Paper Bindmarks thirteenth installations of PUR System 444 series

Innovative design and use of polyurethane drive wide acceptance amongst customers

Paper Bind’s range of PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) semi and fully automatic binders –the PB PUR System 444 series – has seen great success since its launch at IPEX South Asia in
September 2011,with thirteen installations of the machine. Providing a unique solution for all on-demand short-to-medium-run binding for digital and offset printed book blocks, the machine represents previously unheard of levels of productivity and sophistication in the super-compact perfect binder category.
Speaking on the occasion of the thirteenth installation of the machine, Anuj A Mehta, CEO of Paper Bind said, “The PB PUR System 444Series was designed keeping in mind the requirements of photo books or albums, medium to large digital printers and offset printers. This range of machines use PUR, which is the strongest and most flexible binding adhesive currently known in the marketplace.With inks, coatings and digital print toners present in the spines of books, there always exists the possibility of compromising the strength of typical hot melt (EVA)binding. PUR, on the other hand, is resistant to this and will form a super-strong bond with all weights and finishes of paper stocks. Combined with other advantages like compatibility with recycled stock, non-toxic system of operation and our exclusive three year Smile Pack optional warranty, the PUR 444 series has enjoyed wide acceptance across all our customers.”
According to KolorKode, a Bengaluru-based customer, “We installed the PB PUR System 444 eight months ago and as a result, our business has experienced a number of benefits. Most significant is the quality of binding which we can now offer customers who come in with thick books and manuals for print finishing.” Glo Digital Press, Coimbatore who installed the PB PUR 444 approximately three months ago, has also made a significant difference to their business. “Most importantly it has enabled us to take up jobs, which we earlier couldn’t because our previous equipment didn’t offer the required capabilities,” said Ramanan, managing director, Glo Digital.

Mimaki broadening horizon in India

Getting on to the surging potential of the digital large-format market in India, Mimaki has set its wings to fully spread across the country with new product launches and magnification of distribution network. Hirofumi Kitaguchi, general manager - marketing & sales, Mimaki in interaction with Print & Publishing editor, SK Khurana reveals the company’s continuing marketing strategies to engulf the Indian subcontinent.

Mimaki’s recent launch of SWJ-320 S2/S4 inkjet printers in India gave many in the country’s digital large-format market a surprise about the distinguished characteristics of the machines. Of course, every Mimaki product always comes out as unique arrival in the market, so are newly introduced SWJ-320 S2/S4 printers. Defined to be the best partners to win in a competitive market,Hirofumi Kitaguchi admitted that the Rs 20-22 lakh grand-format Mimaki SWJ-320 S2/S4 inkjet printers are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Market competence “SWJ-320 S2 (standard model) and SWJ-320 S4 (high-speed model) are featured as variable dot print with minimum dot size of 7 pico litre and can produce maximum resolution of 1,080 x 1,200 dpi, ensuring vivid prints without any grainy appearance,” explained Hirofumi adding that their target is to deliver 10 printers every month, for which they would maintain two months inventory of 20-25 printers in their stock. These new Mimaki inkjet printers use eco-solvent inks available in two-litre bottles, which are not only affordable than the conventional in cartridges but also have exceptional stability and low propensity to clog nozzles. The CS100 inks also bring the same high Mimaki standards for colour accuracy.
Mimaki latex Mimaki spectacularly introduced its six-colour latex printer at drupa 2012 Dusseldorf. But available now in the Indian market is four-colour latex printer, which according to Hirofumi will be followed by the six-colour machines soon. Printable on non-coated medias such as paper and textile, four-colour Mimaki JV 400 available currently, also offers the world’s first ‘white’ latex ink added to four colours (CMYK) printer, which meets multi-use applications with endless versatility. “Our water-based LX 100 inks have very little VOCs (volatile organic compounds),” informed Hirofumi. He added that latex inks fix pigments to media because resin contains in the ink dissolves with the heater, forming membrane which thus output exceptionally on PVC films, backlit bluebacked materials, etc.
Broader network Hirofumi revealed that Mimaki in India is now progressing towards new verticals as the company has planned to expand its distribution channels across the country. “We are planning to introduce our new setup of dealers across the country by year-end with the scaling up of our staffs as well,” he mentioned. Further, he disclosed that Mimaki demo centers will be opened in two new cities,Mumbai and Chennai, in addition to the company’s existing center in Gurgaon. He also mentioned that Mimaki will give the new-format dealers all sort of supports, including technical, commercial and whatever they require to upgrade themselves to new standards.
Independent entity Undergoing a robust expansion progression in all aspects, Mimaki is looking forward to its stability in the Indian market first and planning to spread its wings to cover the subcontinent in a wholesome manner. “We would cover the countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh,” asserted Hirofumi. One big thing about Mimaki in India would be the company’s plan to stand out as an independent entity soon.

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