2017 Print Business Outlook Conference

NPES (USA) The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies & The Bombay Master Printers’ Association (BMPA) will host the 2017 Print Business Outlook Conference themed “What’s NEXT” on December 16, 2017 at The Lalit, Mumbai. The conference is supported by, All Indian Federation of Master Printers Association (AIFMP), and Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPAMA) and Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS). This is in conjunction with PAMEX 2017 exhibition.

"What's next?"

You have the business and the expertise, but you have questions and concerns about what steps to take next. Even though many printing business owners/founders produce a forward-looking vision for their company, fears or uncertainties can hold back the process of planning for a successful transition. If you don't figure out your plans for a successful transition, someone else will do it before you.

This conference is a must-attend event focused on a full day of education and networking for developing invaluable cooperation, partnership and exchange with the Who's Who. This print conference will raise and debate critical issues facing our industry. With over 200 printers, publishers, manufacturers and suppliers in attendance, you will have more than enough opportunities to interact, mingle, and network with your target audience.


A compelling agenda of timely topics presented by top industry experts is set to engage participants in lively discussion. Here are the tentative topics and speakers: Can We Turn Air Pollution in to Printer Ink? (Nikhil Kaushik, co-founder of Graviky Labs); The Future of Augmented Reality in Print and Journalism (Robert Hernandez, associate professor of Professional Practice, USC Annenberg School of Journalism); Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Printing (Yoshinori Koide, Executive General Manager- PP & IP Marketing, Konica Minolta India); Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Print for Packaging (A Appadurai, country manager - India & Sri Lanka, HP Indigo & Inkjet Press Solutions); EFI presentation; Future of Print Design Trends - a Designer’s Perspective Panel (Moderator: Faheem Agboatwala, managing director, Hi Tech Printing Services Pvt Ltd); Print Production Problems Keeping You Up at Night? (Snehasis Roy, director – technical, Times of India); How to Survive in an Age of Changing Technology (Jeff Protheroe, VP Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Aleyant Solutions LLC); Optimizing and Automating Photobook and Photo Print Production (Raymond Duval, director, Ultimate TechnoGraphics); Are you and your customers seeing the same colours? Why you should use standard colour viewing conditions (Robert McCurdy, president, GTI Graphic Technology Inc); Indian Book Market – What’s Next? (Vikrant Mathur, director, Nielsen Book India and Asia Pacific); and Ask the experts: Listen to top printing industry experts in a live interactive Q&A.

To register and for more information about the NPES Print Business Outlook Conference 2017 contact NPES India director Vinod Vittoba at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Mamta Chavan, BMPA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Print

Yoshinori Koide
Executive general manager- PP & IP Marketing
Konica Minolta India

Yoshinori KoideDiscussion: Digital Printing with its advantages is increasing. Every change in the existing process of printing brings new challenges. We perceive every challenge as an opportunity for improvement. Konica Minolta in the recent past has made big strides in Digital Print and we are thankful to our customers for accepting our Printing Machines. The way the printed documents are consumed is changing, customisation and personalisation is increasing and providing the benefits of addressing the customers on 1:1 basis. This also helps in creating an association with a particular brand and increasing the chances of repeat purchases. Digital Printing in packaging is new because of the volumes being required but also gives the advantages in cases of short runs, customization and personalisation.

Key takeaways:

The key takeaways from the session would be that the world is changing, the sooner we adopt and embrace new technologies, it would be better to serve our end customers better.

On Print Business Outlook Conference…

It is a good platform to share the new technologies and provides the visitors a view on where the technology is moving and also learn from others experiences.

What’s more?

Keep an eye on Konica Minolta for the products and solutions it has in its basket and the future technologies the company is eager to bring to our customers.

How to Survive in an Age of Changing Technology?

Jeffrey Protheroe
Vice-president sales, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Aleyant Systems, LLC

Jeffrey ProtheroeDiscussion: The internet is the fastest growing technology globally touching every aspect of our lives and radically changing the way we conduct business. For some, seizing the opportunity this technology brings, grasping the power and flexibility of the “net” has resulted in significant growth opportunities typified by the success of VistaPrint as an example. However, for the vast majority the net is something totally misunderstood and yet to be embraced or managed as part of their changing business client relationship strategy.

This session explores the growth of the net in the Indian market, techniques successful companies have used to not only expand their business across their existing markets, but to open new markets and segments, embracing this technology to provide the essential building blocks of a successful business. We will examine real life examples to illustrate how adaption can radically change a company’s fortunes whereas to remain in a constant state and ignore global trends could be a license to a slow decline.

Key takeaways:

- You cannot ignore the impact of the web on everyone’s life and the changing approach to business decisions.
- The web is an invaluable tool that can project the company to a far larger potential client base.
- Why so many companies fail online?
- A successful web strategy approach.

What’s more?

The typical mindset is always based on price and as cheap a product as possible without considering that with price erosion and a “cheap” product there must be something taken away, else how could the supplier provide a professional solution, support and ongoing development. This approach continues to hamper most companies and leads to poor product choice that ultimately costs the print operation significantly more in the long run.

Optimizing and Automating Photobook and Photo Print Production

Raymond Duval
Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Raymond DuvalDiscussion: During this informative and innovative session, you will learn about advanced automation tools such as dynamic barcoding, metadata on backside photo print and key optimization points to further enhance your capabilities in producing photobooks, photo prints and all related products. You’ll hear about what key photo labs worldwide have implemented in recent times to boost their capabilities while reducing costs.

Key takeaways:

- Learn about best practices in the industry in regards to automation.
- Barcodes to track products and to automate finishing.
- Impose million of photos in a short production day.
- Automate finishing in your production environment.

On Print Business Outlook Conference…

The PBOC is a unique opportunity to spend a day learning from experts who possess vast knowledge applicable to your very own business. The event provides unique moments to discuss with industry peers, colleagues, business people and industry experts. With speakers and participants from several regions of the worldwide, this is a can’t be missed event!

What’s more?

Print will always exist. Change will always be present. Innovation will always remain a must. The world is transforming and those who adapt and innovate will succeed. Today, the access to information and tools is omnipresent and one can easily embrace these to transform their business model and enjoy success.

Software automation and machine automation is the way to grow. From several decades ago, when the industry adopted the change from CTF to CTP and more recently, from CTP/offset into on-demand digital printing, transformation happened and growth materialized for those whom were early adopters of technology, such as automated imposition software solutions. The same is happening today, you do not want a way out, but a way UP!

Successful printing operations are ALREADY investing or planning to invest in digital printing to ensure they can capture the business and grow in their very own segment, whether they are general commercial printers, photo specialty, book printers, transactional or packaging/labels. Runs will always be shorter, volume will inevitably be higher and delivery times will continue to be shorter. Investing in the right technology and choosing the right partners for your very own business is essential.

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