Enabling to grow exponentially with Ricoh digital presses

Offering entry level to high-end digital presses, Ricoh is constantly expanding their installation base in India. Responses to a few questions with two of their customers in New Delhi - Asha Printographics, Pitampura and Waves Arts, Karol Bagh, who installed Ricoh Pro C751 EX and Pro C751 digital presses respectively – show the strengths of these presses and the value of after sales services by Ricoh. Onkar Chopra of Asha Printographics and Amit Kumar Sagar of Waves Arts, in conversation with Ajeet Singh, asst editor, Print & Publishing. When was your company established?

Onkar Chopra: We started our printing business in 1979 under the name and style of ‘Chopra Art Process’ at Kamla Nagar in Delhi with investment of just Rs 85,000 and were the oldest printer in that area. In the year 2005, we shifted to Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, and began our print business rather effectively under new name Asha Printographics, and the growth continues.

Amit Sagar: The beginning of our operations took place in the year 1994, keeping in mind increasing scope in printing business. Today, Waves Arts is as young and progressive company managed by a team of energetic and experienced professionals associated with graphic designing, photocopy, printing and packaging, event management, POP and display systems, web designing and CD presentation and paintings, etc.

What is your existing setup of machines?

Onkar Chopra and his father Ashok Chopra with Ricoh press at their facility.Onkar Chopra: Apart from the recent addition of Pro C751 EX from Ricoh, we also have a few other entry level equipments, including Canon CLC 1150, KM 252, Sharp AR-M452U, etc.

Amit Sagar: Our facility is equipped with two digital presses, including the recently installed Ricoh Pro C751digital press and Canon imagePRESS C6000.

What made you to decide buying Ricoh digital press?

Onkar Chopra: We were familiar with Ricoh’s sales manager Anjuraj Singh for long time. Firstly, we purchased Ricoh WF 2401 for map application and its smooth performance made us happy, increasing reliability in Ricoh’s products. And we are proud to be the first company to install Ricoh Pro C751EX (size 13’’ x 25’’) in India, offering maximize output of 75-ppm. We realized that this is the press which can provide our customers what they need.

Amit Sagar: Ricoh is a major player in the digital printing. We saw demonstrations of their machines two three times before deciding to purchase Pro C751. Being fully satisfied with the quality and productivity delivered by this model during demonstration encouraged us to go for this machine.

While the Ricoh press is quiet efficient providing very good speed, are you able to use the press up to optimum level?

Onkar Chopra: Undoubtedly, the productivity of Pro C751EX is significantly high in comparison to our current requirement, but as of now we are utilizing 40 percent of its capacity, but are expecting to use its full capacity in the next few months. Ricoh’s technical team has trained our operators in handling the press. We think Ricoh is our ‘growth partner’ and not just a vendor supplying the machines.

Amit Sagar: Within a few days after installation, we are able to utilise around 43 percent capacity of the machine, but soon we shall be using its full capacity, with increasing inflow of jobs due to its better quality. Since we installed the new digital press, Ricoh team is providing us all desired support, making our printing operations go smoothly. They are also guiding us how we can utilize the new printer up to optimum level.

Are you happy with print quality, especially with the colour accuracy being provided by the Ricoh press?

Onkar Chopra: The quality of Pro C751EX is far better than other presses available in the market in this price range. Like offset printing, it provides us smooth output, with no embossed feeling. It can print with higher dpi in comparison of other digital presses. To reproduce perfect colour quality, Ricoh team is helping us effectively.

Amit Sagar: With unrivaled 1200 x 4800 dpi resolution, the output quality of Pro C751 is almost near to offset print. Being equipped with Fiery solution, it enables us to manage complex documents and assembly jobs to produce high-quality collateral from a single, integrated, easy-to-use platform. We also use densitometer for colour calibration regularly Does this press enable you to print on different types of substrates?

Onkar Chopra: No doubt, Pro C751EX has enabled us to produce digital print on various types of paper.

Amit Sagar: Yes, the press is capable to handle different types of paper as per customer’s choice.

Applications you have been targeting to focus with your new Ricoh press?

Onkar Chopra: Plenty of applications, including architecture documents, brochures, quality job works, etc. Surrounding to our facility, there are many real estate/architecture companies, generating major job inflow for us.

Amit Sagar: Lot of applications, especially innovative gift items, catalogue, promotional materials, business cards, folders, mailing items, etc. We are also focusing on fulfilling the printing requirements of our corporate customers.

What are your top five business strengths?

Onkar Chopra: Enhancing with marketing skills, ensuring on time delivery of the jobs, dedication to work effectively, keeping service level high, and providing quality in offerings.

Amit Sagar: Imbibing designing skills with printing, concept developments/innovations, good customer relationship, proactively quality consciousness, and timely delivery of jobs.

To what extent you have achieved your targets so far? And what are you expecting in the next three years?

Onkar Chopra: During 2005-2011, we marked almost 55 percent growth. But the commissioning of Ricoh Pro C751EX at our facility is going to prove the biggest turning point for us. Within next one year, we are expecting to install one more Ricoh press, with greater capacity and achieve around 300 percent growth in the next 3-6 years.

Amit Sagar: So far with investment of around Rs 1.5 crore, we have marked significant growth since inception – around 200 percent – that is more than our expectations, making us the largest printer in Karol Bagh area. But now with installation of new Ricoh press, we further plan to enter into bigger volumes, apart from introducing personalisation facilities. Finishing equipments are also on the cards to be installed thereby curtailing outsourcing.

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