Kodak releases 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Kodak has released its 2016 corporate responsibility report, which highlights the company’s commitment to achieving 10 new environmental and social sustainability goals by 2025. In addition to detailing Kodak’s goals, the report, titled, “See Us Now,” provides a view of Kodak’s social and environmental sustainability efforts in place today throughout the company and across the globe. The report details measures Kodak both has in progress and is aiming to implement focused specifically on reducing waste and creating energy efficiencies, reducing emissions, conserving water and improving employee and community engagement.

“At Kodak, we continue to leverage our deep domain expertise in scientific innovation to provide the most advanced and environmentally-friendly technologies to reach our goals,” said Jeff Clarke, CEO of Kodak. “I’m excited about the programs we have in place and am looking forward to what the growing adoption of our sustainable technologies will mean for the future as we look to move the needle on better environmental practices.”

Kodak’s aim is to continue the progress it has made against environmental goals through a variety of measures taken over recent years. One example is the implementation of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment in its Osterode, Germany manufacturing facility, which has now reduced its demand for water from public sources by an amount equivalent to the needs of 2,000 people per year. Similarly, Kodak’s Eastman Business Park in Rochester, N.Y. has repurposed its solvent recovery operations, once used for film and chemical manufacturing in the 1920s, to recycle 40 million pounds of methanol, ethanol and other potentially hazardous materials in 2016.

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