Newspaper with content of reader’s choice

Marking a new beginning, Swiss Post plans to launch a new personalised daily newspaper at the end of November 2011. Being a flexible solution, MyNewspaper will enable readers to compile a personalised daily newspaper based on around 30 publications. Subscribers select the content they want on the MyNewspaper Internet platform. Readers also determine the volume themselves by selecting 24, 36 or 64 pages. As per head of press/publishers at Swiss Post International, Carsten Vossmeyer says, “This means that readers can combine information from different publishers, depending on what they are interested in and their reading habits.” As part of a one-year pilot project, the online version of MyNewspaper will also be available in Germany. Further publishers will be able to participate in this innovative project.

The paper is digitally printed at Swiss Post Solutions in the Härkingen mail centre in Switzerland. While Swiss company Previon AG is making the relevant software available. The printed copies are then delivered by Swiss Post across the following regions: Aarau, Basle, Berne, Lucerne, Solothurn and Zurich.

The online version will be available worldwide. Online readers receive the selected information by e-mail in the format of a PDF e-paper file. The e-paper is also available in a version optimised for tablet PCs, such as the iPad and other e-readers. At the start of the pilot project, MyNewspaper subscribers will have the opportunity of testing the product for a trial period free of charge. The final subscription price has yet to be set. Overall, Swiss Post expects approximately 1,000 readers to subscribe to the print edition during the pilot phase.

In Switzerland, several publishers have already signed up to the project. Swiss Post already tested the personalised paper successfully in 2009 under the name Personal News. At that time, around 1,200 readers ordered their personalised copy. “The experience with Personal News and surveys has shown that most readers will continue to pay for their existing newspaper subscription,” says Vossmeyer. Swiss Post is primarily contributing its expertise as a logistics company and managing the interface between publishers and readers.

“MyNewspaper is not to be understood as competition for existing publications. Instead it is the ideal platform for publishers to expand the reach of their titles on the basis of innovative products,” conveys Vossmeyer.

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