A peek into Canon workhorses in commercial & photo printing

Print & Publishing recently visited Canon facility in Noida to review two of the largest professional printing machines which Canon has in its product portfolio - imagePRESS C10000 VP and DreamLabo 5000. A technical expert provided complete hands on experience of these line of products, besides others. A report by Varsha Verma. A visit to Canon’s facility in Noida was very informative and we could see some of the leading machines in the commercial printing and photo printing market. The Professional Printing Products (PPP) Group of Canon offers equipments in four major categories – commercial printing, production printing, wide format printing and photo printing.

Commercial & photo printing applications

The commercial & photo printing equipments find application in photo, proof, POP (installed at commercial printers, retail, schools, etc); documents (installed at large organizations, copy shops, jobbers); books & manuals (installed at commercial printers and manufacturing units) and transaction documents (installed at banks, insurance, telecom), etc.

Equipments offered in commercial printing segment

In the commercial printing segment, Canon offers imagePRESS C10000VP and iPRC850/C750/C650 colour printers in cut-sheet category, used for printing visiting cards, calendars, books, brochures, catalogues, labels and stickers while in the black-and-white cutsheet category, the company offers iRADV85XX Series and Oce VP 6000 Ultra for printing reports, projects, books, barcodes, credit card statements, mobile bills, etc.

imagePRESS C10000VP

It is an exceptional digital colour production system at 100 ppm for commercial and in-house printing. The imagePRESS C10000VP takes digital colour printing to the next level, combining exceptional quality, productivity and versatility at 100 ppm across a vast variety of applications.

Rated at speeds of up to 100 prints per minute irrespective of media weight up to 350gsm, imagePRESS C10000VP maintains productivity even on long-run or mixed media jobs, including speciality stocks such as synthetic media.

The imagePRESS C10000VP takes image quality to the next level, setting a new benchmark in the 100 page-per-minute segment. Featuring the same CV toner and 32-beam Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology offers 2,400 x 2,400dpi print resolution and vivid output quality. A new developer unit maintains colour consistency, ensuring stable output even over long runs. It also features Multi Density Adjustment Technology that allows for automatic real-time density correction, as well as an in-line spectroscopic sensor that enables daily colour calibration.

Another plus point is that it can support a wide range of media from 60gsm (uncoated) and 70gsm (coated) up to 350gsm, delivering high quality output even on textured media and supported specialty media including vellum, film and synthetics.

imagePRESS C850/C750/C650

The imagePRESS C850 series consistently delivers impressive 85 / 75 / 65 prints per minutes on the wide range of media. It can support auto duplex print jobs upto 300gsm media.

This is a powerful colour light production device, which incorporates a range of innovative technologies within a small footprint, to reliably deliver outstanding quality, excellent end-to end productivity, smart flexibility and versatile media handling. Offering an excellent return on investment – bringing time and cost savings to demanding CRDs and revenue generating opportunities to Graphic Arts environments, the VCSEL laser unit achieves an exceptional 2,400dpi resolution enabling even higher precision in the printing of text and images. Its Consistently Vivid (CV) toner improves transfer efficiency for enhanced colour consistency and accuracy across a wide variety of media. It features a new compact and highly accurate registration technology that assures best-in-class results whether printing 1 sheet or thousands.


These black-and-white cutsheet production printers can print at a speed of 85/95/105 Pages Per Minute respectively at a resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi. It can handle paper from 52 -256gsm and uses Electrophotography/Laser Printing technology. It can handle paper Size A4/A3/13”x19” and has a built in Scanning feature and has a duty cycle up to 10 lacs A4 prints per month.

OceVP 6000 Ultra

Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra Line is the world’s fastest and most productive family of digital perfecting printing systems. Featuring print speed between 171-320 PPM (Pages Per Minute), it offers print quality of 600 X 1200dpi. The machine can handle paper from 52 -300gsm and paper sizes –A4/A3/13”X19”. It uses Electrophotography printing technology. The machine has a heavy duty cycle upto 1 Crore A4 prints per month. It uses Océ Gemini technology for instant duplex printing and Advanced Active Registration technology. It has sophisticated media handling from upto 12 paper trays.

Equipments offered in Photo printing segment

Canon Dreamlabo 5000

Dreamlabo is Canon’s first ever inkjet production photo printer, which provides the new alternative to conventional silver halide technology, delivering a wide range of premium photo merchandise. Its fine print head technology ensures precise, high speed ink delivery and achieves enhanced colour gamut and smoother gradations with seven dye-based inks. The 7-ink system in addition to standard CMYK also employs photo cyan, photo magenta and grey inks to produce wider colour gamut with more precise colour control. Dye-based inks deliver photos with smooth gradations, faithful colours and natural skin tones. With the additional grey ink, black and white prints look more natural.

It features fast, one-pass printing thanks to the seven full-width fixed print heads. Another important feature is automatic double-sided printing, perfect for printing quality photo books. The machine is easy to maintain with dual paper magazine and inks replaceable while printing. With dual paper magazines when one roll runs out, another is automatically loaded, so jobs aren’t interrupted and productivity is maintained. An optional paper deck allows for 2 more paper rolls. An automatic double cutter ensures photo merchandise is finished to perfection and double sorting system allows output to be sorted by job order or paper size.

Fixed-line print heads enable prints to be generated in a single pass enabling 10x15cm photos delivery at 40 prints per minute. DreamLabo 5000 offers automatic double-sided printing with speeds of up to 1000 A4 double-sided pages per hour. The optional Digital Photo Image Enhancement System automatically deals with imperfections such as red eye and colour cast.

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