Relying on Muller Martini technology again

Leading packaging producer in the US chooses to
invest in a second VSOP 520 for producing folding boxes

The Muller Martini VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) web offset printing press is ideal for printing flexible packaging, label films and cardboard. Therefore one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the United States, Belmark Inc is starting to install the second VSOP 520. In addition to the new five-colour VSOP, the company also owns another seven-colour VSOP. According to Karl Schmidt, president and CEO of Belmark, the key factors behind the renewed decision in favour of a new Muller Martini printing press included the quality and high level of automation. “We’ve been very happy with the performance of the one we already have, and that’s given us the confidence to purchase an additional one. We’re very confident in Muller Martini and their ability to service,” he said.

Muller Martini VSOP web offset printing pressLike the first VSOP, the new printing press at Belmark is a hybrid configuration and is equipped with five offset printing units and one flexo printing unit. It also contains an automatic splicer for non-stop unwinding and an inline flatbed die-cutter. With this feature cardboard can be precisely cut, embossed and creased in one hit. To allow quick make-ready, Muller Martini has included a set-up rewinder between the printing press and the die-cutter, what enables the press crew to change over both parts of the production line individually at the same time. For hardening the printing ink, the machine is also including an EB (electron beam) curing system. This system is especially well suited to foodstuff packaging, since the inks film is immediately cured all the way through. The result is a high-quality, low-odour and low-migration print product, manufactured under reliable production conditions, without the use of photo initiators or the emission of VOCs.

Handy sleeves

The Muller Martini VSOP printing press is a continuous further development of the patents from DrentGoebel which Muller Martini acquired in 2009 and has numerous benefits. The VSOP web offset printing press for flexible packaging and folding carton markets uses simple and rapid size changes to its advantages. The plate and rubber blanket cylinders in the VSOP printing unit are designed as handy sleeves. Therefore print sizes can be changed quickly and easily without having to exchange the entire printing inserts. This means that the VSOP printing unit is infinitely variable for all print image lengths and a complete job changeover is possible within a matter of minutes.

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