Müller Martini offers Ventura MC with new automation platform

First class bookblocks and an efficient production thrill bookbinders all over the world who produce with the Ventura MC book sewing machine from Müller Martini. The Ventura MC features a new automation platform. This programmable logic controller (PLC) carries out the complete automation as well as the visualization. Motion Control Technology together with a series of control devices ensures the high reliability.

Fanless and passively cooled: Müller Martini now uses a new control unit that neither needs hard drive nor electromechanical components. The robust system is fanless and completely passively cooled. Therefore no overheating can occur. The control unit contains new driving components with integration of all the safety features.

Clear step-by-step guidance: The visualization on the screen is more modern and streamlined. Symbols and menu navigation correspond to the operator interface used in all new Muller Martini machines. They are standardized, so that the operators are quickly familiar with different machines and can be flexibly deployed within the organization. Step by step the operators are guided through the order or set-up assistant. The logic and streamlined system shows only what is relevant at the moment. With this automation platform even untrained operators can quickly set up the machines. The assistant offers possibilities for users of any level. Experienced staff can avoid the logical step by step guidance and enter the data straight into the production menu.

Remote maintenance: Access to the Muller Martini Remote Service Portal (RSP) is completely integrated into the new visualization. To ask for the factory’s support the user sends a ‘request’ directly from the Ventura MC book sewing machine. Then the factory gains access to the RPS to view and use operator screen and to retrieve information. Often service intervention can be avoided, the user is quickly helped and production continues.

Optimum air supply: Both, the control platform as well as the pneumatic system was revised. Müller Martini book technology now uses a ‘Pneumatic Island’ from Festo that optimally controls the air supply of the Ventura MC. In addition, higher process reliability and significant energy saving is achieved with the new suction system of the signature infeed. Previously, the operator had to close the suckers not needed and now they switch off automatically. The new automation platform allows for even safer operation of the Ventura MC and offers the operator a clear, fast and intuitive operating environment.

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