Manugraph marks feat in web press manufacturing

-presents SmartLine, a 4-plate wide single circumference tower press

SmartLine, coming from an Indian manufacturer on the world map of web offset presses, is undoubtedly going to create history on its own offering a new wave of double width presses. The brand new web press, starting and moving upward crossing the counter with 30K, 38K, 42K, 50K, 65K, and reaching at 70,000 cph, was loudly applauded by media professionals in addition to Manugraph team members at the recently held live demo of this 1,400 mm web width press in Kolhapur unit I of Manugraph. SK Khurana, editor-Print & Publishing, who shared the great moment, briefs. Manugraph marks feat in web press manufacturing It was a proud moment for everyone witnessing the live running of SmartLine 4-plate wide single circumference tower press from Manugraph, at the optimum speed of 70,000 cph with a cut off size of 546 mm to be shipped to Malayala Manorama, the largest growing vernacular newspaper from Kerala. This double width web press, in fact is a dream coming true, to be manufactured in India offering high speed production of newspapers in India as well as overseas who have been looking for an affordable equipment and at the same time meeting the requirements of their increased circulation figures.

Conceived and designed indigenously, configured to print eight broadsheet pages in colour, this press with shaftless technology has technotrans Delta spray dampening system and Megtec’s splicers. Manugraph’s ink remote systems with CIP3 capabilities under their trade mark ManuColor, is yet another offering, being offered with the machine. The press is designed fully enabling UV unit retrofitting at any point of time and there is a possibility to run the different web sizes of 1,050 mm, 700 mm and 350 mm, in addition to maximum width of 1,400 mm. As far as the folders are concerned SmartLine press offers 2:3:3 jaw folder – single or double delivery, which has been designed by DGM’s engineers in the US.

Running under the astute guidance of SM Shah, chairman, Manugraph ensures unquestionable quality – be it machine tooling, dynamic balancing, alignment, etc. In fact, prior to witnessing live working of SmartLine, a dedicated visit to the manufacturing process at unit I & II of their works in Kolhapur was an eye opener by itself. While visiting their fully equipped design section, one can have the feel at that very step as to what level of detailed planning is done for all new projects.

Sanjay Shah (third from right) with other departmental heads On asking about as to how much time it has taken from drawing board to the fully installed SmartLine press, RS Sawant, dy manager (R&D) came out with instant answer – as five years. The original idea was conceived in the year 2005. “Our strong R&D in fact has been the back bone of our total set up and that is why we have been able to retain this prestigious position of web press manufacturing. Now, we are awaiting this machine to be shipped, so that we can start the assembly of the second SmartLine press, for which we have a confirmed order from another leading newspaper group from South, and which has much higher configurations than the first one.”

Sanjay Shah – vice chairman and managing director of Manugraph also graced the occasion and enumerated the overall philosophy of Manugraph starting from its establishment in the year 1972. Enjoying over 75 percent market share in India, it is well known that three out of four newspapers of India are printed on Manugraph presses. All the top line newspaper establishments have one or more web presses from Manugraph. Internationally too, Manugraph’s presses are very popular with presence in several countries around the globe. Their popular range of web presses include: Cityline, Hiline, and Frontline.

In fact, Manugraph had made waves in the year 2006 when it took over DGM, a well known US manufacturers of web presses. Frontline range of web presses with 60,000 cph speed was developed in co-operation of DGM. Presently, spread over an area of 22 acres for unit I and 10 acres for unit II, Manugraph’s manufacturing facility employs more than 1,200 people, with a strong culture of keeping a passionate touch amongst them. Generally, once a person joins Manugraph, he/she leaves only after retirement.

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