NELA serves leading newspapers in Asia

Taking advantage of the prepress automation trend in Asia, NELA has sold several fully automated punchbending systems in the region during the past six months. Newspapers in India, China, Thailand and Malaysia have purchased a total of 12 NELA inline punchbenders in combination with extensive plate sortation systems. Notably, in the past ten years, NELA has sold more than 200 benders in Asia.

One of the leading newspaper groups in India, Dainik Jagran Prakashan Private Limited, with more than 55 million daily readers has chosen five additional NELA Vision inline punchbenders to operate in five different printing facilities throughout India. Dainik Jagran has recently purchased additional printing presses to increase capacity and uses NELA equipment to further modernize their prepress operations. Including these newest investments, they now have a total of 23 NELA plate lines.

Nanfang Daily in Guangdong, China, bought three fully-automated NELA Vision PunchBenders Flexx model which are capable of vision registration handling up to 300 plates per hour (each). Additionally the ‘Flexx’ model can punch and bend plates for three different printing presses with different bend radii and bend angles. The bender detects different plates automatically and then applies the correct bend and punch configuration.

Thailand’s largest newspaper The Thairath Daily in Bangkok purchased two additional NELA Vision punchbenders (VCP) in combination with an extensive plate sortation system. Thairath now has two redundant plate production lines with a total of four VCP. The sortation capacity has been extended to a total of 12 stacking bins and the two production lines are connected with a 100-feet back-up conveying systems. Additionally, all NELA punchbenders are equipped with the NELA Quality Management System PQM+. Kwong Wah (Malaysia) also installed two NELA inline punchbender earlier this year.

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