VD Signages boasts of a complete colossal facility

A display of stunning outputs at VD Signages’ production unit. Tucked away in a cosy corner of beautifully developed Greater Noida in NCR is VD Signages Pvt Ltd, a signage major whose presence in the north Indian market is relatively young but robustly tapping business across the region. Remoteness doesn’t deter corporate players rushing to this company because it attracts clients by considerably offering the finest ever outputs. And, a visit to VD Signages would surely be impressed with greet from its well-designed colossal set up housing an unbeatable state-of-the-art ‘green’ production facility.

Quality and efficiency is the mainstay of business at VD Signages where ‘green’ finds its room to plunge the company into the eco-friendly trend developing all over the world. “We adopt green concept in our infrastructure to minimise adverse impacts on human health and its negative effects on environment,” says Pankaj Yadav of VD Signages. He further mentions that VD Signages has an objective to promote degradability, reusability and recyclability of materials. Environment-friendly UV portfolio of the company consists of Matan Barak 5, Matan Barak 3, NUR Tempo and others installed in its spaciously designed 35,000 sq ft colossal facility staffing around 40 professionals to churn out 2,00,000 sq ft of prints per day.

Leading corporate giants from sectors like telecommunication, automobile, white goods manufacturing, garment, etc form the company’s long list of clients. “We constantly go to tap new clients from other sectors,” tells Pankaj adding that the company’s next step incursion will be in the retail sector.

Over the years since its inception, VD Signages has been sharpening its professional attitude to extract maximum mileage for clients at minimum possible cost. Of course, tremendous growth achieved by the wide-format digital printing industry in north India over the last 3-4 years surprises many outdoor signage veterans and media pundits.

“Our single focus is to continually understand the customers’ needs and gradual value-addition in our infrastructure to address the clients’ requirements,” remarks Pankaj who believes in collective encapsulation of experience, reliability and real commitment to the quality.

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