HMX-Ambiator provides comfort to the DNA Indore printing area

Printing facilities across the country are trying their best to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for their employees. Dainik Bhaskar Group in Indore was struggling with high heat in summer months, until HRX-Ambiator was installed at their facility. D B Corp Limited, informally known as the Dainik Bhaskar Group, is the largest print media company in India. It is well known for its flagship Hindi daily newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, its Gujarati daily newspaper Divya Bhaskar, and its Marathi daily newspaper, Dainik Divya Marathi, as well as other publications such as Business Bhaskar, Saurashtra Samachar, DB Star and DNA.


The group had set up a new newspaper printing facility in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to publish the popular English daily, DNA. The new facility was built on an area of approximately 4,000 ft² with a height of 40 feet.

Indore is a hot and dry city where the temperature soars up to 45 °C in summer. To add to the woes of the staff working there, the sensible heat load inside the newly constructed facility was a staggering 1,700,000 BTU/h. In spite of these conditions, the management wanted to maintain a maximum temperature of 30 °C inside the facility during the peak summer season. This was an extremely difficult condition to achieve keeping in mind the searing heat outside and the heat load inside the facility.


On the basis of the heat load calculation, an air conditioning system of 142 tonnes was required to maintain a temperature lower than 30°C inside the facility. This solution was rejected because of the high capital as well as operational expenditure involved.

D B Corp Limited was already using HMX-Ambiators at their printing facility at Mhape in Navi Mumbai, which is an installation of close to 0.3 million CFM. It was highly satisfied with the performance of the units even during the peak summer season.

Keeping the high internal heat load and the high ambient temperatures in mind and the satisfactory experience with the HMX-Ambiators, the management decided to go for the HMX solutions to provide comfortable working conditions inside the facility at Indore. HMX suggested that a total of 80,000 CFM would be required to maintain the desired condition inside. Accordingly, 2 x 40000 CFM HMX-Ambiators was installed at the facility.


The two HMX-Ambiators were installed and commissioned and temperature readings recorded inside the facility showed that the temperature could be maintained in the range of 26-27 °C.

The management of DNA, Indore, was happy with the performance of the HMX-Ambiators. According to Sharad Patil, general manager – maintenance and facilities, this solution has proved to be perfect for them as they got what they were looking for from a cooling solution with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Impressed by the performance of the HMX-Ambiators at Indore, the management of DNA went ahead and replaced their existing air washer units at Ahmedabad and Jaipur with these systems.

About HMX

HMX, a business unit of ATE, designs and manufactures unique, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling for the industrial and commercial sectors, using its patented and highly successful DAMA technology. The product range includes the HMX-Ambiator, and the fresh air pre-cooling units, HMX-PCU-F and HMX-PCU-R. With an installation base of 20 million CFM covering more than 4 million ft2 all over India, HMX is making fast strides in providing eco-friendly cooling solutions for people and process comfort.

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