New pre-press solutions for printers’ community at large

Creed Engineers has come forward to help printers making their life easier by offering Vinsak brand CtP (Computer to Plate) plates. India is a country with over 1,50,000 printers (approx collected figure) comprising majorly of tiny and small. With the introduction of innovative products in all fields of graphic arts during last two to three decades, the print quality of printed products – commercials, books, packaging, etc – has come up significantly. The credit towards this goes ultimately to availability of equipments and consumables comprising of high quality printing machines (sheetfed and webfed), richly produced printing inks, highly textured paper manufactured within India or imported one, and finally the printing plates (pre-sensitized and CtP).

All the above mentioned resources have been made available by multiple vendors offering indigenously produced equipments/consumables as well as imported ones, with a large range of choice to opt from baring the last item in the list mentioned above i.e. printing plate which comes with very limited options. The reasons towards this are obvious as the availability of manufacturing techniques and processes have been through handful of manufacturers all over the world, which can be counted on fingers.

Though, in the books of economics, it has always been taught to the students that the success of limited number of producers can be assured for a much longer period, if the secret of manufacturing processes can be kept under the cover. With this philosophy there have been a number of examples where manufacturers made their fortunes and created multi-location empires.

But with the passage of time, the entries to all such ‘out of bond’ manufacturing eventually opened up and new breed of entrepreneurs surfaced. These new sets of producers help small time users a lot because of a close personal contacts and encouraging adoption of new technologies without much hesitation which otherwise have been a forte for comparatively big time users.

With the advent of time, similar case has been with printing plates (PS and CtP), as has been put forth by Sankarshanan (Shanan) who is from Rochester (NY), the capital of imaging science in the United States, saying that how can any technology be limited to few select producers for all times to come? The concept of ‘princely’ can not be continued in today’s continuous R&D efforts, being implied in many countries involving scientists of all trade to be able to produce a variety of products. The advent of innovative manufacturing process and growth of entrepreneurship in other nations of the world has further spurred a wider spread of manufacturing capabilities. These largely help the innumerable small and mid sized printers that struggle every day to make their business ends meet. The benefits of high technology need to reach the bottom of the pyramid. And it is time.

Shanan added further by citing an example of manufacturing automotive vehicles, where many models are offered in the market. Though the high priced sophisticated vehicles do always require a nicely carpeted road to drive smoothly, there are always a big range of vehicles available which can be driven rough and tough even on bumpy roads and still become affordable to public at large.

Similarly for the printers, small or large, new suppliers with attractively priced plates, competent to produce acceptable results are bound to be welcomed for sure. Vinsak is one such brand coming out from the stable of well reputed trading organisation – Creed Engineers. Having established in 1993, they have been representing many European and US produced hardware and consumables for commercial, security and packaging segments.

According to Shanan, a principal lead in the building of VINSAK brand for Creed, “Vinsak plates are available in innumerable sizes and thickness required by print shops. Answering to the question of distribution challenges,” he adds, “Key to distribution is efficient forecasting and manufacturing disciplines. Great thought has been put in managing such challenges. Though these challenges differ within cities – big or small, at least we feel proud to offer a healthy and viable alternative to other branded products, keeping the customer and the market interest in mind.”

“We shall in no way treat Indian printers in such a way that our terms of dealing become less friendly apart from not agreeing to the initiative moved by a leading plate manufacturer for getting new duties imposed on imported plates. It is important to enable every plate to be compatible with a platesetter. Limiting such choices really is determent to the customer. In the modern economy, the choice has to be with the customer to decide–not the vendor. Regular visits/interaction with actual users i.e. plate makers with an educational initiative will be our top agenda. The testing of our plates with quality printing set ups all over India has already been completed in Q2 of 2011, and actual sales of plates & chemistry is now in use in many reputed printing houses across the nation. Maintaining the supply chain, reliability, price in comparison with others in the market and above all ability to reproduce fine tone reproduction will definitely be our target. “We may not be big in size but our intentions are big, to offer the right solution to the customer,” concluded Shanan while conversing with SK Khurana, editor, P&P during his recent visit to India in New Delhi.

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