Pratham helping pharma packaging uniquely

-adhering utmost excellence in providing affordable paper folding solutions Having come a long way since its inception (in the year 1988 under the name Pacific Technology), Pratham is targeting a whooping turnover of Rs 25 crore in the next five years from Rs 07 crore as of now. Pune-based, Pratham Technologies Pvt Ltd – manufacturers of specialised folding machines (for pharma companies) is indeed proving its name worth being India’s first dedicated company solely focusing on a single application and producing such machines adhering to the utmost quality standards. Print & Publishing editor SK Khurana who recently happened to visit their factory in Pune, presents a first hand report. We all see and use medicines from time to time where in the package, a neatly folded instruction/communication sheet is placed alongside the strip of tablet/tube/bottle. Generally, printed in one colour on 40-45 gsm non-coated paper, this leaflet/folder contains all relevant info about the related medicines prescribed under the Drugs (Control) Act. With the increasing strict compliance in terms of standard/accuracy towards printing of these leaflets, Pratham Technologies has also been upgrading their products so as to help printers and pharma companies in a big way. Mis-printing of a simple full stop (.) or comma (,) changing meaning altogether and more than that right/correct small piece of folded leaflet accompanying the requisite medicine becoming a larger issue (as in general these leaflets are printed in multi-ups imposition). With these kind of issues cropping up frequently over the years, Pratham has been offering pioneering solutions (scanning software), which take care of such mis-match.

Started in a mere 100 sq ft work area, Pratham is now operating an ISO certified facility, with much larger (6500 sq ft) area. Though they were active in manufacturing sophisticated table top folding machines in a modest marketing of these limiting to Maharashtra state, their upfront appearance was seen in Printpack India of 1996 in New Delhi. These machines were appreciated and accepted as a great welcome by the industry and bringing “No looking back” for Pratham.

The next phase of recognition Pratham achieved was on their decision to participate in world’s top print event – drupa during the year 2004. The very idea to participate in such a prestigious event, made Pratham to upgrade themselves drastically not only in functionalities of their machines, but in look and design too. They were expected to compete top of the line machines produced in Europe and Japan. Pratham discarded all their older versions of machines and came up with altogether newer versions which eventually proved further as a big turning point for them. Pratham also participated in recently concluded PAMEX 2011 in New Delhi, presenting live demonstration of their four machines.

With regular R&D activity, without compromising on quality parameters in respect of metallurgy, machining, tooling, etc, Pratham Technologies boasts a modern assembly unit. They outsource all the components from ancillary units producing top of the line quality for their whole range of models. Under their popularly known ‘SUPERFOLD’ brand of paper folding machines, several models are available. Besides, the company also offers SUPERMAILER BFG 412 and BFG 415, CARTONOVA 408 and 608, and SUPERINSPECT packaging security and monitoring systems, etc.

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