SRM Art Prints: digital printing is the path to success

Satish, proprietor, beside his new acquisitionTambaram is the next important railway junction after Chennai Egmore from where all trains depart for Southern part of India. The side roads to Tambaram station are busy with commercial activities. In one of those roads is situated SRM Art Prints which has grown tremendously, starting with a Xerox photo monochrome to the latest Xerox Digital Printing Machine Versant 80. This machine's capabilities are enormous like colour calibration, profiling, image to stock registration, capable of producing more jobs and much more. Satish, the owner of SRM Art Print, is himself involved with the designing and sending the files from his computer to the wired Versant (with stream of countless customers waiting in queue. D Ramalingam from P&P talks to Satish briefly. Excerpts.

Tell us about your company’s name - SRM Art Prints?

Satish: That is nothing but our initials Satish, Ramya, Mithul!

Can you please tell us about your growth?

Xerox old model 4512Satish: We have grown very slowly from 2000 to till date. We started with two computers, one old cutting machine and one old mini offset b/w 20 ppm printer. Today, we are well equipped with Xerox Versant 80 press, Xerox 4112,

Xerox 6705 wide format, Epson inkjet, Digital Cutting Machine, Perfect Binding Machine, Comb binding machine, Wiro binding machine, Spiral Binding machine, Perforation machine and Lamination machine.

What are your future plans?

Satish: We are looking at opening new branches for our company.

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