Experience greater folding efficiency and flexibility with Heidelberg

New Stahlfolder series is offered to help you stay ahead As always to fulfill increasing and changing demand for helping you stay ahead, Heidelberg brings yet another innovation – the Stahlfolder TH/KH series, which is consistently modular in design. It is even possible to configure basic models to suit individual requirements and specific business models. Heidelberg Stahlfolder folding machines of the generations TH/KH and TD/KD can be equipped with front-mounted slitter shafts as well. These shafts can be used in both buckle plate folders and combination folders. All first parallel folding units of the TD series are delivered with front-mounted slitter shafts as standard components.

Using front-mounted slitter shafts provide improved processing possibilities offering perforation and scoring of the individual broadsheet more accurately. As front-mounted processing is done exactly along the feeder side-lay, accurate control or correction is possible by modifying the side-lay angle or position. Similar to double rear-mounted slitter shafts, the combination of front-mounted and rear mounted slitter shafts make it possible to minimize time gaps between the individual processes of perforating, scoring or trimming. In comparison, while using a single slitter shaft, special combined tools are needed to reduce time gaps.

While folding single sheets, one need not puncture as deep before the folding process, as with multi-ply sheets after the folding process. Thus, the perforations become flat and the papers do not go so bulky. The front-mounted slitter shafts help stabilize the folded sheet, especially with high machine speed and light grammage, and ensure better sheet guidance in the buckle plate. Special applications in perforating and scoring include: cycle perforation, cycle trimming, center cut, scoring /perforating /trimming device for calendar production, more space for gluing, and ticket envelope with laid down flap before the fold unit.

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