Intensively educating PSPs

Click charge system has been an important business aspect in digital arena, which is considered as worry free pricing model like insurance. Being a system to pay for maintenance service and all consumables except substrate, it has been a great source of revenue for the digital press manufacturers. However since the advent of digital presses, manufacturers continue keeping click charges an integral part of every press sale, but there is a debate now in the industry about its relevance as some print service providers (PSPs) seek this model to be eliminated and beginning of a simplified alternate pricing system instead.

I think a change to click charge system may hardly bring any effective improvement in business of both PSPs and digital technology providers without implementing other necessary initiatives in a comprehensive manner, especially in India. Presently, most of the PSPs operating across the country with digital presses from various venders, including Canon, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox, have not been utilising their machines up to the optimum level, which not only affects the ROI of the PSPs but also reduces profits of technology providers.

To create win-win business climate for all in digital printing, a closer connectivity between technology providers and PSPs may help significantly, which is quite easy to ensure even with the prevailing mechanism: all digital press suppliers have already established their PSPs networks, through which they educate PSPs about wide applications possible with their equipments. Such an initiative by Ricoh as ‘Pro-Partner Programme’ recently inaugurated in Chennai was also well appreciated.

So, it is to pay heed towards closer connectivity among the network partners, and operating with intensive programmes to educate them throughout the country. Keeping this in mind, the more PSPs are educated regularly, the more applications will be performed, resulting greater revenues, which would ultimately maximize profit for both of them and minimize very importance of the method to pay service and consumables charges.

Wish you all much profitable business in digital arena!

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