Goss Sunday 5000 presses and the case for 96-page web offset production

Driven by printers demanding a major leap forward in press technology to improve their competitive positions and the value of their printed products, Goss International was the first to respond with the gapless Sunday press concept for high-speed, wide-web production. The Goss Sunday 5000 – the world’s first 96-page web press – is the latest milestone in this visionary effort to maximize productivity, reduce waste and transform web printing into an automated, high-tech industrial manufacturing process. Being in production since 2009 with a web width of 2,860 mm (112 inches), Sunday 5000 presses incorporate more than two decades of Goss wide-web innovation and accumulated process knowledge. Multiple systems in operation and the first repeat order for a second press prove the economic and competitive advantages of the 96-page format, the Goss innovations that enable it, and the ability of Goss International to support successful installations.

Goss Sunday 5000 press installations confirm that printers have been able to install and integrate the new Goss wide-web systems within their workflows and quickly achieve efficient operation and profitably. The 2,860-mm (112-inch) width has proven to be compatible with common formats and page breaks, allowing optimal utilization of the full web width. The first Sunday 5000 presses also demonstrate the ability of Goss splicing, printing, drying, folding, control and process automation technologies to work in concert, allowing extremely high quality and productivity along with low waste in both long- and short-run applications.

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