First ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor for Southeast Asia starts up at Indonesia Printer in Jakarta

Signing the contract (from the right): Guntur Widjanarko, general manager sales, manroland Indonesia; Markus Creutzburg, sales manroland Offenbach; Harry Setiawan, sales manager, manroland Indonesia; Edi Hambali, president director, Indonesia Printer; and Tim Klappe, president director, manroland Indonesia.e Right in time for the busy year-end production season in 2010, the first ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor in Southeast Asia starts up in Jakarta. Fascinated by the possibilities that the cold foil enhancement process offers, president commissioner Welly Bolung decided in favour of manroland once again. A six-colour ROLAND 700 HiPrint with coating module, extended delivery, and a ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor supplements the machinery at Indonesia Printer where some manroland presses are already installed. The company is regarded as a technology leader and creative trailblazer in Indonesia.

“We have always invested in the latest technology. With the ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor, we are able to further improve the quality of our existing product portfolio and also open up completely new markets. This benefits us and our customers in equal measure,” commented Welly Bolung about the added value the new printing system provides.

In order to promote the new technology in advance, Indonesia Printer organized a large symposium in Jakarta at the end of July. This involved having the company’s new brochure enhanced with the ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor in the Print Technology Center in Offenbach and then finished in Indonesia for the symposium. The core business of Indonesia Printer is made up of calendars, brochures, annual reports, books and high-quality magazines, as well as office supplies and stationery. The company also plans to add packaging printing to its range of services.

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