Kapoor Imaging grows with third generation skills

Chennai-based Kapoor Imaging Pvt Ltd - well known name in Indian graphic arts industry, with branches in Sivakasi, Madurai, Puducherry, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Cochin, Bangalore and New Delhi - has been adding consumables and equipments to their product offerings changing with the times, for better serving their clientele. They have strengthened their top management with a CEO for sales & marketing since two years, and now one from the third generation, Varun, a young lad who joined the company a year ago with educational background from overseas. How has he acclimatised himself with ongoing activities finds out D Ramalingam (DR) from Varun Kapoor (VK).

Varun Kapoor & New office building of Kapoor ImagingDR: How long you have been in the company?

VK: I joined Kapoor Imaging as executive director in October 2009 after completing BSc Business Administration (first class honours) and MSc International Business (honours) from University of Porstmouth, UK.

DR: What is our ‘road map’ for future?

VK: We are living in a fast moving world where the technological obsolescence is inevitable and printing industry is of no excuse. Having this in mind, we are exploring possibilities for new line of business: print standardisation software, digital proofing for flexo packaging, efficient workflows to reduce the prepress time, etc. We are in the process of changing the face of the company from consumables to equipments - we have started selling hi-end prepress equipment (CtP, etc). We have added new inkjet inks, and UV inks.

As consumable business involves lot of planning and inventory - I have made recommendations for a Master Warehouse in Chennai (25,000 sq ft) nearer to the Port. (The Warehouse is energy efficient and is temperature controlled to store digital plates). We are also exploring possibilities of linking all the branches and have a centralized billing and have a better control in AR (all real-time). Once this is done, we will have good control on our AR and this will definitely improve our efficiency, benefitting all our clients.

DR: Were you fully prepared to join your family business?

VK: Absolutely. During my childhood my grandfather started the enterprise just next door to our residence. I have since been spending some time now and then. So, I grew up with our company. From our own premises in Balaji Nagar, we have moved into a new building at the nearby Masilamani Street few months ago. It is more spacious giving us more elbow room. I shall work out towards more strategies for improvement in our working.

DR: How does it feel just to jump into a new environment straight after completing studies?

VK: Expectedly, it is rather difficult but with our working model and working environment, I am just pushing through my strategies.

DR: Can you tell us about your learning curve?

VK: Oh, yes! It is very important. I read a lot and make it a point to attend all the in-house technical sessions.

DR: How do you rate the gut feeling of elders in your company?

VK: It has been developed by them with years of experience. I value it very much. For example, if I go to my father (Sunil Kapoor) with a problem, I am amazed, he has a solution instantly.

DR: Good Luck, Happy New Year! Let all your dreams come true.

VK: Thank you very much, Thanks for calling on us.

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