Srikals Graphics pioneers
holding pulse for business enhancement

One of the most preferred objectives of printers in India is to strengthen infrastructure to be reckoned with the ‘majors’ in the printing industry. Espousing this strategy, they continue investing in new equipments and solutions. Undoubtedly, the ‘infrastructure’ is a factor not to be ignored by the printers as it equally matters to print buyers. But to meet the challenges of ensuring effectively rewarding operations in the changing scenario, there is also a requirement of adopting comprehensive approach giving equal weightage to other factors for positive growth. One such significant factor includes ‘focusing on business enhancement strategies’, enabling optimum use of existing infrastructure to maximize the overall profit, and providing adequate stability in operation in long term perspective. In their relentless effort to help printers go well, Print & Publishing plans to present a series of such printers’ success stories, who have been performing sophisticatedly, constantly marking new feats since their inception. The first in this series comes Chennai-based Srikals Graphics, one among the best commercial offset printers riding on the dual commitment of quality and service. Established in the year 1990 with investment of rupees ten thousand, Srikals Graphics Private Limited has now reached to Rs 24 crore annual turnover, with a vision to be the preferred printing partner for their customers by delivering cost effective high quality printing services. This has become reality due to ‘focusing on business enhancement strategies’ alongwith having sate-of-the-art print facility. “We love to accept all such jobs which other printers decline. Accepting challenging jobs is our specialty,” said S Kalyansundaram sharing his success story with SK Khurana, editor-P&P, who recently visited their facility. “Never compromising on quality, ensuring timely delivery and keeping adequate logistics (stocking and remote dispatching), offering designing/art work service with guiding spirit to educate clients on saving in costs, with efforts to understand client’s requirements prior to printing their job, are the ingredients of our business enhancement strategy, enabling us to create miracles in our supplies,” he mentioned.

Setting the benchmark of quality

Since its inception, Srikals has been maintaining an excellent track record for producing print material of the finest quality. Being an EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company for their new premises at Ekkaduthangal, Chennai, shows their status in this regard. “Retaining existing clients and adding new ones, we have to set a benchmark of quality. Striving to make every process undergo a thorough quality check beginning with initial stage to completion of the job enables us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. For better results, we constantly continue with R&D,” said Kalyansundaram. Since its establishment, Srikals Graphics has been expanding their client base, which include: Vodafone, Mahindra Group, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Apex Laboratory (Chennai), Mitsubishi, Ford, etc bringing lion share to their turnover.

Delivery satisfaction

“Alongwith ensuring timely delivery of jobs, keeping adequate logistics is also equally important for clients. Some clients want the jobs printed in bulk but prefer the delivery in parts, which generally printers do not give importance, allowing the flexibility in delivery schedule. The obvious reason is that most of the printers don’t have adequate space for stocking the finished jobs. In this respect also, we differ, having sufficient space and providing remote dispatching facility as per the directions of our valued clients. And we reap the advantage of this strategy in enhancing our business.” Srikals recently moved to its new facility spreading over 75,000 sq ft area.

Core strength

It is generally observed that printers prefer to be dedicated to only printing of the jobs, receiving ready-to-print files from the clients with specs sheet. There are only few printers in India who show willingness to accept a job in any form and Srikals is one such printer. “Being efficient to take challenge in handling the jobs in any form, we never say ‘no’ to any customer approaching us,” he conveyed.

Guiding spirit

To mark outstanding performance in long term perspective, every service provider has to ensure all possible saving for their clients. And Srikals never fails on this account. “We have supportive spirit to guide our clients regarding all possible saving in printing their jobs. For the purpose, we try to understand the requirement of the client before printing their job, so as to minimized the cost. This strategy makes our clients feel happy with realization of benefits due to our suggestions. We think this relationship, confidence and trust imply more than the infrastructure which otherwise everyone has,” Kalyansundaram said.

Optimistic approach

Undoubtedly keeping positive approach ensures performing confidently in any area of entrepreneurship. So can be observed in team Srikals Graphics. On asking about challenges emerging from digital printing, an immediate reply comes from Kalyansundaram “There is no worry on digital account. We learn from the fact that the introduction of TV news channels was being taken as threat to newspapers, but it did not happen, rather newspapers have been growing in India. The same scenario is expected to be witnessed regarding conventional offset printing, despite advancement in digital printing. We have confidence in our operation and wish to enter into packaging (carton) segment, observing limited growth happening in commercial printing.”

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