FUJIFILM India caters country’s first Eastcom VLF CtCP to Maa Reprographics

Maa Reprographics, a leading pre-press house based in New Delhi, has recently installed the country’s first Eastcom VLF CtCP in its Bawana facility. The very large-format CtCP from FUJIFILM India makes them capable to boost volume of production with simplicity and quality to the utmost level. Subsequent to the successful installation and inauguration of the first ever Eastcom VLF CtCP in the country at Maa Reprographics in New Delhi, SM Ramprasad, AVP, Graphics Arts Division, FUJIFILM India said that the existing opportunity in the Indian printing industry is ample; and the technologies FUJIFILM is offering across the pre-press as well as printing domains are in tandem with the current requirements.

“FUJIFILM India has been our mentor and partner over the last six years in a way that without them we would have never attained where we are today,” asserted Masoom Kathuria from Maa Reprographics. Such mutual relationship between the two companies has instilled Maa Reprographics to go for the very large-format CtCP. Recalling their initial move, Masoom stated that they opened their first pre-press venture AM Graphics in the year 2011 with the adoption of an FFEI Violet CtP machine. “We have had a very successful experience with the machine in terms of quality and service support, thus our relationship continues,” he mentioned.

Over the years, with gaining growth and moving along the latest trends, Masoom eventually decided for a grand expansion, in which they gave birth to Maa Reprographics. “Banking on our successful experience with FUJIFILM India, we finally decided to invest in Eastcom VLF CtCP online plate setter system, which would enable us to cater to a larger market segment and enhance our capabilities in addressing customers’ requirements,” said Masoom

Manufactured by Hangzhou Eastern Optiolectronics Technology, a subsidiary of Potevio Eastcom Communication Group, Eastcom VLF CtCP is designed for 2400 dpi, and the machine is crafted with external drum, capable to deliver maximum plate size of 1670x1330mm and minimum 650x550mm. External dimension of the machine is LxWxH (3140x1975 mm) x 1280 mm.

When asked what they expect from Eastcom VLF CtCP, Masoom is very clear about the machine that can help them increase turnaround time and reduce operating cost. “Earlier we faced difficulty in handling bigger plate sizes; but with the adoption of the very-large format CtCP, things get easier, simpler and rather better,” mentioned Masoom.

Maa Reprographics has been sole supplier of plates to a number of leading book publishers, offset printing firms around Delhi and its satellite towns like Punjab. To name a few leading names in the list, it may include popular offset printing firms viz. SD Offset, DN Offset, Dewan Offset, among others.

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