Insight Print Communications becomes Xerox channel partner in India

-sets major goals shifting focus from product centric to customer centric approach One of the market leaders in selling graphic arts equipments in India, Insight Print Communications has recently become all India graphic arts channel partner for Xerox. With this tie-up, Insight has set a goal to become a dominant player in the digital print segment in the dynamically changing scenario of the Indian printing industry, selling Xerox’s latest graphic arts series of colour digital presses and monochrome production printing product portfolio.

India’s printing industry is forecasted to show strong economic growth going forward. To be part of this growth of the Indian digital printing industry, Insight and Xerox will work together to help traditional offset printers’ transition to digital. Digital printing is the next step, and something that will complement offset printing rather than replace. A combination of offset and digital printing will be the norms moving forward.

Observing the transformation period in printing industry, Ajay Aggarwal, CEO, Insight, said “This drupa was a ‘digital drupa’ and the emphasis on digital was perhaps fifty percent. We feel that by next drupa, the emphasis will shift to around 70 percent towards digital. As we all know that printing is going through a transformation phase and we are also transforming and shifting our focus from product centric to customer centric approach.”

As per Sangam Khanna, director, Insight, “The digital presses – that were visible in drupa 2012 were out of reach for most of Indian printers and also the technology needs to mature. But by 2016, we expect that both these factors to fall in place. Insight – has been waiting for the right opportunity, right time and the right partner to get into the digital print business and we feel all the three things are falling in place at this point of time. Xerox is the leader in the digital printing solutions and has the maximum range of products to choose from. The commercial printing companies can start with a low end Xerox machine and keep upgrading to higher end models as they get deeper and deeper into digital printing business.”

“India’s digital printing industry is growing at a rate of 25.8 percent for last three years - expected to grow from US$504 million in 2006 to as much as US $2.5 billion by 2012. These numbers clearly illustrate how huge the digital printing opportunity is and the type of market we operate in is growing by the day. Xerox’s projections of digital printing growth are in line with the worldwide trends. And our customers in India are actually growing at a pace almost double to the worldwide trends,” conveyed Pankaj Kalra, head, Graphic Communications Business, Xerox India, adding, “To keep pace with these emerging technologies, the printing industry has now concentrated on digital printing having a solid record of reliable growth, even through the recession. From 6.1 billion colour digital pages printed in 2003 to 47.1 billion pages printed in 2011, digital printing has experienced eight consecutive years of growth and the big drivers of growth for at least the next decade will be ‘print on demand’ books, direct mail, transpromo and marketing collateral.”

According to Angelo Fernandez, director, Insight, “With the advent of iPads in April 2010, e-books are becoming more and more a medium of reading books. Last year, it was recorded that US sold more number of e-books then physical books and this year UK’s e-book sales figures crossed its physical book sales. And this trend is first going to cover the developed nations and then come to India. In the next 5 years, we are going to see tremendous changes in the book publishing segment in India. Publishers will prefer printing ‘books on demand’ on digital platform rather than printing them in bulk.”

Having offices spread all over India with strong service and support network ensuring high uptime for all the machines they deal in, the twenty years old company Insight has already become one of the market leaders in CtP sales with Kodak, super wide format – digital presses from HP and offset presses from Komori. The company has recently also tied-up with Soma engineering to promote CI Flexo presses in India.

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