Galaxy Offset: a name for quality and unique solutions


(From Left): Aman, Vikas and Satish Gulati with the Heidelberg Suprasetter 105Being one of the leading commercial printers of the region and situated in the midst of a virtual printing hub, Galaxy Offset enjoys a place of pride among the fraternity for its quality as well as unique solutions. Equipped with brand new equipments and machinery, the company sets itself apart with its unique capability of providing solutions never provided before. The recently acquired Heidelberg CtP has been able to facilitate 100 percent capacity utilization at Galaxy Offset which used to be around 80 percent previously.

Three brothers Aman, Amit and Vikas started as freelancers doing job-works and getting these executed from Galaxy Offset in 1993. In 2006, the trio took over the reins of Galaxy Offset, being run as a partnership firm. There was one single-colour and one four-colour machine as the key constituents of the Galaxy Offset infrastructure at the time of the takeover. The new Galaxy Offset started off with a Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 which was complemented by a five-colour CPC which still adorns the works. A few different formats were also installed to meet market demands including those of 19x26, 20x29 and 25x36 sizes. The

five-colour coater – Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 at Galaxy Offset is the only machine of its kind available for commercial applications. The machine is capable of handling virtually any substrate including speciality papers and carrying out almost over 90 percent of UV applications.

Initially, the company used to outsource its plates, but after observing performance of various plate setters on a particular job, they finally decided to install a Heidelberg Suprasetter. “Actually, there are many claims made by CtP providers regarding dot percentage, but the fact is that no one can exactly tell the slight dot variations in practical conditions. What matters is the quality of final product,” says Aman. “Quality can be claimed by everybody but it is the service provided by Heidelberg that puts it apart and above competition,” asserts Vikas.

Now, with Aman, the eldest of three brothers, taking responsibility of finance and purchases, Amit taking care of marketing department and Vikas looking after the production, Galaxy Offset has an annual turnover of Rs 20 crore. The company has completed construction at the new plant spread across half an acre land. The Manesar plant boasts a built up area of 20,000 sq ft, which stands at around 50 percent of the land. The company has plans to expand into diverse areas, different from publishing and which may or may not be different from printing. “We have been exploring things and would like to diversify into different fields,” says Amit. The plans are long term with a huge investment, and the company looks forward to around 100 crore turnover in the next years.


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