HV Sheth, president, IPAMA now also president of Asia Print Association

IPAMA president HV Sheth has been recently elected as president of Asia Print in the Asia Print Meeting held during China Print, at Beijing, on May 10, 2017. There were representatives of 9 Asian countries in the meeting and Sheth was elected unanimously. Jianguo Xu (China, Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC)) is the outgoing president.

The vice presidents of Asia Print include Belle Yam (Kaizer Exhibitions & Conference Sdn Bhd, Malaysia) and Jude Sanjeev Mohan (The Sri Lanka Association of Printers, Sri Lanka). Other members include Choong-Jin KIM, Korea E & Ex Inc; Daud D Salim, Krista Exhibitions, Indonesia; Abdul Majeed, Pakistan Association of Printing and Graphic Arts Industry, Pakistan; John L Choa, Printing Industries Association of the Philippines, Philippine; Chaiwat Hansomwong, Graphic Arts Suppliers & Manufacturers Trade Association (GASMA), Thailand; and Jimmy Juneanto, The Indonesian Master Printers Association, Indonesia.

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