Eltromat celebrate 50th anniversary with open house

-presenting two new product developments while ensuring hundred percent inspection

Germany-based eltromat GmbH recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a two-day open house, where the manufacturer of high-quality optical systems of measurement and control for inline processes welcomed more than 200 international attendees. On the occasion, the family business presented two new product developments regarding hundred percent inspection and spectral in-line colour measurement. Eltromat Full quality controls are excellent. They are even better when obtaining high quality targets can be paired with positive effects on the production performances. It is exactly this efficiency, which eltromat promises to achieve with their new hundred percent print inspection system termed ‘twin_check’. The manufacturer of printing process optimising systems benefited from its long standing experience in the inspection field for the development of ‘twin_check’. According to them, the modular system guarantees high resolution inspection at high machine speeds and reliably detects process related as well as sporadic printing errors. ‘twin_check’ has been designed for the most varied printing methods, and also for the entire range of printing substrates, including reflecting and transparent materials.

As another special feature, ‘twin_check’ offers the functions of two systems in one unit. The hundred percent print inspection on the one hand, and web monitoring on the other, hence the term ‘twin’ is the product’s name.

The overall functionalities include comprehensive error classification including a differentiation between product related and sporadic errors. Sensitivities can be differently set, depending on the error class, whereas the masking function offers the possibility of checking the printing pattern in line with the requirements, or exclude irrelevant areas from the inspection process. As is typical for eltromat, the system is controlled via a touch screen, a separate monitor displaying the format of the current production.

Moreover, the operator can make use of the completely integrated web monitoring function including automatic modes, position memory, split-screen and further applications. Additional matrix cameras can be integrated in the modular system to cope with especially sensitive quality requirements. This level of configuration allows the use of all functions of the webvideo_star 2000, such as _ci (CI register control), _fast (auto impression) or _bc (bar code inspection).

MBA Werner Tautorus founded the business in 1960 with the idea of developing a register control system for gravure printing presses. Today, the family business eltromat is established as a worldwide, innovative supplier of products and solutions for the printing industry. Since 1999, Dr Gunter Tautorus is in charge of the company’s management in second generation together with managing director Dr Ing Johann-Carsten Kipp.

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