Heidelberg makes saddle stitching easier, right through shpment ready cartoon packing

New case packer automates packing in cartons

Continuing their innovations drive, Heidelberg presents new case packer for the Stitchmaster ST 350 and Stitchmaster

ST 450 saddle stitchers, and is said to be the only saddle stitcher provider offering this technology. The system consists of an inline assembly that is inserted downstream of the banding machine and compensating stacker. It automates the packing procedure for wire-stitched print products and significantly increases productivity, filling up to 300 cartons per hour, while allowing operators to concentrate on other tasks and spares them some of the physical effort involved in this work.

According to an analysis by Heidelberg, more than 60 percent of saddle stitched products are packed in cartons. At a saddle stitcher, for example, up to two people have to stand at the compensating stacker, take the product stacks and place them manually in a cardboard carton. Once this carton is full, the lid must be fitted. The new Heidelberg case packer saves operators time required for this manual and cost-intensive work - time that also limits the speed of the machines. Corrugated carton is used to provide the print products with better protection than can be achieved with a single-wall cardboard carton. The carton is easy to open and close and, because it can be used repeatedly, the environment benefits as well.


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