Future of print

Newspapers and magazines need to think in a comprehensive manner to ensure effective sustainability of businesses With news coming more or less every week about closer of one or the other printed newspaper and magazine in Europe and US make us to think and rethink seriously about the future of printed publications. The recent news about Reader’s Digest looking for the buyer, though said to be speculative, need to be taken seriously. However, everywhere most of the players in printing world are claiming that printed world will never die. In fact, these kinds of statements may be coming as lame excuses. Another initiative which makes the above statement a reality is the introduction of devices like e-readers, and the latest one is iPad, vanishing all doubts. The features offered in these devices are so marvelous that reader will be able to get any sort of newspapers, magazines, books and what not. The edit features, which printed products can not offer like pop up windows, videos and others, easily and very conveniently come with the devices.

"We in India are also confident enough about the future of printed world for at least next 10 years." But relax! This statement may be true as on today, but may not be true tomorrow. Just imagine that the expectations are increasing. The iPad demand is becoming so high among Indians that it may not be a surprise if a number of 10 lac such devices can be sold in a few months.

Though as discussed above, we did not mean that 'news as a news' shall also vanish. In fact, people, the reporters, the editors at the helm of affairs shall need to be on their toes to gather and disseminate news, may be once in 'every few minutes slot' through these devices which are fully compatible to handle that kind of pressure.

Creativity yet will be another sought after activity and which shall generate plenty of new jobs for designers, visualisers, and animators whose works will infact be the backbone of the channels supplying the news to these devices in a certified manner. Already lot of software solution providers are working day and night to facilitate this requirement coming from almost all established news groups.

Well, in nutshell, we can reach to a conclusion that a big transformation stage has already arrived and most of us are ignoring the fact. The individuals and organisations who have become the first takers of this technology change will benefit for sure rather than others. The producers of such digital devices have really tasted the fruit out of their recent introduction and as such shall not keep themselves sit in a comfortable zone but are bound to work or make people to work 24x7 and come out with more innovative and sensible devices. Machine manufacturers also shall have to come out with different features as safeguards to their operations so as they may not go out of their business.

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