Rado Packaging continues strengthening its installation base

Further expanding their installation base across the country, Rado Packaging Machines Pvt Ltd recently installed powder extractor system at Thomson Press Ltd and Dewan Publications Pvt Ltd. The company also installed one TY-200PB optical register punch and bending machine at Dewan Publications and one TY-200P optical register punch machine at Keshav Publication Pvt Ltd.

Rado Packaging Machines Pvt Ltd in Greater Noida, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Tarng Yun Co Ltd, is remarkably succeeding in making their products popular across the country, concentrating on the optical register punch and bending machines especially TY-200, along with the powder extractor systems. They have already installed their machines at Anupam Art Printers, Cirrus Repro, Creative Art Press, International Print-o-Pac Ltd, JJ Offset and Rakesh Press, etc.

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