Cairo printer goes for Goss

Cairo printer goes for Goss To maximize revenue opportunities in contract printing of books and tabloid-format newspaper products, Police Press of Cairo (Egypt) ordered a Goss Community SSC press. The decision to install its first web offset press is attributed to confidence in the Community SSC technology, its productivity and ongoing technical support. The press will be configured as two four-high towers, with two SSC folders enabling to handle up to eight webs each and featuring quarterfold and double parallel capability. The configuration will allow Police Press to print two webs of 16 tabloid pages or one web of 32 tabloid pages in a single pass. The press has also been specified with two zero speed reelstands allowing straightforward and reliable splicing without stopping the press.

An independent printer founded eleven years ago, Police Press currently runs eight sheetfed presses on a daily basis and operates a digital production workflow, into which the new Community SSC press line will fit seamlessly. Among other products, the Goss Community SSC press will also print schoolbooks for national distribution to fulfill a contract with the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

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