Huber Group launches MGA Basket containing more than just inks

In a string of events organised in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi, Huber Group has announced the introduction of MGA Basket containing two new offset printing inks for food packaging—MGA Natura and NewV Pack MGA. The new product launch events were flanked by heads and technical experts from Huber Group from India and Germany. Print & Publishing perceives a spectrum of prospects the ink major opens up with the introduction of new products in Delhi.

At the inaugural session of the landmark product launch of MGA Basket in Delhi, Ashwani Bhardwaj, managing director, Huber Group India Private Limited, announced that the newly introduced MGA Basket is designed to attain safety, productivity and aesthetic of any printing firm. “Substrates are changing day-by-day, improving from conventional to sophisticated ranges. In this context, we introduce our new and upgraded portfolio, which we call MGA Basket, containing newly introduced MGA Natura and NewV Pack MGA UV offset printing inks for food packaging,” he asserted, adding that new products possess good organoleptic properties of low odour and low taint.

MGA Natura

A host of technical experts from Huber Group (Germany and India) explained the unique features of the new inks, as well as other products that make the group mean more than just inks. The experts explained that MGA Natura are specially developed for primary food packaging; all components in formulation of the inks are evaluated, which means MGA Natura contains only substances that do not migrate. This fast setting ink series is engineered for food packaging printing on cardboards and other absorbent substrates. The inks are featured with good rub resistance characteristic in combination with mandatory water-based coating.

NewV Pack MGA

Specially formulated for food packaging with brilliant organoleptic and low migration properties, NewV Pack MGA inks are fast curing and even aging UV lamps have no impact on migration levels. Like MGA Natura, available in yellow, magenta, cyan and black, NewV Pack MGA are matched with individual colour inks, brand colour inks and inks with colours matched to specific substrates, in addition to inks matching shades taken from the classic colour guides.

Big software advantage

Technical experts, on the helm of revealing added advantages, talked about the Huber Group CRS mixing systems for UV offset inks, which feature resistance property control, inventory control, easy mix, digital colour communication and ink/substrate adaptations. In CRS max, Huber Group achieves highest colour gamut to meet the most extreme colour matching requirements. This software consists of print ready, mono-pigmented colour inks with highest pigment concentration and individual fastness, in addition to additives for specific applications.

Designed for full control on the fastness that is required during printing, CRS max enhances finishing and life cycle of a print product, while this situation is left unattended by conventional or traditional colour communication systems. Some of the big advantages of CRS max include: fast and safe matching for spot colour inks; flexibility; speed for jobs to run within optimised schedules; and more. This software solution is designed to reduce left over inks, because added quantities for safety are not needed and minimum quantities do not apply.

Safe food packaging

Characteristics and properties of Huber printing inks are determined by a multitude of different factors and requirements. In addition to printability, the company’s inks take on visual characteristics and properties of substrates to be used. Such dexterity in applications of the inks results in a large number of formulae that make use of very different raw materials. The composition of the inks is highly specific, depending on the printing process or demands for enhancement on finished print products. “Over the last 250 years, we have been innovative partner for the printing industry; now our philosophy is to share our products and technicalities with partners throughout the world,” announced Ursula Borgmann, group CEO and chief technology officer, Huber Group.

Huber Group is now in a position to offer a well proven quality ink range of low migrations and coating for folding cartons under the MGA Basket, in the Indian market, changing the landscape of possibilities in food packaging and more.

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