nutshell, hologram is a high security seal, featuring a high tech optical lens recording 3D image. It bears multiple layers of impressions of the customised artwork. Along with high security features, it demonstrates multiple images reconstructed in one image. Holograms have complete parallax and depth of field due to huge refraction of light. The image seems to float in space behind/in front of the 2D recording image. Different cross sections of the image can be seen along different directions when viewed at the correct angle of light. Its dramatic effects look real because of vibrant colours, motion and image at different depths.

There are innumerable types of holograms, including: 2D, 3D, dot matrix, beam, micro text, nano text, flip-flop, grading effects, switching effects, code convert, laser readable, high resolution lines with Kinetic effects, sequential ink jet, laser numbering, etc.

Why holograms?
Holograms are the best for product security and authentication seal available, which is virtually impossible to be copied by any known printing technique. Traditional tools that counterfeiters use such as cameras, scanners, colour photocopiers, analogue and digital printing do not work on holograms. The equipment and skill necessary for origination and mass production of hologram is a fairly difficult and challenging affair. Pressure sensitive self adhesive hologram labels are easy to use. Being tamper-evident, any attempt to tamper a hologram can easily be recognised.
A hologram stands as a signature value which is worthy only when protected, that is the brand value. Customers perceive the mark of the hologram as a guarantee of quality and genuineness.
Nearer to our trade, a unique product of text book guide patented by a publisher was duplicated. The hologram on their product saved him. A hologram cannot be replicated was proved. The text books carry holograms since the publishers take pains to identify proper authors for content and it is usual to ask for a text book by publisher’s and author’s name. Hologram bearing product is accepted as an authenticated one.
Where holograms?

Today, one can see hologram on almost all products, especially in pharmaceuticals, electrical peripheral, perfumes bottles, books, certificates, passports, confidential documents, Currency notes, traveler cheques, consumer goods, etc.

Hologram manufacturing
A virtual 3D image is produced by an interference pattern of laser beams that are directed through an array of high precision optical instruments onto the subject. The direct and reflected light is recorded on to a glass photo resist hologram plate.

The highly skilled laboratory process, a vital part of origination, created the “Master” holographic image with the desired security features, specific and confidential information, micro lettering, colour, depth, hidden image, ultra violet words or symbols that can only be seen with a special light. The Masters are the key for every job. Kumbhat Holographics preserve Masters of their customers ensuring total security.

Holograms and RFIDs have become part and parcel of any genuine product we buy today living in a world of attempted duplication for any thing. The brief about holograms by Shanti Kumbhat help to know their intricacies, importance, usage, etc. In India, Kumbhat has mastered this art, offering diverse quality maintaining integrity as well. There are around ten big manufactures of holograms, whereas the number will go between100-150, comprising mid level manufacturers. There also exists an association of hologram manufacturers in India, which is affiliated to international body, enabling one checking the designs or brand ownerships.

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