Archana Press rapidly raising the growth bars with focus on value enhancement

In the series of those printers’ success stories, who have been performing sophisticatedly, constantly marking new feats since the inception, New Delhi based Archana Press is yet another frontline name in the Indian print industry, continuously increasing their business with growth every year. Since inception in the year 1974, Archana Press, based in Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi has accomplished many achievements, leveraging the strengths of their specific business enhancement strategy, under the astute guidance of Rajesh Gupta, MD assisted by his two suave sons Amit Gupta and Sajeev Gupta, who take care of business development and press operation as well as production planning respectively. Being winner of whooping 76 National and 17 North India Awards for Excellence in Printing itself recognizes how uniquely they have been producing the jobs.

Rajesh Gupta with his sons Amit Gupta (left) and Sajeev Gupta.“Attitude to deliver the best, hunt for new applications, appropriately understanding the clients’ need, highlighting all possibilities of value enhancements, continuous R&D for converting every job into an innovative piece and guts to take risk in executing the most challenging or so-called impossible jobs are inherent constituents of our business enhancement strategies, which enable us to grow exponentially,” conveyed Rajesh Gupta, in an exclusive conversation with Ajeet Singh, asst editor, Print & Publishing, who recently visited their facility.

“Being adequately equipped with sophisticated technologies and using them to achieve top possible quality apart from productivity to utmost level.” added Sajeev, with the firm determination to mark growth, adding something or the other to their facility every year enabling daily produced jobs in best possible manner.

“For ensuring utmost quality in any print job, personal attention is required to maximum extent. Generally, in executing a job, three types of approaches are followed: (a) Taking easy corner avoiding difficult processes, (b) Executing the job as routine, and (c) Performing beyond the expectations of the customers. To provide the customers the maximum satisfaction we always adopt the third one and try to deliver the best,” explained Sajeev, adding further, “Communicating among workers about this approach is very important as otherwise if there is anything going wrong with the job, it might have to be printed again. Resultantly, staff members take extra precautions in executing the job, ensuring top quality.”

“Being an art, printing speaks itself. There is a need of passion to ensure total involvement with the job. Being honest to work always reflects in the outcome. There is no substitute of quality and producing best product. Though routine jobs can be got produced from anywhere, but for the best, one has to search for the right source. Normally, in the print industry, to produce a product with exactly following the specifications is considered the maximum achievement, but we always give much more than the client’s input. Having know-how available with us to produce the best and ability to turn that skill into marvellous outcome enable us to continuously grow,” stated Rajesh.

“Hunt for newer applications provide more strength to us. Whatever we normally see happening around our surroundings, can be applied to our print products to appease the innovation-seeking customers. Many times, customers come to us with ordinary sourced material and just a concept for the print product, but do expect outstanding products. Here our guiding role becomes important. Sometimes cost constraints also become an issue to some customers, then we do backward costing to reduce as much possible, to meet the customers’ budget,” said Sajeev while sharing some of their secrets.

“To make the customers fully satisfied, we always offer all possibilities regarding making end product innovative and outstanding. Value additions cost a bit more but make it look much better finally. If a customer is paying rupees one lac for a job, he would not mind paying rupees 1.05 lac in that case,” he added further talking about the negligible additional cost for value addition.

“Relying on clients’ satisfaction, we seldom involve in any marketing activity to attract new customers. Most of our such clients come through existing clients’ references,” said Sajeev on querying what strategy they adopt to expand their customers base. For Rajesh Gupta, printing means life like production of any product. “To ensure it, ‘rejection acceptance power’ is also equally important: if the outcome is not good as expected, the winners should have ‘guts’ to produce again,” he concluded.

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