The 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the year awards

Asian printers get greater chance to get coveted Elephant-trophies

  • India bags two out of eleven gold awards in 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year awards for entries from Pragati Pack and Thomson Press
  • Pragati shines again with receiving five Sappi awards in different categories

Wining six of eleven gold awards on offer in the 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year awards presented for the first time in New Delhi, Asian printers shined again in the region. Printers from Asia also walked off with seven silver and nine bronze awards. With entries from Pragati, Thomson Press and Manipal Press, India bagged seven awards including two gold awards.

Gold winners from Asia in the 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year award include: Fyrmagráfica, Everbest Printing Co Ltd, Red & Blue Color Printing Co Ltd, Grupo Gráfico Romo, Thomson Press (India) Limited, Colorprint Offset, Percetakan Zanders Sdn Bhd, Offset Multicolor, Pragati Pack (India), and Offset Alpine. Thomson Press won the gold in the digital print category for ‘photo book hard case’, while Pragati Pack was the winner in the packaging and labels category for their entry ‘Black Dog 21 Years-Monocarton’. Pragati also won one silver and three bronze awards in different categories. Besides, Indian printer Manipal Press Ltd was also winner of one bronze award in magazine-web category.

Held every two years, the Sappi Trading Printer of the year awards programme is part of the global Sappi International Printers of the Year awards, which is focused on raising the bar of print excellence by recognising exceptional printing done on the group’s range of fine paper. Printers from the Sappi Trading region have again achieved outstanding results in 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year awards. They won ten out of eleven gold awards with additional twenty silver and twenty-nine bronze awards!

Awards are made to printers from the four Sappi Trading regions (Asia, Australasia, Central and South America) in eleven categories: annual reports, books, brochures, calendars, catalogues, digital print, magazines - sheetfed and magazines - web, packaging and labels, general print and printer’s own promotion. Entries are awarded bronze, silver and gold, with the gold winners invited to compete in their respective categories against the best printers from North America, Europe and South Africa in the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards.

“In 2010, three printers from our Trading region – gold winners in each category – were honoured with the coveted Elephant-trophy at the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards,” conveyed Wayne Rau, chief executive officer of Sappi Trading. Lee Chin-Eng, managing director, Sappi Singapore Pte Ltd, congratulated the printers from the Asian region saying, “Awards such as these celebrate the achievements of the past two years, but they also point the way forward into the future. They do so by establishing a standard of excellence which others will strive to meet – that’s how we continue to raise the bar of excellence in our industry.”

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