Inspection for sheet-fed corrugated converting presses

Inspection of corrugated substrates requires special algorithms that simulate the substrate’s washboard surface and overcome the associated challenges of illumination, in order to distinguish defects accurately. Aiming to meet brand owners’ higher quality expectations in this regard, Mondi, an international paper and packaging Group, chose QuadTech as a partner to include their inspection technology on the group’s sheet-fed corrugated presses that feature in-line die-cutting capability. Central to the agreement will be the installation of QuadTech’s inspection system, which inspects the entire substrate width throughout the production run. The system detects common defects such as hickies, hazing, streaks, misregistrations and colour variations. Due to high-powered software enabling the system to follow the operation at a speed of up to 7,000 sheets per hour, the system is capable of the most reliable benchmarking possible, Golden Template comparison. The first pilot installation is planned in December 2011 in Mondi’s Bad Rappenau plant.

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