Sky Print: aiming high with Heidelberg

Nikhil Laturkar of Heidelberg India and Ramesh Madat of Sky Print with the brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 four-colour press.After six years long endeavour under the name and style of ‘Sky Print’, Madat brothers recently installed a brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74. Presently, operating from an industrial estate at Lower Parel (Mumbai) with combined efforts of Ramesh Madat and his brothers Harish, Bikhabhai, and Bhavesh, the company has built a strong reputation of trust, reliability and quality, catering to the needs of various clients from different industries while nearly eighty percent of their business comes from the pharmaceutical sector.

Ramesh says that they would have preferred to install a bigger press from Heidelberg but could not do so due to space constraints. When asked as to why they decided to go in for Heidelberg, Ramesh said that they have tremendous confidence in both Heidelberg’s products and service. Moreover, Speedmaster SM 74 offers a wide range of configurations to suit their changing needs, being capable of operating at a top speed of 13,000 sph.

Currently Sky Print is involved in commercial printing, such as printing leaflets, brochures, visual aid, POP, etc. It has now set its sights on printing packaging material which is a growing sector. According to Ramesh, packaging material should account for fifty percent of their printing business within five years. They are confident of achieving this goal and feel that Heidelberg would have an important role to play in their business.

“In order to be successful in the printing business there are three important challenges one has to face: providing the best possible quality, making timely deliveries and offering a ‘just’ rate to the customers,” conveys Ramesh, adding that he and his brothers are quite happy with their printing business.

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