DMI demonstrates the unique technique

-showing how to create 511 spot (solid)
colours out of just nine impressions

During the recently concluded 3-day workshop DMI demonstrated the unique technique how to produce 511 spot (solid) colours in just 9 impressions. The workshop was houseful with 56 participants from all over India including printers from Meghalaya and Manipur. The whole exercise involved 12 semi-automatic screen printing machines (nine Nano-Print and three Nano-Print plus) with several inline UV curing machines.

The reason for engaging 12 machines simultaneously in this workshop was to complete the demonstration in few hours and show the final products in two days and to make sure that content wise nothing is left out in practical and theory sessions. So altogether they had to prepare around 35 screens to demonstrate the unique calendar and table matt with tea coasters in the workshop. “We screen printed around 100 different spot (solid) colours with few metallic ones on Grafica’s Calendar 2012 with just nine impressions only. Later we also demonstrated around 14 new UV special effects on the same calendar. In all this precious Grafica’s Calendar 2012 has 23 impressions (9 solid colours and 14 various new special effects), one of the special effect out of that was UV MIRROR INKS, otherwise just imagine to print more than a 100 special spot (solid) colours with 100 different screens for each colour would be a nightmare for any screen printer because it is not practical to stock and manage so many special colours inks,” said Bhargav Mistry, director of DMI who spearheaded the live demo along with other DMI faculties.

As per Bhargav, the Caza Superimposition’ technique as demonstrated during DMI workshop has a huge potential in many applications if explored well, e.g. calendars, wedding cards, dairies, books, notebooks, school bags, toys and games, fancy stickers and labels, CD/DVD covers, gifts and novelties, art, serigraphy, packaging on transparent plastic. It can also compliment offset and digital printing very well.

DMI will organise the next workshop during February 02-04, 2012.

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