Auraia-II achieves ‘Holy Grail’ of stochastic screening

Hamillroad Software announced that it has achieved the ‘Holy Grail’ of stochastic screening; its second generation ‘digitally modulated’ or DM-II screening not only achieves the high level of image detail long associated with FM stochastic screening, but also produces smooth flat tints that are as smooth or smoother than conventional screening. The new DM-II screening technology, Auraia-II is a revolutionary new type of screening that enables high-end violet and thermal platesetters to produce images that emulate the quality of a traditional 400-500 lpi screen, whilst also producing rosette-free, moiré-free and noise-free flat tints that equal or better the smoothness of conventional screening. Tests prove that Auraia-II produces noticeably smoother flat tints than high lpi conventional screens. The patent-pending software upgrade is now available for CtP manufacturers to evaluate.

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