Increasing confidence!

Ultimately, the persistent endeavours of major digital press providers such as Canon, HP, Kodak, Ricoh, Xerox, etc for promoting the very applications of digital printing and consistent technological advancements, have started showing their impact on the printers community. So far, digital equipments would be considered suitable mostly for copyshop segment and offset printers would shy away in going digital, but now a change can be observed all over witnessing greater acceptance of digital presses.

Seeing potentials in digital printing, offset printers have also begun investing considerably in digital equipments taking these as a perfect complement to offset printing. It is good development for the print industry as offset printers can utilise the capabilities of digital printing in a big way, while copyshops use it only for copying and documenting. With digital printing equipment which not only enable them to execute VDP but also books as well apart from general multicolour jobs, offset printers can exhaustively fulfill their requirements, be it short-run or long-run to some extent.

Besides, unlike copyshops offset printers have direct links with advertising and marketing agencies who are creators of new jobs and have started recognising digital printing as a much efficient printing process, believing always in getting delivery of yesterday. So taking its advantage, they can receive lot of jobs from these agencies to utilise their digital machines up to optimum level generating quite effective revenue stream. Obviously, what can be produced through digital printing within a minute, offset printing may take hours and sometime days also.

So, it is a perfect time to take advantage of new technology having huge potentials. Constantly increasing level of confidence in digital printing process evidently is a good sign for all!


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