Garnett Specialty Papers shifts focus to Indian market

Top-of-the-line specialty papers now offered at Indian prices

It would be a pleasure for Indian printers, designers or forward looking print-buyers that vast variety of specialty papers with the brand ‘Garnett’ of UK is being produced in India and thus available locally all the time that too without greatly affecting their pockets. Garnett Specialty Papers Ltd recently organized a press visit to their manufacturing facility at Vapi in Gujarat to showcase the activities going on there. A brief report by SK Khurana, editor, P&P. BC Banerjee, president and director; Tapas Dutta, director; Sheetal Mehta, MD and Shailesh Verma, deputy manager – sales.In recent times, certain sections of people, looking for total quality in all spheres of their day-to-day activities have been opting for high-end products available in the market. Be it buying a car, watches, mobile phones, clothing or even footwear. Then why not while purchasing a printed product, they could be looking for a more superior print quality that too produced innovatively using one of the available specialty papers offering unique colour shade, surface texture. And for that they really don’t mind spending extra rupees. It is in this regard that lately vast range of specialty papers produced in different countries have made inroads and are available to the end-users through various importers/stockiest in most of the metro cities. The major applications recently seen in using these specialty papers include: brochures for real estate offering high-end residential apartments, direct mailers, photo albums, tags, invites, gift wrappings, book covers, etc. The basic features of these specialty papers include: vast variety of surface textures, rich rainbow colours with total consistency, having high degree of folding endurance. Another interesting feature of specialty paper is its high richness look that does not warrant for much of printing element as such. In a way, with very little efforts of print, the product becomes complete by itself. However, unfortunately the usage of these specialty papers has been limited for select group of end-users who really don’t mind spending hefty sum to acquire these papers as the substantial amount of customs duty makes these imported stuff pricing quite high.

But not any-more now! It is indeed a matter of happiness and rather pride that the two-century old specialty paper brand ‘Garnett’ has been brought from UK to India with all its manufacturing activities under the name and style of ‘Garnett Specialty Papers Ltd’ who have constantly been adding new strengths under the astute and prudent guidance of Sheetal Mehta, managing director, BC Banerjee, president and director; and Tapas Dutta, director. Being in-charge of plant, operations, quality aspects and human resources, BC Banerjee looks into all administrative issues and mail operations. Production, quality & process control, product development, customer service and environmental controls are the areas that he is most adept at. Being committed to customer satisfaction by providing range of excellent designer papers at the most competitive price and to continual advancement in process, productivity, quality and management systems, Garnett has evolved into a trustworthy brand cherished by countries across the globe. Backed by sound financial, infrastructural and management competence of its promoters, the company now combines strength of its two operations – Garnett UK and Garnett India, in a 15,000 TPA specialty paper making and converting business.

Spread over an area of 1,25,000 sq ft, this facility had become operational in the year 2009. Garnett’s commitment towards quality at

cost-effective rates became the prime motivation to wind-up Garnett UK and relocate their production base to India. With this move, Garnett can not only continue to maintain their position in global market but rather effectively increase its market share and competitiveness. Technological advancement addressing the need to go for a new plant, Garnett has set up the same plant in India incorporating the available technology, equipments and sizeable operations. Along with enhanced capacity (PM1: 500 TPM or 6,000 TPA, PM2: 750 TPM or 9,000 TPA, Delpro Coater with online embossing: 6,000 TPA and Hot/Cold laminator: 4,000 TPA), the plant also has Embossco paper embossing units and 2 MW natural gas based power plant with heat recovery.

“So far, Garnett India has been focusing on exports of their regular users in 30 countries including entire Europe, Far East, Malaysia, GCC, Australia etc. And keeping India the focal point, Garnett has further added Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Lebanon and Egypt during 2009-10. Due to the technological advancement and increasing awareness in the customers for high quality products like digital printing, high end stationery, luxury packaging, etc, demand for designer papers is seeing a rapid growth. With the diversity of products, apparently there is no player in India who can be regarded as competitor to Garnett. However, on a global scale, we have fellow players focused on this segment, but Garnett has much broader range of products than that of competitors,” stated Tapas Dutta.

Talking about Garnett advantages, Tapas mentioned, “Being more than 200 years old brand having a strong recognition as well as loyalty from hundreds of satisfied customers across the world, Garnett clearly comes out as winner enjoying a distinct competitive edge over its fellow players. While Garnett Papers (UK) Ltd continues to be the front marketing office to enable quick servicing to European customers, the competitive and high efficiency manufacturing base in India has imparted effective strengths to our core business. Marking proximity to emerging markets, after relocation, Garnett has opened opportunities to look at newer markets like Asia Pacific, Middle East, Gulf, Africa, Turkey, etc. We have established our value system in such a way that customers will always be proud of being associated with Garnett.”

With a certain level of recession in European countries and increased demand in India, Garnett Specialty Papers Ltd had to change their marketing strategies. Accordingly focusing India in a big way, they have drawn new plans of action. “Keeping with the line of legacy we have been handed over, our mission is to continue growing as we lead the European market and break new grounds in Indian market. Being aspired to produce such designer papers that make using Garnett papers an unforgettable aesthetic experience, we strive to show the new way by means of developing and producing variety of papers that go beyond existing market needs and consumer expectations,” added Tapas. Presently, Garnett papers are available in 12 ranges including: Ecoline, Libretto, Indi Print, Mottled Papers, Spectrum, Panorama, Saturated Kraft, High-strength Kraft, Excel Print, Alchemy, and File Master, which are used as file covers, special folders, decorative papers, etc.

Nathani Paper Mill in Vapi is bought to bring the Garnett to India. An investment of USD 11mn is made by the promoters to renovate the mill and transform it into a modern plant that needs all the standards of infrastructure and technology. Teamwork and dedication of the expert paper marketers of Vapi unit have successfully transferred the knowledge from UK to India making Garnett first ever European mill to relocate its hardcore manufacturing from Europe to Indian sub-continent. Garnett Specialty Papers Ltd, with its strong R&D lab, has developed a line of four new ranges namely Indi Print, Nero, Libretto and Excel Print. This just marks the beginning of a new chapter in creative paper making. With its innovative and economically priced product range, Garnett Specialty Papers is now established as global sales and marketing hub for Garnett Papers.

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